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  1. there is a big shift at now-days idiocracy / de-evolution i guess it is only natural that we crave to stay in time when things were better for ourself's i still save some toys from my pre-teen years last week i bought a board game i last played back in 1995 (they don't make them anymore) i hold to my Sega Genesis (and bunch of cartriges) in closet, even if i know i will never power it up again
  2. simmiliar here, tho i'm stuck in mid 90-ies to mid 2000-ies
  3. actualy it could, if people stopped making gizillion distributions and just focus on 3 or 4 and naturaly lin foundation should change their crappy policy
  4. thank Satya Nadella for that crap its much cheaper for users to be beta testers than actual programmers / devs its even miracle they still have their Build Labs
  5. OP youre looking it all wrong... believe or not it is Linux that is big troubles now the linux foundation is investing the least in dev of lin kernel (think it is about 3%) and most in AI and some non related Lin projects... while for some stupid reason stocks raised up for m$ when they announced new AI in w11 there is going to be new sh1t storm in Lin world soon and its not going to be nice even Canonical is starting to branch off soon
  6. if its not in their "idea" then they wont this was obvious since windows 8 if you havent noticed it yet...
  7. try holding shift while doing rclick its not a good solution but at least you will see if its there
  8. you were on right path but lazy go to your appdata where those search folders are - which are btw Virtual Folders, thus a file open them (especially the Everywhere.search-ms) in text editor from there you will see an ID (CLSID) in my case it's the: {7c61d0a6-af7e-483a-b705-d2c5c2264656} now you can search the registry for this bullcrap and do whatever ...
  9. honestly i wouldn't believe anything that comes out of our Billy that guy is as huge liar as any politician is as regarding to article, security is last thing he worries guy who's company squashes on your privacy just like he takes a s*** daily
  10. uhh they have been copying mac since ~2000 even their very 1st internal test skin for XP (while it was still "Whistler") was 1:1 copy of OSX called "Candy" (you can find it in leaked source code for XP) but you can see continuation of this with Vista Alpha, all the skins (Plex -> Slate -> Jade) and UI was just going for that mac look 22 years ago is not that surprising now eh ?
  11. i think they do it mostly to track current versions of OS if you look at it, win7 was released well over 12 years ago what is good about the win7 is that it can be still supported with apps but people choose not to (probably some compiler BS) i mean there is a reason why 7 was 6.1 8 was 6.2 10 was 6.3 dunno about 11 (is it 6.4 ???) >>> BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY !!!
  12. @UCyborg if no key is entered (or expired), it is downgraded to Free same goes for 4x versions
  13. wow how did you come to that conclusion ? ... beside the only difference between Free and Payed is active/background "protection" is it AV ? - yes it is
  14. Trend Micro House Call Malwarebytes Antimalware
  15. maybe Tcpview from sysinternals might help you more sry
  16. diablo 2 ressurected
  17. you don't install anything, they are "portable" but if you have trouble downloading it use these steps: for "nuget" site, on right side there is DOWNLOAD PACKAGE to click on it will give you a .nupkg file to download, open it with your archiver (this is basically .zip file) go to "bin\x64" folder extract all dll files next to a (game) exe file you need to run for "overhack" site go to https://github.com/hejmus/win10verhack/releases/tag/v0.1 and download v0.1-winx64-rel.zip also extract it all to your game exe folder then run as it is described (using cmd) withdll.exe /d:win10verhack64.dll <your_exe.exe>
  18. *cough* https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.Direct3D.D3D12On7 https://github.com/hejmus/win10verhack
  19. the garbage they fill in just gets bigger
  20. or just use simplix at least it won't give you telemetry and nag screen kb's
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