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  1. taos

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    That's good to know. Thank you :)
  2. Thank you Roytam. I got it to work. Two separate palemoon program folders, two separate shortcuts on the desktop, two separate profiles, and the Profile manager always opening during launch. If all goes well with NM28, then I'll retire NM27 and hide the profile manager. Thanks again
  3. I'm using NM27 & Serpent 55. I've renamed those program folders and would like to also install NM28 & Serpent 52. Is there a possibility of profile folder corruption, or will each of those programs automatically find the correct path to its own profile?
  4. taos

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    The platforms that they're built on (27=Tycho and 28=UXP) are vastly different. The UI is similar. Most add-ons from this site will work on both 27 and 28 (each add-on will say)-- http://addons.palemoon.org/extensions/
  5. taos

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    Most of my machines are still running XP; but I now have two machines running win7, along with Roytam's Firefox-derived, XP-capable, 32bit browsers. I sooo enjoy being able to customize For New Moon 27 (Tycho) and New Moon 28 (UXP) you can see add-ons here: http://addons.palemoon.org/extensions/ For Serpent (UXP) you can see add-ons here: https://addons.basilisk-browser.org/extensions/ For me, these are now the best 'Firefox' versions... lol http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/
  6. taos

    driver for old Canon scanner

    +1 This is a good way to test a scanner, and see if you like the program. The fully functioning download is free, but the output (jpg, tif, pdf) has watermarks. After purchasing, subsequent output is free of watermarks
  7. Matt & Roytam, glad to see things are being worked out. You two are separated by thousands of miles, different cultures, and different languages. But you share in having great technical gifts, independent personalities, and a desire to enjoy your craft. Please keep your dialog going + 1
  8. I run NM 27 and basilisk 55 on multiple machines. But I tweak the preferences and addons on a single machine, and then copy the profiles over to the other machines. I'm thinking about using the built-in password manager: Remember Passwords / Auto Fill In / Master Password I'm wondering if that will play nice and copy to the other machines, or if I'm going to run into problems. Any thoughts ?
  9. You are disrespectful and rude. Period.
  10. You can also bookmark this: http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/ That should work for you
  11. hmmm.... On Version: 27.9.1a1 (32-bit) (2018-11-02) I'm not seeing override for github.com....
  12. taos

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    Yup ! This corporate modus operandi is terrible. And we must guard against updates from other corporations, too. Such as... here 'Back in 2016, printing giant HP sent a deceitful, malicious update to millions of OfficeJet and OfficeJet Pro printers that disguised itself as a "security update." Users who trusted HP and applied the update discovered to their chagrin that the update didn't improve their printers' security: rather, the updated printers had acquired the ability to reject cheaper ink, forcing the printer owners to throw away their third-party and refilled ink cartridges and buy new ones. Now, Epson has followed suit: in late 2016 or early 2017, Epson started sending deceptive updates to many of its printers. Just like HP, Epson disguised these updates as routine software improvements, when really they were poison pills, designed to downgrade printers so they could only work with Epson's expensive ink systems.'
  13. taos

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    erpdude8, thanks for your update on the updates
  14. taos

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    Thank you Radish . That's good info, and just the type that's needed to keep our updates to a minimum.