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  1. winxpi

    KernelEx 4.5.2

    Yes hellopdf is ok. I tried also two additional pdf converters that might have one supporting format 1.7. My file had text and two images inside. It was surely made with PDF 1.7 atleast I suppose that Word 2010 supported creating these types of PDFs. I checked with hellopdf which is freeware(should only support up to pdf 1.6): Result were ok or average but some formating issues like image shifted or wrong size of image. "SomePDF.com" (supported format unknown probably pdf 1.6 maybe 1.7 but rather not) converter through the web archive ,was freeware. Results were average. Meaning images were shifted. And ofcourse the conversion is into a .rtf instead of .doc file. KernelEx is needed to start the setup atleast. And number 3: "pdfwordconverter.net" demo version. The limitation is you get a message and start that popups and reminds you that its not the full version and you can register. And also only 50% are converted. I tried to convert 3 pages, 1 only was converted. Couldnt do that for any other page even by changing the "start" page number. It would crash when I did. But the result from the one page that I was allowed to convert was really 100% looking like in the PDF file. There was a version 2.0 (past through webarchive) and 3.0 (also through webarchive, current version is 3.5). Version 2.0 should support windows me and 2000 and all afterwards (according to the webpage). version 3 only Windows 2000 and upwards. I did however not find any difference between version 2.0 and 3.0 . And both did run on 98se with KernelEx(needed atleast to get the setup started). Conclusion: What I would suggest: Trying pdfwordconverter.net for 50% of the content of a pdf (since its demo only) and the other 50% being converted by hellopdf or somepdf.com There were slight differences between hellopdf and somepdf (besides the .doc or .rtf format) considering the layout of text. All 3 pages would have been needed to be edited afterwards anyway. There was one case where a image was converted to big and another where the fonts where to big. But I really cant remember so good which of the two programs did what at the moment. Since people suggest hellopdf to be good for windows 9x I would say try hellopdf and if you want to make an experiment try the other one aswell. Its really up to you which converter is good enough for your work. But the demo limited converted had the most flawless result for the one page it converted and with a small image on it. Making me think somepdf.com is not just supporting pdf 1.6 format but also 1.7 format. But except for hellopdf we have no documentation which pdf version can be converted to word documents. Edit: Most of the PDF-Files I found on my system seem to be PDF 1.4 or 1.5. I still must test the conversion with a 1.6 or 1.7 PDF version.
  2. winxpi

    Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    True. Like the thing that Flash is getting replaced with HTML5 just because mobile devices support it better. And ofcourse older browsers dont work that well over years and the Javascript stuff and Ads everywhere play a roll. Regarding this topic I did suggest the virualization solutions since most modern hardware probably doesnt bring any drivers for Windows 9x with it. So its more a question if the drivers will be recognized or not. When I had to install Windows XP on a system formerly running Windows 2000 I did run into such a case where the network card(NIC) wasnt recognized. So such situations or similiar will probably be the rule with hardware (year 2013 and onwards). However if one wants to run windows 98se on this type of hardware why not. There just a few obstacles in the way nowadays. There still older software that wont run on the most of the modern operating systems of Windows. Especially the MS-DOS games and so.
  3. winxpi

    Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    You might try Windows 98SE through VMWare ESXi (formerly VmWare Esx) or so. I saw a video where somebody claimed to install Windows 98 on Esxi. Still might be the best option how to install on modern hardware.
  4. My friends gave me a 17" LCD (non CRT) for my old windows 98se machine. Actually been the first own 17" monitor I ever used at home (notebooks just rarely have that size but to be preciously even a 15" notebook tft has the same display size as a 17" CRT where only the diagonal size is counted if I remember correctly). However the thing you mentioned reminds me of myself. I also hate the highest possible screen resolution. Its just so unusual to have that small desktop icons. So althought I use 1366x768 for my working notebook , I still stick to 1024x768 or similiar on the 17" LCD for Windows 98SE.
  5. So If I understood it correctly....recently I tried to visit msfn.org on the Windows 98SE PC and it didnt open completely that is the part where CSS fails. And this is not just on my system. I thought the whole msfnorg unusable thing was meant to be the login form (another issue that came fist). If I remember correctly that issue could be solved by using Palemoon. But never tried it myself. But its not even loading the website completely now. That must be the issue related to CSS .I can confirm that msfn.org also doesnt load in Opera or couple of Firefox versions (with the default settings). So would have to try the CSS fix suggested here.
  6. Didnt check that. And were you able to play the video without Opera lets say with a media player? For me it only worked inside Opera 12. Btw.: I cant login with Opera mobile 12.1 or Opera mini on Android nor Dolphin mini aswell. But UC Browser did work atleast in the "Desktop mode". Seems to be webkit related with msfn.org?! I did learn about css once, but I just wonder why being able to login or not has to do with css. I dont want to do as Im over smart but I always thought CSS is just for design purposes. For me on Windows 98SE loging in to my msfn.org account didnt work with Opera of Firefox. Aswell it strange that hotmail sometimes will open after login attempt other times it wont. MSFN.org however stopped. Strange enough "Combedbird 11" crashed when trying to open the Inbox, an fork of firefox version 3.6 accomplished it. I dont however understand why logging into msfn.org doesnt work. Its really strange since the much older IE6 allowes login on msfn.org but ofcourse with crappy design.
  7. I want to report the folliwing. Neither Opera Mobile 12.1 (also called classic) nor Opera 12.x eith Spdy 2.0/Spdy 3.0 support worked for the tested devices to perform spdy protocol. Android 2.3.6: opera mobile 12.1_generic (intrrnal version 12.1.4) Opera mobile classic 12.1.6 Windows 9x with kernelEx.: opera labs spdy 12.0.1 (dont bother to ask if thats opera 12.10, no it was a ln experimental limited beta from opera labs with so called spdy support back in year 2012). How I know SPDY doesnt work (for the record: http2 browsing cant be tested at all )? Spdy indicator was my,first try but neither twitter or other pages with supposed spdy on server side turned the indicator blue. Next due to a hint ofca github user was this wonderful testpage: https://www.httpvshttps.com/ Https version never opened on the tested devide so I assume spdy isnt suppirted on windows 9x and android gingerbread (atleast for windows 9x it seems to be sure). I didnt test on Windows 2000 to be honest since even chrome is supported there partly with workarounds and opera 12.10 partly so someone might give it a try and tell if spdy works on more windows clients than xp and higher.
  8. Under the same menu you can change settings in Opera 12 to make a right-click option "Download video" appear on Youtube. I found this yesterday when testing some setting in the CTRL+F12 menu. Funny how many non working features can be re-enables through this. Know here its about msfn, but before I found this thing yesterday every video would be in sluggish HTML5 format, and atleast then I could download it to load from the own drive. Also it seems that with the help of "User Scripts" many things can be customized with Opera that wouldnt work by default. I will check this out the next time Im on my 98se pc and see if I can write on msfn from there.
  9. I dont know how often you checked youtube with Flash. The issue the user mentioned is the one that systems with Windows 98/ME might be sluggish with HTML5 so like me and others he tried to play it with old school Flash (nohtml5=1 previously lastly embedding via /v/ in the url). That message Youtube shows up is not so old like you may have written here. It happened this year the first time. I think if I remember correctly Flash was usable around march and even till june 2017. And as I remember it: Ending of summer this year Youtube turned off Flash support entirely (since than the message started to appear).
  10. I actually found out about a Plan B to use Flash. It had to do with "Javascript". The Russian "Ru Board" mentioned back in Autumn 2017 some Javascript file that could be used. But it didnt work for Opera 12.0x which I tested on Windows 98SE. Interestingly I somehow achieved to DOWNLOAD(!) youtube videos that seem to be FLV format. Im not sure 100% because I had to pick an file extension name. It happened that I modified css settings or so and somehow the youtube design was messed up in Opera 12, and I got a message that the "video is not available". But after F5 it loaded with HTML5 unluckily....BUT after right-clicking inside the video an option "download video" appeared. And Im not ******** you guys: This options appeared without of the use of any addon. Im pretty sure of that cause I tested it on two different opera installations. And before I changed the css settings(or how its called) this option wouldn appear. Only downside of this: Of course you need hard drive space, but if your wathcing a video for one time only you might delete it afterwards... And I didnt find out how the files resolution or lets say "definion" (240p,360p...720p) is defined. I downloaded a music video and it was like 20 MB in size. I might post a step to step description with 4 or 5 screenshots if I get the time to transfer the files to my Win7 machine. Anyway atleast on ym machine I could only open the "FLV" files with opera. Not with firefox (hmm) and not locally...that was strange. But I must admit: I didnt install VLC Player, just an Image editing software, firefox, Opera. And the FLV will play when you drag it into an open Opera instance. It doesnt use internet connection once its stored, seems the format is not pure FLV since it should open up with Flash Player (standalone or something similiar). But I also dont have such tools on that machine so might work. I think that the downloaded file is a hybrid of FLV and "HTML5" stuff. But on the other hand I never really checked how FLV video files get played in Opera. So if you want the description for the download workaround (I think you cant change the resolution however) let me know.
  11. Ok but what can people that even have IT background do except for moving abroad to get an IT job, if taxes or making profits are such a big issue that they rather oursource? Not everyone wants to work lets say in Brazil(because many would think wow the sunshine, the beach), not everybody is comfortable with leaving the state one lived in since the birth.
  12. It were 1391€ brutto. according to the job description I still have lying around. Partly unthinkable 500€, some people earned 500€/months ore more at internships (so when they still attended school). Also under 1400 are rare in the mean time. Most people now get 1500 or more. One call-center job was paid 1444€/fulltime (40 hours/week). By default full-time is 38,5 hours in my country. But some jobs still have the 40 hours.
  13. Sorry for not answering the whole questions. No I never was into Adobe Photoshop, Cinema4D, Maya etc. Im not skilled in creative stuff, althought being introverted, which sometimes is indeed an aspect that provides big creativity on the other side. And about the body language. I got an explanation, that I should ask "profesionals" to improve on my body-language. Seems they think Im not expressing myself the way I talk or that its not "synced". Meaning some people look unsure, but tell something they are totally sure of. Im such a type. No hand-moving gestures, no fixating people with my eyes, theres barely any body-language involved in my rhetorics, thats mainly becuase of my shyness. In Japan this would be ok, but not in the Western world, where shyness is bad because "you got something to hide" xD. Crazy. I even got into trouble because of my body-langauge a few times. Like buying chewing gum only in a supermarket, and immediately when I left the so called "supermarket cops/securities" made a "body-check". But ofcourse I didnt steal anything. Unluckily that was just a few months after a company fired me in the very first month. I was 22. So when people treat you bad you feel bad of yourself too sometimes. In my case that happened atleast. And these people really love it to get on my nerves some times. I dont know why, sometimes people like the police stopped me when I was walking around on the pedestrian area at evening/night. It really stopped me having fun like I did when I was younger. Its very sick what people expect from people just because of the personal appearance or body-language.
  14. Thats interesting. I unluckily never got the famous lines to hear "your overqualified". But its still an interesting aspect to think about.
  15. That might be true. 4 years ago I had a job interview with a japanese company in IT. They searched for somebody that does "Dispatching" the description was "Service Desk Agent". However they also told me that they have (I think) 24 hours service and there are colleges in Lodz (Poland). So without wanting to be "prejudicing" it seems they cannot afford so many employees in some countries.