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  1. Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus antimalware platform - KB4052623 (Version 4.18.2210.6) Available on MS Catalog website. x64 https://catalog.s.download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/defu/2022/11/updateplatform_a1e5032007ec12b60409e2ae45cee7065d5f2b34.exe ARM64 https://catalog.s.download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/defu/2022/11/updateplatform_573217a5668175edad0102db71e8d154ce9c2c0c.exe x86 https://catalog.s.download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/defu/2022/11/updateplatform_cc984fbbe4ac0fd23fb3eaa6458bede217514618.exe
  2. For Christmas and New Year, the last defender cabs to be made will be Tuesday 20th December 2022 but will resume on Friday 6th January 2023! Between these dates there will be no new cabs produced or provided. I will of course still be lurking on this forum and helping others, if need be, during the festive season. ----------------------------------------------- For Integration into offline Windows 11 images only, not to be installed on a Running/functioning Windows 11/10 OS! I will provide updated defender cabs on Patch Tuesday and also at the beginning of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of the same month, always on a Friday. Updates will be available from this first post only. There is also a Windows 10 version available here that also includes x86 cab. Credit goes to members on My Digital Life Forum:- abbodi1406 for signature blocks in the Windows Defender Integration Tool script. And for providing direct download links for the beta platform updates. Enthousiast for pointing out the missing files, letting me know about new platform updates and for testing the new defender cabs. AveYo for creating a verification tool that checks the digital signatures of files inside the cabs, to make sure they are valid and not tampered with. This script has been updated to support arm64. drew84, Stripakulina and Enthousiast For providing direct download links for the x64 beta platform updates. ---------------------------------------------------------------- To integrate the updated Platform and Anti-Malware definitions into your Windows 11 offline images, you can use the tools below:- 1. Windows NT 10.0 Updates Installer v10.25 - Tool created and maintained by abbodi1406 2. UUP to ISO Converter v86 - Tool created and maintained by abbodi1406 3. Defender files Verification Tool v1.6.1 - Tool created by BAU, Updated by AveYo and steven4554 4. Windows Defender Integration Tool v2.7 - Tool created by MS and Updated by AveYo and steven4554 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Details Released: December 9th, 2022 Next Update: December 13th, 2022 Defender: 2.12.2212.3 Engine: 1.1.19900.2 Platform: 4.18.2211.5 Version: 1.381.144.0 x64: Download File Size: 113MB / SHA-1: E0D27D168166E777EA65051DE811B79D436B6547 arm64: Download File Size: 111MB / SHA-1: 190B658D59309E62535DA6A972A73ED1E5BF8FD6 Download the previous two versions of supported defender cabs:- https://mega.nz/folder/b45E2b4B#vUJN9J-HpRyDExtwL_lvBA
  3. This thread used to house Windows XP x64-x86 Update Lists which have been relocated link below, to save time and ask a admin to sticky a newly created thread I thought to replace XP lists with the latest update list for Windows 11. Anyway, from this post onwards everyone can discuss Windows 11 related stuff like, updates and features and a link will be provided in the first post of this thread. Windows XP Update Lists have been relocated here
  4. This update is still available on Microsoft Update Catalog website, but it's now only in a cab file and contains the .MSP file inside. Extract the file and integrate into the Office 2003 setup files. http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/secu/2008/07/snapview_3ce0607884774566760d7dfb39128c2549685a7b.cab
  5. Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary channels are supported on MacOS Stable, Beta and Dev channels are supported on Linux Stable - v108.0.1462.46 Intel Chip: Microsoft Edge Setup / Without Telemetry / Group Policy (For both MacOS and Linux) Apple Chip: Microsoft Edge Setup / Without Telemetry Linux x64: Deb - Ubuntu Setup / Fedora - openSUSE Setup Beta - v109.0.1518.14 (Major Updates Every 4 Weeks) MacOS: Microsoft Edge Beta Setup Linux Downloads: Debian - Ubuntu Setup / Fedora - openSUSE Setup Dev - v110.0.1543.0 (Updated Weekly) MacOS: Microsoft Edge Dev Setup Linux Downloads: Debian - Ubuntu Setup / Fedora - openSUSE Setup Canary - v110.0.1550.0 (Updated Daily, except for weekends) Downloads: Microsoft Edge Canary Setup ------------------------------------------- Useful Hints and Announcements Surfing game is available to play, just enter this URL: edge://surf ------------------------------------------- System Requirements:- Supported operating systems: MacOS 10.12 or later and Linux distros Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE
  6. I can provide you with a custom update list for v1909 x86, but I will PM you the ulz file which must never be shared with anyone or any other websites. Officially I no longer provide support for x86 update lists for Windows 10, and you will need to update the list yourself. Update: Sent you a pm.
  7. The updates contained in the update lists will work on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
  8. Yes there are three CPU architecture versions available: x64, x86 and arm64. When you run the online setup it will automatically detect what version of Windows you are running and download the correct version for your system.
  9. It was a system that was put in place by Microsoft to copy how Windows 10 is updated, instead of small new updates they would be in cumulative updates which includes all previous updates rolled up into one. So most of those KB updates have been superseded by the convienence rollup and the latest CU's. Even did the same to .NET updates and rolled them into CU that is released occasionally.
  10. Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary downloads All Channels are supported on x64 and x86* on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11. ARM64 is supported on both Windows 10 and 11! Stable - v108.0.1462.46 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Setup - Without Telemetry Support for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will end on January 10th, 2023! v110 no longer supports Windows 7 and 8.1! Beta - v109.0.1518.14 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Beta Setup - Without telemetry (Major Updates Every 4 Weeks) Dev - v110.0.1543.0 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Dev Setup - Without telemetry (Updated Weekly) Canary - v110.0.1550.0 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Canary Setup - Without telemetry (Updated Daily, except for weekends) ------------------------------------------- Microsoft Edge Enterprise and group policies Stable - v108.0.1462.46 x64: Download x86: Download arm64: Download Group Policy Template: Download ------------------------------------ Surfing game is available to play, just enter this URL: edge://surf ------------------------------------ *There is no x86 version of Windows 11, thus not supported in any Edge Insider Channel! System Requirements:- Supported operating systems: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 Update, Windows 10 and Windows 11 Supported Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022
  11. Not the right forum to ask for free stuff that is not from official sources, which is risky but also silly. I got into trouble here once a long time ago for sharing MSU files from my Google drive, which is not allowed. As they could have contained anything hidden, just like the iso the now banned user above asked for. Only download from official sources, ie; from MS download servers.
  12. KB2731771, KB2533623, KB2786081 and KB2834140-v2 have been superseded by KB3125574-v4.
  13. What are you not able to download, is it the ulz file or a update within the update list?
  14. Sorry, late night and forgot to upload the actual files. They should be available now.

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