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  2. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    Bugfix confirmed! Thanks!
  3. As we all know, some people connected with 'Nigerian Prince' scam are likely going to jail: http://wgno.com/2017/12/29/nigerian-prince-email-scammer-arrested-in-slidell/ But it seems like it was profitable enough to make some people keep on going with different Nigerian scams. Recently, on my old email address, that was previously my main one and now mainly gathers dust and SPAM, i got an interesting email: > From: Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno <ffadel@grupokeops.com> Reply to: ngenmohamm@gmail.com ATTN: Sir/Madam I am Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno, National Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari. The new president Federal Republic of Nigeria. I decided to contact you because of the Prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in Nigeria . This is to inform you about our plan to send your fund to you via cash delivery. This system will be easier for you and for us. We are going to send your contract/ part payment of $20Million USD to you via courier service. Note: The money is. Coming on 2 security proof boxes. The boxes are sealed with Synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine. This fund was brought to us from America ; it was meant for our Local AFEM market. But since the money was not used, I will use my position as the National Security Adviser to the President to send this fund to you.Please you don't have to worry for any thing I will finance the transaction.The boxes are coming with a Diplomatic agent who will accompany the boxes to your House address. All you need to do now is to send to me your full house address and your identity such as, international passport or driver's license if you have including your contact phone numbers, The Diplomatic attached will travel with it. He will call you immediately he arrives in your country's airport. I hope you understand me.Please know that the only money you are going to spend is for the dispatch and registration of your consignment key and the original documentary. I will let you know when the special Grace of God will airlift the boxes. Note: The diplomatic does not know the original contents of the boxes. What l will Declared to them as the contents is Sensitive Photographic FilmMaterial.I did not declare money to them please. If they call you and ask you the contents Please tell them the same thing Ok. and will let You know how far I have gone with the arrangement. I will secure the Diplomatic Immunity clearance certificate that will be tagged on the boxes to make it stand As a diplomatic consignment. This clearance will make it pass every custom checkpoint all over the world without hitch. Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to Me immediately you receive this message. Please I need urgent reply because the boxes are schedule to be as soon as we Hear from you. Call me immediately you receive this message. Best Regards, Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno National Security Adviser to the President Federal Republic of Nigeria as for me, marvelous. PS am I blind or board lacks 'spoiler' BBCode? It would be more than helpful for this post.
  4. Exactly and I would call that a 100% speed increase or driving 100% faster, as you said percentages are (very often) marketing figures. Still OT, and still in the speed/distance realm, the other (often) "vague" (or plainly wrong) figures are averages. Let's say you have a truck. When it is loaded it averages over a distance of 360 km (one way) 60 km/h, on the way back (empty) it averages 90 km/h. A number of people will believe that the truck has an average speed of (60+90)/2=75 km/h. So, I do the same with my car, but I manage to get 72 km/h average both ways. How much slower is the car than the truck? The truck takes 360/60=6 hours and 360/90=4 hours on the way back, total 10 hours. On the way to the remote location, my car takes 360/72=5 hours, and on the way back another 5, total 10 hours. jaclaz
  5. Hi! I've fixed the crash on Windows XP. Please try out the new version. Thanks for mentioning it here. =) Please do consider reporting these issues on the project page in the future!
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  7. @Destro The two updates, KB4056615 and KB4074852, I have in a Windows XP installation medium integrate. The result was one of my slowest installations of Windows XP. In the beginning, there was no difference, but the first regular start was the system stuck, after a user could finally be created ran Windows as in slow motion because many services started very slowly. Various reported software like MBAM 3 did not work.
  8. I think this is common problem with the console window, it happens even with ApplicationFrame console (it locks the UWP apps until you cancel the selection in the console). The selection mode just locks the thread and waits for the user input (or to finish the selection), but it can result in other threads waiting for this console's thread to unlock.
  9. Aero Glass GUI

    Noel, I have tried your RoundedCorners theme but for me the minimize, maximize and close button are more square shaped I think. At your screenshot they have a more rectangular shape and that looks much better. What can I do to make it look like yours? They look OK when a window is maximized but when it's not maximized the buttons looks so big and less beautiful.
  10. @harkaz mistry solved! Can you compare buggy ntfs.sys too?
  11. It is worth noting (since so many developers quietly dropped support for Vista alongside XP) that while K-Lite Codec Pack has dropped support for Windows XP as of version 13.8.2 of the software, this change does not affect Windows Vista users. The latest 14.0.0 release of K-Lite Codec Pack installs and works just fine in Windows Vista, as well as Media Player Classic Home Cinema. K-Lite has been added to the list in (ONG) -> "Multimedia" section as a result.
  12. windows 7 programs supported version

    I doubt a "Last versions" list for Windows 7 will be necessary for at least a couple of more years, which is what I presume you're trying to do here. In fact, I can't think of any software off the top of my head that has already dropped support for Windows 7. Another thing to consider is that Windows 7 is still the most widely used desktop operating system as of now, according to Net Applications. In contrast, Vista was in need of a list when I first started it back in March 2016, despite the fact that it was still over a year away from being EOL'd. This is likely due to the fact that Vista had such a minuscule market share, and since XP support was being phased out across the board, most developers just simply decided to drop support for Vista alongside XP, most likely due to the aforementioned low usage share. I believe the XP/Vista support situation will be repeated with Windows 7/8 come 2021/2022. Windows 8 will rely on 7's continued popularity to remain compatible with most software/drivers, just like Vista relied on XP back in the day.
  13. Ok since this is offtopic: This is a funny example. Percentages are just marketing figures. Ofcourse in this example the way back is done with additional 30km/h that curiously also saves us exactly 30 minutes (0,5h). The speed (km/h) difference for the way back is actually just 33,333%. And the time saved (difference) in percent aswell. Speaking in relative percentages (I think its called that) yeah you have a 50% speed increase between the original driving speed of 60 km/h and the one used in the way back which was 90 km/h. But this just decreases the traveling time 33,33% (30 minutes) since we still have the same constant length to drive (it doesnt get longer or shorter). To be 50% faster (in time measurement) than somebody driving 60km/h it would need 120km/h here. Sorry for not explaining this so well, I wasnt very good in maths and so I didnt do cross-multiplications for a while. We had alot of "higher math" which was not so mind-blowing and I found it really annoying and it was all just about learning formulas. To be honest I think I had these calculations speed and time and so in school the last time when I registered here. Maybe even a year before.
  14. Thanks but I'm I do all my own slip streaming myself or at least used to before I got lazy and started downloading add-ons to integrate with nlite. But You can still use nlite to integrate individual hotfixes or use the /integrate command. I used ryanvm for my add ons. I was more intrested in integration not post install. They way you worded it sounded like you updated post install not that I know if it matters or not. BTW my VM isn't bugged out with the updates but I have a physical machine that is.
  15. Thanks, Bersaglio! Heinoganda - Make it 30 years!
  16. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    Mitigation for Spectre Variant 2 was reported to have the noticeable performance impact for the things that need to frequently callback into the kernel; networking and I/O operations. This one also needs CPU microcode update, which it seems most hardware out there won't receive it. A DLL cannot load by itself. It relies on ancient AppInit_DLLs functionality from the NT4 days. It would be stupid to keep it around, for the fact that it doesn't work with secure boot alone. And the current experimental version for Windows 10 happens to be the first version in years with virtually zero visual glitches.
  17. I have analyzed the buggy oleaut32.dll vs the latest stable version (5.1.2600.7248). The following functions are missing from the buggy file: Statistical analysis shows no other differences, consequently using the old oleaut32.dll seems to have no security impact whatsoever.
  18. In my VM, after reinstalling Windows XP sp3 and installing updates, the bugs also occurred. I work with my own update rollups that are installed after the installation of Windows XP sp3. Maybe I can help you with this info, myself I do not do any time-consuming work with Slipstreaming of individual updates anymore.
  19. Aero Glass GUI

    Regarding inactive caption font color, I think it's preset to dark gray. Would be nice if it could be changed. On Windows 8.1, this can be easily achieved by modifying the right properties in .mssytles file, both for active and inactive windows, so AG is not needed for that, just a custom theme. I'm unable get any consistent results on Windows 10. The system always mixes the chosen inactive color with the gray color. And whether the chosen active caption color in .msstyles file is in effect depends on selected accent color. Unlike Windows 8.1, Windows 10 uses 2 separate colors (black or white) for active caption font, depending on the selected accent color, probably to improve readability so you get brighter font on a darker background instead of both being dark for example. So you'd have to find the way to override both default colors, not just one. AG probably could have an option for changing inactive caption color, though you'd still be stuck with defaults for windows with their own caption font rendering.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Has anyone tried Slipstreaming the buggy updates into a fresh Install source to see if they are buggy on a clean install?
  22. Interestingly, with the current stable version of AG, only the colors specified in the "Glass colors" are used for all parts around the window while the latest experimental version, the ones on "Accent" tab are also taken into consideration to give the sides and bottom of the window a different color. The rules change for the windows of ribboned Explorer, Wordpad, Paint etc. where inactive color from the Accent color is used for all parts as seen on your screenshot. I remember it used to be like it is now with the current experimental older stable versions, though I haven't messed with those colors in months so I haven't noticed until now. Without AG, it appears the color of side and bottom parts of the inactive window frame cannot be changed. That shouldn't happen. Only at logon and not also at closing and reopening GUI? Haven't noticed anything off with that, but I've discovered another bizarre problem that occurs with the combination of debug version of AG and Classic Shell. If I click in the debug console to activate select mode and then click anywhere on the taskbar, screen freezes. I can only initiate graceful shutdown with a press of a power button. If I do this in a virtual machine, I see the process hosting it hogging one of the CPU cores at 100%. I tried remoting into a virtual machine while it was hung, I was able to login with a different account and the process hogging the CPU is dwm.exe. Well, it makes sense since it's responsible for drawing on the screen. There are references to DWMGlass.dll in the stack trace of the hanging thread shown by Process Hacker. if you login with Classic Shell disabled, click on the console, start Classic Shell, then it also hangs. It's not necessary to click the taskbar in the first scenario, just pressing Win key also does it. Or alt-tabbing. It seems anything involving the taskbar triggers it. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to happen with any other console window or without Classic Shell, but I still think it's strange.
  23. My God, do not be so petty. So you could try your latest security enhancements on your machines an hour earlier, until they answered with a blue screen. Then the holiday was relaxing again for naught. Note: I tell Microsoft that the clock has to be turned back 3 weeks for you.
  24. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    But... but... then, why reply to this thread if all you have to say is "never used 1.0 to 9x/ME"? This is, hands down, the most off-topic reply I've ever seen!
  25. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    I haven't used windows 1-me, when I started using computers xp sp2 was out and I didn't use vista too much also, because I've heard it's bad. i used windows 7 most of the time and now am happily on 8.1
  26. windows 7 programs supported version

    It's likely the latter as it's still a very loved OS.
  27. Google removes "View Image" button

    I can see too, but yes, it's extremely annoying because not everyone wants to have to load an ad-ridden, slow as heck, unorganized javascript website that immediately tells you to subscribe to their newsletter and put your first born up as a sacrifice before continuing onto their site. What honestly happened to fair use? How many times do (most) people take images and claim them as their own and then make a profit over them? Just like service animals, it's thanks to those few that take 7 miles when given an inch and it ruins it for everyone else.
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