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  1. I am using Excel 2021 for the first time. I just noticed that even if I do a SAVE, and then do that backup thingy, it goes back past my SAVE. Not good. Is there a setting I need to change ? Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks HarryTri for the reply.
  3. Thanks innuendo33 for the reply. That is exactly what I am trying to do. I want to make sure the process works in case I ever need it.
  4. Back in the March tine period, I made a backup of my entire computer using EASEUS , to a external USB hard drive. At the end of doing the backup I was asked if I wanted to make a recovery CD. I said yes, and then followed the instructions to burn a recovery CD. Now, how would I use those two items if needed? I assume I would connect the USB hard drive, insert the CD in the reader, turn the computer off, then on, and then boot to the CD. Is this correct, or would I simply connect the external USB drive and then boot to it. Thanks, Mike
  5. Hi HarryTri. I found that OUTLOOK.PST. file. However it only has the recent emails I sent the last two or three day.
  6. Hi HarryTri, I did not have the ethernet cable connected to the computer, so it could not have connected. And I know there is NO wifi built in.
  7. UPDATE. I just tried what I was going to do (above) when I had time. Shutdown the computer. Pulled the power cord. Removed the ethernet cable, and then I removed the SSD from the computer. Installed the old HDD. Plugged in the power cord, started the computer. Opened Outlook 2019. then I saw 243 emails in the SENT folder. So I am now happy. I insert a flash drive getting ready to EXPORT those emails to the flash drive, and then they disappear, gone. What the hell happened.
  8. Thanks Tripredacus for the reply. Do not know what happened, all I know is that the emails are gone. I guess I did something by accident. Anyway, this is my plan. A few months ago I replaced the hard drive in my computer with a solid state drive. When I get the time, I will remove the SSD drive and reinstall the old HDD. I bet I will see lots of those emails on that drive. But before I start the computer, I will unplug the computer so that it does not connect to the ISP server, and if it synchronizes, I might loose them again. Not sure how that works. After I have the old HDD installed I will open up Outlook 2019. Then I will EXPORT those emails to a flash drive. Then I will remove the old HDD from the computer and reinstall the SSD. Then I will IMPORT those emails on the flash drive to the SSD. If all goes good, I should then see probably 95 % of the emails I lost. The only thing I do not know is, will my ISP make their server agree with my computer that now should have probably 180 emails, or will it make my computer agree with their sever that has maybe 10 emails at this point. I guess I should call, before I go through all that trouble. if I am going to loose them again why bother.
  9. I had probably 200 emails in my SENT folder. They are now gone. All the other folders seem OK, just the emails in the SENT folder. I called my internet provider and they said if my emails are gone from my computer, they are also gone from their server. I have my mail setup as IMAP. I am using Microsoft Outlook 2019, and Windows 10. I check the usual place, no luck. Any suggestions ??
  10. Hi, The DVD was in the DVD recorder, or the USB was connected to the computer before I tried anything. In the past, (maybe this was the problem, maybe it is different with this computer) I would put the DVD in the device, or install the USB first. Then I would go into the bios, and change the First boot device to either the DVD or USB that I was using. Then I would save and exit. If I remember correct , (not sure), the computer would shut down and I had to push the switch for it to start up. Then, when it started, it booted to the device automatically that I had already set as the first boot device. I did not have to do anything additional, like pressing the F12 key. I just did a test, I put a DVD in the reader, went into the bios, and changed the First boot device to the DVD etc. Saved and exit. Without me doing anything, the computer booted right to the main hard drive with Windows 10 on it. So the trick is that I have to keep pressing the F12 key after the first boot device is changed, and obviously after the DVD is inserted. Anyway, the problem is fixed, and I appreciate the help you and Tripredacus have given. Mike
  11. Problem solved. I found out on the Acer Community help site that I need to do this to get the computer to Boot to a different device. While the computer in ON, put the DVD that you are going to use, or connect the USB device. Turn Off the computer. Turn it back on while pressing the Delete button. When the Bios page opens, page over to Boot options. Make the change there, save and exit. Right after you saved and exited, start hitting the F12 key. This is the boot page. You should NOW see the device you set as primary boot device, as well as the Windows Boot Manager. You can now select the DVD or USB that you want. This procedure is different that I had been using in the past, but it does work. I can now have the computer boot to a DVD device or a USB device. Just thought I would share. Mike
  12. jaclaz, Thanks for the video links. I think I understood about 60% of what I saw. I guess I take it that the recovery USB, CD/DVD must be UEFI format or compliant. The one video was using Acronis software, but did not really say that you had an option to make the recovery USB in a UEFI format. Is there any backup programs out there that would ask you how you want the recovery disc / USB formatted ?? Paragon, Macrium Reflect, Easeustodo, etc. I find it very stupid that Acer would put a program on the computer (which is what I used) for you to make a recovery disc, but it is not UEFI compliant etc. Mike
  13. jaclaz- It is a Acer Aspire desktop. TC-885-UR16 the SNID is 81902495396
  14. Thanks Tripredacus for the reply. I think I know what you said.
  15. Thanks jaclaz for the reply. Your first question "are you sure the USB or CD/DVD is bootabe with the current settings" I do not know. I have made recovery CD/DVD, and USB sticks with Paragon, EASEUSTODO, and Macrium in the past. The most recent USB stick I made was with the software right in this Acer computer, so I would assume that should work. I believe that I once tried changing the CSM in the BIOS, but I can not change it, it is grayed out. Also, when I go directly to the BOOT screen by pressing F12, why can I NOT change the boot order there like if I start with the bios. It seems like I should be able to do it there also, because it has the up and down arrows, but they do no work. I will attach a picture of the Windows 10 Home.

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