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  1. I donated $100 on 3/8/22, just wondering if you received it. transaction id: 2X530182UE2125827
  2. Is it too late for a fund raising ? How much is needed to keep the site running ?
  3. Just checked my Mullvad app. Version 2021.6 is the last version for Windows 7 & 8. For the future, Windows 7 users can also run Mullvad using either the Wireguard app or the OpenVPN app. https://mullvad.net/en/help/install-mullvad-app-windows/ https://mullvad.net/en/help/wireguard-app-windows/ https://www.wireguard.com/install/?downloadwindowsprealpha=1 https://mullvad.net/en/help/windows-openvpn-installation/ https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/
  4. Over on the poll, I just cast my vote for New Moon... only because, to my ear, it was the most euphonious one in the selection. I'm here too late , but I prefer a name that's melodious and rolls off the tongue... like 'Moon Shadow' for NM28... 'Little Star' for basilisk
  5. The link is to a post on Pale Moon's 'off-topic' section of the forum, which requires being registered and signed in. The rest of the forum is public.
  6. My read of this article is that the March 2019 versions (v1) of KB4474419 and KB4490628 are sufficient for most people. These two are required in order to install any subsequent versions. The August version (v2) of ...4419 seems to be a reminder to update. The September version (v3) of ...4419 seems to only add a patch for boot issues on Intel Itanium64 machines. If I were to rebuild my system from scratch using the original oem disks, I would have to reinstall any recent updates that I want. I haven't actually installed any of this nonsense yet, but I've downloaded these two patches just in case kb4474419 kb4490628
  7. @Mathwiz Yes, an SSUAO was all that was needed. In about:config there was about 40 existing overrides with a variety of spoofs. I copied and pasted an existing 52.9 spoof into a new string. It was very easy, due to the great advice given here. Thanks again
  8. https://www.earthcam.com/ Earthcam webcams show up as a black screen on my new install & profile of NM 28.6.0a1 (2019-05-03) https://www.earthcam.com/site/player_help.php The Earthcam test reads Mozilla 60.9 / flash 32 / and javascript working. https://www.earthcam.net/support/systemcheck.php This test created a pop-up saying, "The page isn’t redirecting properly. Pale Moon has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies." I disabled all privacy & ublock, but it still wont work. hmmm but Earthcam works okay in moebius (2019-04-05) The test of moebius reads Mozilla 55 / flash 32 / and javascript working oh dear! any ideas?
  9. A few insiders at Mozilla believe that several Firefox screw-ups were intentional: https://www.techspot.com/news/79672-google-accused-sabotaging-firefox-again.html
  10. A question about the future of Pale Moon came up over at the PM forum ( Pale Moon topic ) : Here's Matt Tobin's reply: "There is a partly declared alliance now and none of us have any intention of stopping any time soon because there just wouldn't be anything left if we did... now more than ever we have to work together to preserve our past and build our future based upon the foundation we inherited."
  11. I would like to try uBO 1.17.7rc2 with Serpent 55/moebius, but it appears that it's not available at github > gorhill > uBlock releases. Any idea where I can find it? Thank you

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