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  1. no dimo i did download it but it is not nthelper.exe, it is 7zip
  2. sorry dimo, but I cannot see the update, nor can I see the screenshot
  3. right u r, but if u copy your vhd someplace else, does it not take even less to complete?
  4. my dear dimo, I have managed to get hold of the nthelper folder in the temp folder, and moved it to someplace more appropriate and lasting. now how do I use it? I mean what do I do after running the exe? me, I don't get the mask u show here; what is interesting and packed on an AIO basis is actually what I was able to see in data., which might enjoy an automation process, if only I could see how to call any of them, including winntsetup, from the disk list box. if u do not advise me, I will not venture into anything seriously wrong. the disk list box is the fartherst thing I have managed to go so far.
  5. i have not yet figured out what it is for but it does open ok
  6. i did extract it ok it is the exe that does not execute
  7. it does not execute here because I have my temp in z:(ramdisk) can u adjust nthelper to my situation or shall I move my temp dir anyplace else?
  8. probably a stupid question, but I wll ask it anyway: can an already minwinned vhd be minwinned again and reboot ok?
  9. i can confirm jfx is correct!!! so we'll have to take good care to have the box unchecked beforehand if we want no indexing, btw, I have a feeling that only my old captured wims work properly; I have never succeeded to make a dvd out of what I have just recaptured. I do not know what the resason might be; it never was so with any previous version. there must be something wrong with my capturing (and recapturing, for that matter). whoops, sorry - I tried once again and ... no issue this time. so I guess it all depended on my postmodified vhds
  10. thanks a lot., this is what I need too, so how do I get it now that it is no longer automatic? can we re-automate it or automate it in any other way?
  11. btw, I have just found out that the indexing box is ticked, unlike somebody said in earlier posts, if I understood correctly
  12. thank u ever so much jfx. Everything works here, but I am not so significant a tester, as I have always run ur winntsetup from powerrunx64.exe. so no issues so far. the only think that did not work at the outset was wimmization with winlib, which I righted immediately by switching to w**api or something like that (the alternative provided, I mean).
  13. I personally back up mine on a regular basis, the only difference being, mine are not so huge. they tend to be about 2gigs.
  14. that is that is exactly what I meant at the outset - is there any point in differencing at all? talking of less than 2gigs?

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