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Found 2 results

  1. The RyanVM forum has been down since early February, so I have decided to provide links to my Windows XP addons and update packs here. I recommend that integration is done with the RyanVM integrator version 1.6.1b2.1 which can be obtained here. It needs to be updated by placing 7zdn.exe version 16.2 in the plugins\7zip folder. XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack for Windows XP Post-SP3 This is my update to the update pack created by user_hidden in 2018 with one extra critical update and some enhancements. XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20220212_Home.7z (4Shared) XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20220212_Home.7z (OneDrive) MD5: 95E97EA2FC09D318443AA14E3ED20CE8 SHA-1: 21388005FA71ACA2D254C5AD16D05A148EF31D54 Release date: 12/02/2022 Size: 68.7 MB XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20210829_Pro.7z (4Shared) XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20210829_Pro.7z (OneDrive) MD5: B10F3139428A1517B3CAA45CF5002278 SHA1: 200C708A79E393E9DB39F43E35AC37EED59563C5 Release date: 29/08/2021 Size: 68.5 MB KB931125 - Root Certificate Update (40,0,2195,0) KB2728973 - Revoked Root Certificates (5,0,2195,0) KB952013 - ICCD Smart Card Driver. The ICCD Smart Card Driver is probably superfluous, because Windows XP ships with a ICCD smart card driver usbiccd.sys. Neither driver is installed untill a smart card device is connected to your PC. KB971286 - WinUSB 2.0 driver. The Winusb coinstaller and driver are included but installation occurs when a WCID compatible device is connected. Rather than require a custom INF file for the device the generic hardware ID WINUSB,USB\MS_COMP_WINUSB is used. In the Found New Hardware wizard there will be the message “this wizard helps you install software for: USBDevice”. Select “Install the software automatically”. If you prefer to use the WMTP driver delete the file wcid.inf in the %SystemRoot%\INF directory and it will be installed automatically. KB4500331 - A remote code execution fix for Remote Desktop Services (critical). The ActiveX version of Flash has been removed from these update packs, because no-one watches videos in IE8. The AppMgmt service has been removed from the Home Edition because this is a Pro version only feature, and the necessary files are missing from the home edition. The security tab in the properties of files and folders has been made available in normal mode for the Home Edition. The Windows Management Instrumentation consol has been added to the Home Edition. I have included an attachment with a list of what has been included. XPSP3 QFE POSReady Updates Addon XPSP3_QFE_POSReady_Addon_20200820_Pro.7z (4Shared) XPSP3_QFE_POSReady_Addon_20200820_Pro.7z (oneDrive) MD5: CF3083C8A3826CB93D4574D5F1655495 SHA1: 92CC5268EB0924B4F63A6D3E1C1F87EEDD792A68 SHA256: 65C0D8239B790678DD8F4640A4FB8EC1DC2C2D9711C7F55A453AEC0414D41328 Release date: 20/08/2020 Size: 26.0 MB XPSP3_QFE_POSReady_Addon_20200820_Home.7z (4Shared) XPSP3_QFE_POSReady_Addon_20200820_Home.7z (OneDrive) MD5: CBFC854A54364C4EFEB73C2596D05996 SHA1: 8D966AE0CA6E7B4C385695F35FA684BCAEFE2148 SHA256: 439328A3E2342CB635D6EED8A4D840A0694EAFD132D8AD3277C1D5AB34653955 Release date: 20/08/2020 Size: 26.0 MB Credit must be given to 5ereph for initiating this addon and the time and effort he must have put into it. This addon slipstreams all the POSReady 2009 updates released untill EOL on 09 April 2019 directly into a 32-bit XP SP3 source when used with the XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack. All files are from the SP3QFE branch. An update to the Adobe Flash Player has not been included because no-one plays videos in Internet Explorer 8. Windows Automatic Update will offer a number of obsolete version of gdiplus and the Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows XP (KB2900986) when the integrated source is installed. The gdiplus updates I recorded are as follows: KB4473077, KB4462987, KB4458000, KB4039384, KB4015383, KB3178034, KB3065979, KB3035132, KB3029944, KB3013126, KB2957503, KB2834886, KB2659262, KB4463361, KB4022884, KB2412687. This list is probably not exhaustive. They are installed as side by side assemblies in the WinSxS folder. The integrator cannot handle multiple versions of the same module in the WinSxS folder, so it is only possible to integrate the last POSReady 2009 version of gdiplus. Once integration is complete there will be two versions of gdi plus, one from the uppdate pack, and one from this addon. It seems likely that the last POSReady 2009 version of gdiplus is backwards compatible with programs written for previous versions since 2012. Therefore I recommend that you do not install these older versions of gdiplus and disable Automatic Updates. The XPSP3 QFE POSReady Addon and XPSP3 QFE Update Pack can be integrated into the source using the RVM integrator separately or at the same time. If the are integrated seperately the [Obsolete] section of entries_posready.ini will remove security catalogues and registry entries made by the update pack for updates made obsolete by the addon. If integrated at the same time the [ExtraFilesEdits] section of entries_posready.ini will prevent the update pack from installing the registry entries for updates made obsolete by the addon, and the [Obsolete] section will remove the security catalogues. 5ereph’s original XPSP3 QFE POSReady Updates 20180917 disabled the Jet 4.0 database engine. The registry entries for Jet 4.0 have been restored and msjet40.dll and msjetoledb40.dll have been registered in the ActiveX/COm section of the registry. Updates Included: KB2926765 - MS14-027 - Shell Light-weight Utility Library KB2962872 - MS14-037 - IE6 - BrowseWM Player KB2993254 - MS14-062 - Message Queuing* KB2998579 - MS14-063 - Fast FAT File System Driver KB2991963 - MS14-078 - Japanese Input Method Editor KB3020393 - MS15-002 - Microsoft Telnet Server Helper* KB3021674 - MS15-003 - User Environment Group Policy module KB3004361 - MS15-014 - Windows Security Configuration Editor Engine KB3033889 - MS15-020 - WebBrowser Control module KB3033890 - MS15-057 - WMP 9 KB3124275 - MS16-001 - Internet Explorer 6 - Cumulative KB3124624 - MS16-003 - VBScript Scripting Engine v5.7 KB3109560 - MS16-007 - DirectShow Core KB3121918 - MS16-007 - Advanced Windows 32 Base API KB3126587 - MS16-014 - Database Support for Oracle KB3140709 - MS16-025 - Windows Address Book KB3139914 - MS16-032 - Secondary Logon Service DLL KB3139398 - MS16-033 - USB Mass Storage Class driver KB3149090 - MS16-047 - SAM Server DLL KB3161949 - MS16-077 - Web Proxy Auto Discovery KB3170455 - MS16-087 - Print Spooler KB3185911 - MS16-106 - User API Client KB3183431 - MS16-123 - Distributed File System KB3196718 - MS16-130 - OLE Automation KB4012584 - MS17-013 - Microsoft Color Management Module KB4014652 - CVE-2013-6629 - DirectShow KB4014794 - CVE-2013-6629 - DirectShow KB4019276 - Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 KB4025398 - CVE-2017-8557 - System Information Control KB4025409 - CVE-2017-8563 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol API KB4025497 - CVE-2017-8463 - Shell Browser UI Library KB4026061 - CVE-2017-8588 - Wordpad MFC Application KB4034775 - CVE-2017-0250 - JET 4.0 Database Engine KB4047211 - CVE-2017-11788 - Content Index Utility DLL KB4052303 - CVE-2017-11885 - IP Router Manager KB4056564 - CVE-2018-0886 - TS Single Sign On Security Package KB4056941 - OpenType/Type 1 font driver KB4089082 - CVE-2018-0881 - ActiveX control for streaming video KB4089175 - CVE-2018-0883 - ZiP Compression Library KB4089453 - CVE-2018-0878 - Windows Remote Assistance KB4089694 - CVE-2017-13077 - Wireless Zero Configuration Service KB4091756 - CVE-2018-0967 - WinSNMP v2.0 Manager API KB4101477 - CVE-2018-0824 - COM Services KB4130957 - CVE-2017-11927 - InfoTech Storage System Library KB4291391 - CVE-2018-8304 - Windows DNS Client API KB4457163 - CVE-2018-8468 - Windows Shell Common DLL KB4458001 - CVE-2018-8332 - Embedded OpenType Font Engine and Font Subsetting DLL KB4458318 - CVE-2018-8419 - Kernel CSA Library KB4459091 - CVE-2018-8419 - Cryptographic and TLS/SSL Security Provider KB4462935 - CVE-2018-8333 - Windows NT SMB Minirdr KB4463103 - CVE-2018-8411 - NT Kernel KB4467689 - CVE-2018-8550 - Remote Procedure Call Runtime KB4467770 - Enables TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in WinHTTP KB4470118 - CVE-2018-8544 - Windows Scripting Host KB4486463 - CVE-2019-0621 - NT Kernel & System KB4486465 - CVE-2019-0703 - Server driver KB4486468 - CVE-2019-0821 - Named Pipe FileSystem Driver KB4486536 - CVE-2019-0683 - Microsoft Authentication Package v1.0 KB4486538 - CVE-2019-0683 - Kerberos Security Package KB4487990 - Cumulative Timezone Update KB4489493 - CVE-2019-0755 - Mailslot driver KB4489973 - CVE-2019-0784 - Microsoft Data Access - ActiveX Data Objects KB4489977 - CVE-2019-0617 - Microsoft (R) Red ISAM KB4490228 - CVE-2019-0765 - User Experience Controls Library KB4490501 - CVE-2019-0759 - Windows Spooler KB4491443 - CVE-2019-0856 - MBT Transport driver KB4493341 - CVE-2019-0601 - Hid Parsing Library KB4493563 - CVE-2019-0842 - Object Linking and Embedding. NT Kernel KB4493790 - CVE-2019-0792 - Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 and 6.0 KB4493793 - CVE-2019-0877 - Microsoft Jet xBASE Isam KB4493794 - CVE-2019-0851 - Microsoft Jet Paradox Isam KB4493795 - CVE-2019-0671 - Microsoft Jet Excel Isam KB4493796 - CVE-2019-0847 - Microsoft Jet Engine Library KB4493797 - CVE-2019-0846 - Microsoft (R) Red ISAM KB4493927 - CVE-2019-0848 - Multi-User Win32 Driver KB4494059 - CVE-2019-0845 - COM Interfaces for Printer Web Pages KB4494528 - Windows Installer KB4495022 - CVE-2019-0802 - Microsoft GDI+ KB4500331 - CVE-2019-0708 - Terminal Server Driver *XP Professional only. Note: 4Shared is blocked in the UK, so UK residents need to use a VPN server in the United States What is included in XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20210829.rtf
  2. I have gathered a large variety of updates, tweaks, other software / addons for XP x64 / 2k3 x64; of which I believe will or can be useful depending on the users needs. Now, I can't guarantee that I have all the updates are here but, I can at least offer what I have managed to collect. I hope that this collection helps some of you from at least having to hunt down some updates / software yourself. I have updates ranging from 2014 & lower, plus 2015 & 2017 along with some other enhancements, tweaks, and software. To clarify, I am absolutely not responsible for damages or incorrect usage of software / updates from this archive. PLEASE be careful & always make backups before proceeding with anything! Good luck! Sincerely, XP-x64-Lover Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q2d8qhynwdr6ad4/XPx64_%26_2k3x64_Updates_+_Tweaks_+_Other.7z/file Download Link (Screenshots of Archive contents): http://www.mediafire.com/file/50yi737yalhlaj3/Files_List_Screenshots.7z/file

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