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Best Program used to compress files


Which program you use to compress/decompress Files and Folders  

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  1. 1. Which program you use to compress/decompress Files and Folders

    • winrar
    • 7z
    • Winzip
    • Winace
    • Power archiver
    • XP default
    • others

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winRAR all the way. i only have half a gig of ram, so usually winRAR actually provides me with better compression.

rarely i can squeeze a file a little smaller with 7zip, but i stopped using it because i prefer the popularity of RAR files.

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WinRAR has the best "feel" for me.

7-zip will give you better compression though. The only downside - the Ultra settings requires 512MB of RAM on your system, otherwise, you'll end up sitting there for about 2 hours to compress a 10MB archive.

Or 50 hours compressing a 3.8 GB game. I tried it. It was only going to save me 400MBs more than the Ultra compression under default word and dictionary size. I can go up to 272 word size but only 64MB dict. size because I have 1GB of RAM. My girlfriend has my other GB because her Samsung generic was causing her PC to shut off during load.

On a lighter note, I was able to compress 1700 Adobe Photoshop plugins (which were 100+ MBs) to 700 KBs using 7-Zip on max compression. Isn't that something? I was also able to compress an administrator's install of Photoshop to 121 MBs.

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