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  1. I have an Excel file on my computer named PASSWORDS. I just brought up that file, and made several changes to it, and then saved it. I went to print the file, and in the preview pane I saw the OLDER version before my changes. I printed out that file just for the heck of it and I got the older version. I then highlighted the new password file that I am viewing, and then went back to the print function and chose to print the highlighted area. I then got the new version. I then thought that I would save the NEW version as PASSWORDS1, and tried to print that. No luck, in the preview pane to the right, I see the old version. I even deleted the old version, and emptied the Recycle bin. Why am I not getting the NEW version in the print review pane. I have a new computer running Office 2019. Also have Windows 10 home on this new computer. Thanks, Mike
  2. Tripredaucus----Thanks for the reply. I did not really want to delete anything, I just wondered why I could not. Anyway, I clicked on each of those icon and opened the webpage associated with it. I then did a copy / paste back to the desktop. It naturally told me I already had something on the desktop with that name, and did I want to REPLACE it. I chose yes, and now all is fine. If I want, I can move the icon to the recycle bin and delete it, or I can just right click on the icon, and delete it. I just have to do that same process with the other 19 icons, but that is OK. It seems like the whole problem was due to me copying the address to a Word document, and then to the desktop. Anyway, all is good. Thanks again for your suggestions and help. Mike
  3. Update----I just copied more pictures from my camera to my desktop. Then I WAS able to delete them from the desktop as I had done in the past. Then I retried to delete the four pictures that I had there from yesterday. It seems like the ONE that I actually copied that day, I could delete it. The other three I could not. I remember that the other three actually came from me doing something similar to the way I copied all the email addresses to a word document, and then to my desktop from the word document.
  4. I just copied some pictures from my camera to my new computer desktop in File Explorer, which I often do. I just tried to delete one of those pictures, can't do it. I right click on the picture, scroll down and then left click DELETE. Nothing happens. Then I tried to DRAG it to the RECYCLE bin. It goes over to the RECYCLE bin, but then comes back. Problem two. on my OLD computer, I opened up about 20 sites, and then copied those addresses to a Word document. Then I opened up that Word document on my NEW computer and copied those address to my NEW computer desktop. The address all work, but I noticed that I can not delete ANY of those 20 address either. Tried the normal way, right click, choose delete etc, and even dragging the address to the recycle bin. It just comes back. Suggestions, please.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will just wipe the hard drive, and reinstall everything. That way I know I am safe. Will take longer, but that is OK. Thanks again, Mike
  6. Thanks bphlpt and jaclaz for the replies. If I do that RESTORE the computer to its original state when new, will that be just as good as wiping the drive ?? I believe there is an option to remove everything and just install the operating system etc. two reasons I would rather NOT wipe the drive. Would I have issues finding all the drivers ?? And, when I bought the computer it had Windows 8.1 Pro. on it. I then upgraded to Windows 10, and made that ISO disc or whatever, I believe at some point. Can I just use that disc to reinstall windows 10, or will I have activation problems ? Thanks, Mike PS, I am assuming that if I did that restore to original state, I will get the opportunity to set up a local account, and my original Microsoft account and password will be OFF the computer ??
  7. I will be selling my three year old DEll running Windows 10 in a week or two. I have deleted all my personal info. such as my Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music Videos etc I called my internet provider and he helped me remove my email account, so all my emails and folders are gone. Now my only concern is my Microsoft account. I know how to use that WIZPLIZ thingy so that I do not need to enter my password, and the computer boots right to the desktop. However I still see my Microsoft Account NAME, which is my email once in a while. And sometimes when there is a huge update from Windows after it boots two or three times, it asks for my Microsoft Password. How do I fix that, with out messing up my NEW computer, which I used that name and password to set up everything. I guess I just need to remove that info from just the OLD computer that I want to sell. Suggestions, please.
  8. mike13


    Hi jaclaz, thanks for the reply.,only usedAllavsoft about 6 times so I do not know whole lot about it. I did download that 4K Video Downloaded from the site you gave me. It seems pretty easy to use, so I will just use that program, and forget about Allavsoft. Thanks for the info. Mike
  9. mike13


    Thanks Tripredacus for the reply. Allavsoft is currently on my three year old Dell that is running Windows 10 pro. It still works great. I got it from Shareware on Sale Jan. 11, 2017. I know that because I got a thank you letter from them that I printed out. I use it to download and burn videos from U-Tube. I have downloaded and installed Allavsoft to my new computer but it is only a trial version. I only get 5 usages out of it. If you can suggest another free easy to use program instead of Allavsoft, let me know. Thanks, Mike
  10. I had a program called Allavsoft on my old computer that I am selling. I tried to find a download for Allavsoft to install on my new computer, but they all seem to be trial versions, or to buy them. Any help here.
  11. Thanks i430VX for the reply. Her pictures are also in DCIM, 100apple1, 100apple2, 100apple3, 100apple4, 100apple5. These are in the INTERNAL STORAGE on the phone. But there are 2000 pictures that wee automatically uploaded to Apples' iCloud. If I go to icloud.com, and sign in with her Apple ID and password, I can see the 2000 pictures but there is no option to save or copy. I was on the right track, when I downloaded iCloud for Windows, but the install get messed up, or I messed up. Either way, it does not work. I then went into ADD / REMOVE programs , thinking I would just remove iCloud for Windows and start over, but I am told that I first need to sign off of iCloud. I hesitate doing that because I do want to take a chance of loosing any of those pictures. I guess I just need to call Apple support, and hopefully they can help me, or just make an appointment at an Apple store. Mike
  12. This post probably does not belong here, but I could not find another category to put it. Sorry. Anyway, my wife has an iPhone SE. When I connect it to my computer with a USB cable, I only see 774 pictures which I found out are the INTERNAL MEMORY PICTURES. She has over 2,000 pictures on the phone. I stopped in at the local ATT store where we bought the phone, and they said I needed to go to www.icloud.com. I did that and then I saw the 2,000 pictures, but there was no option to copy them to my computer. Then I tried that Icloud for Windows. There was a download there, but it only downloaded about 1,000 pictures. I also tried clicking on the first photo, holding down the SHIFT key and then clicking o the last photo. That did nothing. The photos were NOT highlighted. There has to be an easy way to get the photos from the icloud back to the computer. I would usually send pictures to Snapfish, or Spotify to get developed, but can not do that if I can't get the pictues on my computer. Two other people had recommended third party software, which I tried, but it only copies 50 pictures over to the computer unless you buy the program for $40.00 Any suggestions, please. Mike
  13. I got a message from MSFN that says the following. Hi Mike13 TestingThings has posted a comment on a topic Malwarebytes Antivirus TestingThings said TEST2 Then there is a box that says "Go to this post" If I click on that, it takes me to a question that I asked about Malwarebytes Antivirus last year sometime. However there is no post from a TestingThings. The last post was from Tripredacous in December 2017 Any clue as to what is going on here ? Thanks, Mike
  14. Thank you Tarun. Yes. you fully answered my question. Mike
  15. I agree with what was said, but it seams like Malwarebytes Premium has MADE ITSELF my antivirus displacing Windows Defender as my anti virus. I know Windows Defender is NOT the best by a longshot, but my question is still " Should I just leave Malwarebytes as my antivirus and anti malware protection, or should I try to get back to Windows Defender ??
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