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  1. I can provide you with a custom update list for v1909 x86, but I will PM you the ulz file which must never be shared with anyone or any other websites. Officially I no longer provide support for x86 update lists for Windows 10, and you will need to update the list yourself. Update: Sent you a pm.
  2. The updates contained in the update lists will work on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
  3. Yes there are three CPU architecture versions available: x64, x86 and arm64. When you run the online setup it will automatically detect what version of Windows you are running and download the correct version for your system.
  4. It was a system that was put in place by Microsoft to copy how Windows 10 is updated, instead of small new updates they would be in cumulative updates which includes all previous updates rolled up into one. So most of those KB updates have been superseded by the convienence rollup and the latest CU's. Even did the same to .NET updates and rolled them into CU that is released occasionally.
  5. Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta, Dev and Canary downloads Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable Download Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary channels are supported on x64 and x86 on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. ARM64 is only supported on Windows 10! Stable - v84.0.522.52 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Setup / Blocker Toolkit Blocker Toolkit will only support Windows 10 v1803 or newer builds! Support for Windows 7 version of Edge will end on July 15th, 2021! Beta - v85.0.564.23 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Beta Setup (Major Updates Every 6 Weeks) Dev - v86.0.594.1 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Dev Setup - Without telemetry (Updated Weekly) Canary - v86.0.601.0 x64, x86 and arm64: Microsoft Edge Canary Setup - Without telemetry (Updated Daily, except for weekends) ------------------------------------------- New Surfing game offline is now available for everyone to play, just enter this URL: edge://surf Learn about tracking prevention in Microsoft Edge http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4533959/microsoft-edge-learn-about-tracking-prevention?ocid=Evergreen_soc_omc_win_tw_Text_lrn_EdgeTracking ------------------------------------------- Microsoft Edge Enterprise and group policies Stable - v84.0.522.52 x64: Download x86: Download arm64: Download Group Policy Template: Download System Requirements:- Supported operating systems: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Supported Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2016 and 2019
  6. Not the right forum to ask for free stuff that is not from official sources, which is risky but also silly. I got into trouble here once a long time ago for sharing MSU files from my Google drive, which is not allowed. As they could have contained anything hidden, just like the iso the now banned user above asked for. Only download from official sources, ie; from MS download servers.
  7. KB2731771, KB2533623, KB2786081 and KB2834140-v2 have been superseded by KB3125574-v4.
  8. What are you not able to download, is it the ulz file or a update within the update list?
  9. Sorry, late night and forgot to upload the actual files. They should be available now.
  10. All updates are language neutral, which means they can be installed on any version of Windows 7 regardless of what language the user is using. That is why there are no other language ULZ's. You can use mine, though there are some items in optional that are English only, so you would have to replace those with Spanish versions.
  11. Yes, as some of those updates have been superseded by the convenience rollup and recently released cumulative update rollup, so you can hide them. Though some are needed for features that are not part of the convenience rollup.
  12. Yes you're correct, I have updated the ulz's with the new version. 👍
  13. Yes I noticed that yesterday when I was updating the posts, I thought I had gone back in time. Hopefully the downloads will work soon. Update - Downloads are working.
  14. I'll list them here Security Update Rollup - This update is recommended to be installed ASAP! And are essential. Non-Security Updates - These updates are optional, though to install/integrate KB3125574-v4 you will need to download some updates in this category. Convenience Update Rollup - Very much recommended to install KB3125574-v4, as it contains nearly all updates Feb 2011 to Apr 2016! Some say this is Service Pack 2 for Windows 7. .NET Framework 3.5.1 Rollup - This is recommended to be installed ASAP! And are essential. Pre-Release - Only download if you're a keen tester of software. Security - Optional, only MSE. Language - Only if your first language is not English. Update Rollup Preview - Test upcoming new rollup for Patch Tuesday. Hope this helps clarify what the categories mean.
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