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  1. Ahhh Thank you very much. Cheers and Regards
  2. Right click where? Can you please post a pic showing exactly where to click? TIA Cheers and Regards
  3. Sorry! DUH! (slaps forehead) Here you go - link - But remember, I have only verified that the archive will open and the contents seem to be OK. I have not used it at all. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  4. Since this version of HFSLIP has been abandoned, you might be better off going to the archive section of @tomasz86's site, click on the HFSLIP link which will take you to Mega, and open up the HFSLIP folder, where you can download the latest version of HFSLIP that tomasz is supporting, currently version HFSLIP2000-1.0.2. ( If you really, really, really NEED this older version, and can explain why you think you need the obsolete version instead of the current version, I might be able to find it in my own archives, but I never used that version and haven't touched it since I downloaded it 4 or 5 years ago, so I can't vouch for it's functionality.) Cheers and Regards
  5. @98SE, as much as I hate to get involved in this conversation at all, I couldn't find where you specify exactly what this "special SATA to USB adapter" is, ie exact part number and/or link to where it is described or where you can purchase it.
  6. I'm guessing that your AIO printer has a slot that you can plug an SD or other memory card into? If so, that's probably what is being picked up, so it isn't actually a phantom drive. Cheers and Regards
  7. Hopefully, this is not the end of this thread. There is value in all of the various MS OS, and they each have their supporters to this day. That's why there are threads here supporting everything from DOS to Win95, Win98, ME, XP, Win2K, Vista, Win7, Win8.x, and Win10. Maybe Win3.1 too, but I can't think of any threads I've seen lately. Each of the OS meets the needs of someone, so they deserve to be supported. And for each OS, there are probably just as many folks that think that particular OS is a total waste of digital space. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and deserves a place to politely state it. Whether they use that space to support or disagree is their right and their choice. @rloew is a fan of, and supports, DOS and Win9x, and apparently makes his living at it, or at least it's a profitable hobby for him. I began working with computers before DOS existed, and worked using and supporting systems using everything from DOS though Win2K. I used computers enough at work that I had no interest in having one at home, until I changed professions. I put Win2K on my first home computer, which I happily stayed with until I finally moved to Win7, or Vista SP3 as @jaclaz would describe it, which I've now had for a number of years. @blackwingcat and @tomasz86 have both been steadfast supporters of Win2K over the years. @xpclient, obviously. was a huge fan of XP for many years, until he, like @JodyT, decided to move to Win8.1. [ I say like Jody, since I believe that Jody would use Win8.1 if his hardware would support it.] And yes, Jody, like many of us, has changed his OS allegiances over the years as @mixit mentioned above, but to Jody's credit, he was always respectful in all of our discussions over the years from when he used XP until now when he is on Win8, even if I thought he was sometimes being annoyingly persistent. @greenhillmaniac is a big fan of Vista, which Jody also admires, but Jody wanted to be a bit more current, IIRC. @NoelC depends on computers for his livelihood, so they must be as stable, reliable, efficient, current, and fast as he can make them. I believe he's probably used most of MS's OS, skipping a few such as Vista SP0 and Win8. He used Win7 for many years, and some of the computers he absolutely depends on in his network still use Win7 today, though he uses Win8.1 on his main workstation. @dhjohns is one I can think of who is a huge fan of Win10. Bottom line, as I have told Jody many times over the years, each user should have the right to use whichever OS that works for them and meets their needs. They should each be respected and supported as best we can. We should be able to say which OS we think is the best, and why, say which features we like or dislike, and say which OS deserves an award, and which ones are pure sh*t, as long as we do it politely and respectfully, and in an appropriate location. The user is always to be respected, even if they are, or I am, wrong. Cheers and Regards
  8. In those days, computers had a maximum of 64 KILO bytes of RAM that you could possibly install in the entire computer, and you were lucky if you could manage to fit that on a single plug-in card the size of today's graphics cards, That is way less than the cache that is inside the CPU today. A HDD with 12MB back then was actually closer to 12TB today. How could you possibly fill up all of that space? Cheers and Regards
  9. @sdfox7 and @Destro, @JodyT is not in any way "trolling". What you might not realize is that @dencorso created this thread, and placed it here, specifically for @JodyT, at my and several other member's request. Just like there are threads where folks can praise, or bash, other OS, such as Windows 10 and Windows 8.x, there should be a place where folks can freely do the same for XP. No offense JodyT, but JodyT had been known for making posts saying that folks should move on from XP in many threads that were made for praising, or at least acknowledging the continued use of XP, and his comments there were not appropriate or appreciated. But he deserved a place where he could safely express his views, and hopefully encourage an open and friendly discussion on both the merits and faults of XP. So this thread was born. [If you read the entire thread it might make more sense, since some of the initial posts were pulled from those other threads and moved here.] MSFN tries to be a forum that has a place for everyone to politely express their views about, and find help for, all of the various MS OS. It was decided, by the forum members as a whole, even before the staff begrudgingly agreed to allow them, that threads such as the Windows 8 and Windows 10 "Deeper Impressions", and the "Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!" threads had a place here. They are very popular and fun, and they give a place for folks to say what they dislike about the OSes and MS in general. So it is only fair that such a thread for XP exists, too. We hope you will continue to post your opinions about XP here, both positive and negative. Who knows? You might be able to enlighten JodyT to the error of his ways. But if you criticize him for expressing his views here, in this thread you two are the ones who are in the wrong, and you owe @JodyT an apology. If you have a better idea of a thread title, or location for this thread so that others will not make the same mistake you did, then by all means make an appropriate suggestion. I hope the friendly banter here will continue, but remember, the "enemy" or "friend" is the OS, not the person who chooses to use it, no matter how misguided they happen to be. ( j/k ) We're all supposed to be friends here. Cheers and Regards
  10. Absolutely, @JodyT, and this is a perfect thread for you to comment in to your heart's content. Hopefully, there will be many, respectful, comments on both sides to keep the conversation interesting. Cheers and Regards
  11. @98SE and @rloew, Regarding rloew's EMBR: @98SE, you seem to be focused on the use of external drives, to either share data between machines, users, and/or locations. Thus your concerns about the abilities of being able to read the data by a machine that doesn't have the EMBR installed, the cost and inconvenience because a license is required for each machine, etc. But @rloew, if I understand correctly, your intent was more on the lines of being able to use modern drives on a user's existing machine with an older OS installed, and perhaps other more modern OS as well in a multi-boot arrangement, and so more focused on internal applications. Since the drive would be "permanently" installed and NOT shared, @98SE's concerns created by sharing the drives are irrelevant, and a license fee that is per machine, and not based on the number of OS or number of drives installed, seems reasonable. So have you two been trying to compare apples and oranges? I'm not trying to argue that external uses are not important or useful, they absolutely are. Not only for sharing data, but for use with laptops and ease of use in general. But, if I understand correctly, since external drives often/usually come with a translation bridge built in, aren't they often/usually already able to be used by older OS, eliminating the need for EMBR in that application? And @98SE, you keep bringing up things like asking why he didn't do such-and-such "20 years ago", or talking about the possibility of using @rloew's tools on HUGE drives that won't exist or be practical for the average user for many years. While I believe that @rloew is more concerned in addressing the existing needs today of his customers or himself. Apples and oranges again? Understanding the reasons a tool was developed is often enlightening, and discussing the possible future applications of a tool can be fun to talk about and sometimes helpful for the developer to give him ideas for possible enhancements to his tools, as long as they aren't continued to be pushed when the developer has stated he's not interested. That hasn't happened in this thread, yet, but it's gotten close. And isn't the discussion by both of you about GPT veering away from the topic of this thread, regarding MBR hard drives? Cheers and Regards
  12. Sorry, I don't use, and have never used, Win 8.x, so I can't help. Cheers and Regards
  13. Also, just for testing purposes, you could probably get away with CAREFULLY using the card without a bracket. At least that way you might get a better idea if a different card could possibly solve your problem. Cheers and Regards
  14. Those two look like they're going to either dance, or hug. Cheers and Regards
  15. What's wrong with sticking with New Moon? I like it! Cheers and Regards
  16. Remember them? I probably have at least half of them in a box in my garage. LOL Cheers and Regards
  17. @NoelC, have you tried to install Win10 on bare metal to see if the behavior is the same? Yes, I know you are vastly more experienced than I am, and are very well versed in Windows networking, not to mention with your typical setup of VMs and of course your hardware and LAN setup, and I'm not at all defending Win10, nor am I implying that the crap is not indeed intensifying, but as a way to eliminate a variable I just thought I'd throw that out there. Cheers and Regards
  18. Have you released these improvements to HFSLIP yet? The last version I see on your site is 1.0.2. By the way, I don't know if I'll ever need them, since I've been exclusively using Win7 for the last few years, but I just finished downloading the complete Archive and Archive2. All 12,154 files and 25,490,107,948 bytes. Consider it another off-site backup in case you need it. Cheers and Regards
  19. And yet, when I went to bild.de with all of my adblockers activated, in Chrome (SRWare Iron), I got no complaints at all. Very strange. Cheers and Regards
  20. I'm probably not the best guy to instruct a beginner how to install XP x86 in a non-standard location using a patch to access more than the standard amount of memory - it's been too many years. But I can ask some basic questions about how and why you find yourself in this situation. @jaclaz and @dencorso both tried to get you to provide more information, which you declined to do, so I'll spell out some specific questions. You need to answer ALL questions asked so that whoever does help you has the information they need. It seems that XP is not your only OS, (apparently Win 7 x64 as well?), and you said earlier that you installed XP on D: so: 1) Mainly out of curiosity, but it might help - Why do you want to use XP x86, and why don't you want to use XP x64? Nothing wrong with either OS, but if we understood your motivations we might be able to better explain your options. 2) Are you trying to end up with XP x86 as the only OS on this computer, or are you wanting to dual boot between XP x86 and another OS, and if so, which OS? 3) Explain your overall system setup, ie Is this a laptop or desktop? Are C:, D:, etc separate drives or partitions or what? 4) Explain what is currently on C:, D:, and any other drive in your system. 5) Explain what you want to end up with on C:, D:, and any other drive in your system. 6) Explain how, EXACTLY, you attempted to install XP x86. Once we have the answers to the above, then we should have enough information to begin to help you. Good luck! Cheers and Regards PS - in a normal installation where XP x86 is the only OS installed on a system with only a single drive, boot.ini is a hidden system file on the root of the drive, ie C:\boot.ini. The answers to the above questions might help clarify whether it should still be there or in a different location.
  21. Offhand, I'd suggest getting a command prompt using your XP installation disc and accessing boot.ini from there. You could also either plug the disk drive into another computer so you could access it, or boot into another OS off a DVD or USB drive, (either a version of Linux or one of the various "rescue" OS that are available), which is the same idea as using the XP installation disc. Or, you might be able to repair your boot.ini file -- this might help -- which also uses the XP installation disc. Cheers and Regards
  22. Either 1) copy the contents of the boot.ini file using a text editor and paste them here, or 2) upload a copy of the boot.ini file to one of the free file servers and post the link to the file here. Anytime the file is larger than a few lines, then (2) is preferable. But boot.ini is usually quite small. No offense intended, but if you are confused about how to do either option, then you probably should not try to implement large RAM for XP, since it is not a simple, foolproof exercise for a beginner. Cheers and Regards
  23. @JodyT, First off, the way I see it, your comments and views are very appropriate and appreciated here at MSFN, and we're not trying to say that you shouldn't make them at all. We're just criticizing where you make them. They are appropriate in a thread talking about the OS of your choice, Windows 8 for you, where you can extol on why you are glad you made the switch. They're good in a thread about OS in general where comments about all OS are welcome. They are fine in a thread about XP that is about both the positives and negatives, or negatives only for that matter since that matches your views. They're appropriate when there is a question directly posed about whether someone should, or should not, switch from XP or to Windows 8.x. But in a thread specifically about the positives, or in this case the public continued use, of XP, they are not appreciated. Instead they come across, as @mixit explained, preachy at best. And it comes across that you are especially against XP since your posts about moving to Windows 8 seem to be almost always in threads about XP, and rarely, if ever, in threads about Windows 9.x, Win2K, Vista, Windows 7, or even Windows 10. And in a case of the pot calling the kettle black, in ends up that you are also using an OS that is no longer fully supported. According to Redmond Magazine on 2016-01-13, Windows 8 No Longer Supported and Potentially Insecure: On 2016-01-13, the table for Window 8 referred to above lists the Mainstream Support End Date as 2018-01-09 and the Extended Support End Date as 2023-01-10, but if you look at that table today, both dates are listed as Not Applicable. The article's point, though, that you have to move to Windows 8.1 within two years of its availability, is still the same. There are no exceptions made if your hardware does not fully support Windows 8.1, which is your situation I believe? But you'll probably say that that's OK since you apply the updates from Server 2012 so you're still covered. Isn't that the same thing that POSReady accomplishes for XP users? And even if you absolutely insist on stating your views where they are not appreciated, they might be better tolerated if you didn't seem to always insist on having the last word on the matter. You could have let the matter drop after your first post and @dencorso chastized you, but you had to respond to dencorso, jaclaz, and heinoganda even though you kept saying "I will leave it at that" and "no more on this from me, I promise." You are in a definite minority in preferring Windows 8. According to NetMarketShare.com's Desktop Operating Market Share, Windows 8 only has a market share of 1.35%, Windows 8.1 and XP each have 6.07 %, Windows 10 has 27.99% and Windows 7 has 48.43%. But yet I can't remember a specific case where anyone criticized you for your choice. That is one of the great things about MSFN. There are support threads here for users of almost all of the various MS OS. So I hope you will agree that dencorso should split these posts into a different thread. It might end up being an interesting one. It might even encourage folks that agree with your position to post, since so far they haven't. Like you said, we are all more likely to learn something if we have a thorough discussion on the matter, instead of the current situation where you are trying to make your point and we are mostly telling you to not make your point here. Cheers and Regards
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