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  1. 1. Only the update pack has been fixed so that all uniprocessor HALs are properly used. A further update of the Internet Archive distro includes dump of the RyanVM.net thread, which is about to be shutdown. 2. Yes, but unlike GH0stPak you get seamless integration of all updates for all SP4 components (i.e. dotnets) 3. GH0stPak is unrelated and unnecessary to the integration of post-SP4 update packs. NEWS (March 4th, 2023): Due to announced RyanVM.net shutdown, all XP SP4 material - including dumps of Ryanvm.net thread are available from the alternative download location (official Internet Archive repo): https://archive.org/details/xp-unofficial-sp4-jan2022_20220113 View contents of ryanvm-archive-xpsp4-posts.7z. The SP4 MUI pack can be found only on the Internet Archive, along with everything else.
  2. In the slipstreamed MCE SP4 media, inside file hivesys.inf, search for string "POSReady WPA trick". Remove the registry entry below that. Reinstall Windows (clean) from the latest installation media. This may fix the product key issue. Otherwise, original pidgen.dll must be used from MCE2005 installation media. .NET Framework 4.0 can be unhidden in the sysoc.inf (replace ,hide,7 with ,,7 at the netfx40=... line) so that it can be installed by the Add/Remove Components Wizard if desired. @tpao12 Regarding .NET Framework 4.0 issue, please remove all .NET Frameworks from Add/Remove Components. Restart the system and reinstall .NET Framework 3.5 first, restart, then install .NET Framework 4.0 and reboot again.
  3. Update (January 13, 2022): The update pack and update rollup have been updated to fix a bug with ntoskrnl.exe file (affecting single threaded systems). All files are now available from the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/xp-unofficial-sp4-jan2022_20220113
  4. That's normal apart from the freeze. .NET 2.0-3.5 appear due to necessary Windows Installer baseline configuration. Try optimizing the .NET Framework 4.0 (refer to XP SP4 first post at RyanVM.net, see my signature). Otherwise, start from scratch in that order: SP2 -> SP4 directly, no .NET -> Install post-SP4 -> install .NET 3.5 and .NET 1.1 -> reboot -> Install .NET 4.0 -> reboot -> Install all .NET apps -> Optimize .NET Framework 4.0
  5. This is a known issue: for some reason the updated time zone registry entries in the post-sp4 update pack in hivesft.inf cause nlite to crash (an unresolved bug in nLite). As a workaround you can temporarily copy the time zone registry entries from another update pack and replace them in the hivesft.inf file. After nLite is done with the modifications, replace the original registry entries in the hivesft,inf file. The MUI pack has been tested with the XP SP4 v3.1b only. For the post-sp4 update pack level, there are language-specific files such as xpsp4res.dll that may need updating. You can get these files from the latest updates. I have no plans to rebuild the SP4 MUI Pack for the update pack level. SP4 v3.1b (without .NET Framework) is the most stable option for most systems eligible for XP. Microsoft has botched some OS functionality in post-2016 updates (due to lack of extensive testing?) and dropped support for non-SSE2 processors. Yes that message has been disabled by SP4. Version 2014 will not change for historical reasons (XP SP4 was finalized in 2014). After 2016 (XP Embedded SP3 EOL-SP4 v3.1b update level) the quality of POSReady updates was inferior and consequently the update pack may not be stable on some systems. Latest is not always greatest. To get a list of updates: On a system with the post-SP4 update pack - either installed or integrated in the installation media - run qfecheck from the command prompt.
  6. Windows XP SP4 thread (along with a few others) has been mostly archived, but some pages are missing: https://web.archive.org/web/20191105073426/https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10321 We need a full snapshot of the site.
  7. Use the GH0stpak, as described in the RyanVM forum, in order to update your system. The May 2019 update pack is intended for new installations of WIndows XP from updated media.
  8. 1. In a Windows XP environment, extract/copy the contents of XP SP0/SP1/SP2/SP3 original media to an empty folder: C:\XPMEDIA. 2. Run this command from command line: WindowsXP-USP4-v3.1b-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:C:\XPMEDIA 3. As soon as 2 is complete, extract the update pack zip to a blank new folder named C:\updpack 4. Run C:\updpack\slipstream.bat. 5. Paste C:\XPMEDIA to the command line window that appears and press ENTER
  9. UPDATE: SP4 v3 October 2018 MUI Update ISO has been re-uploaded. UPDATE #2: Updated Windows XP Debugging Symbols for May 2019 post-SP4 update pack have been also uploaded. For more information, visit RyanVM.net.
  10. The "Windows XP SP4 MUI October 2018 Update" is the best way to use SP4 in languages other than English (ISO was flagged and no longer available, will re-upload sometime). However, several OS components will not be translated to another language.
  11. Extract zip anywhere you want, then run the .bat file.
  12. UPDATE [June 7, 2019]: Post-SP4 Update Pack released! This final update pack should be applied to Windows XP installation media immediately after slipstreaming SP4 v3.1b to a Windows XP RTM/SP1/SP2/SP3 source. This will update installation media to May 2019, including every single update released until the POSReady 2009 end-of-life in May 2019. Download available at RyanVM.net.
  13. @everyone FYI, new stuff has been released for XP SP4: 1. A SP4 v3.1b installer that does not install .NET Framework unless absolutely necessary (MCE, Tablet PC). 2. Windows XP SP4 Preinstallation Environment and OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) with SCSI drivers integrated 3. An updated MUI ISO with fixes and additions. Check my RyanVM thread for details.
  14. UPDATE - 15 OCT 2018: For novice users that do not want to wait for 20-30 minutes after installing XP SP4 AND rebooting For all .NET haters... A NEW RELEASE OF UNOFFICIAL SP4 3.1B WITHOUT .NET FRAMEWORK This release will not install .NET Framework in both live and slipstreamed install, unless: - Media Center Edition is used -> .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 is installed - Tablet PC Edition is used -> .NET Framework 1.0 SP3 is installed Users can still install .NET FWs of their choice from the Add/Remove Components wizard in Control Panel This alternative SP4 release is called: WindowsXP-USP4-v3.1b-NODOTNET-x86-ENU.exe In addition, XP SP4 OEM Preinstallation Kit ISOs with SCSI drivers, and an updated MUI ISO have been released!
  15. Registry settings to import as a .reg file after installing the latest cumulative IE8 update:

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