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  1. Uh-Oh!

    I've been having some problems with XPize and I know exactly what they are. My old version of Windows XP home (I re-installed professional) wouldn't accept XPize It was creating error messages that told me that files had been corrupted, moved or deleted. And I know that this is because XPize replaces system files... I tried all sorts of combinations of different options in the XPize setup, but in the end, it all created the same problem. And to prove that this program caused the problems, they went away after I un-installed XPize and did a system restore. This probably won't happen on all machines, only unique ones that are too picky Anyway, I still really like the look of XPize, although I'm dissapointed that I can't use it, and hope it keeps going strong -Noggin
  2. Which OS are you?

    That's me to a T!
  3. Well I'm runninng on Windows XP professional SP2, and recently bought a new MIDI cable to use with my keyboard. I also have a logitech webcam which I use very often. The problem I'm having is, a friend told me that the MIDI cable will only work if I uninstall the logitech driver, so I did, and it worked like a charm! Although I want to be able to use my webcam too! It is a Logitech quickcam fusion: And the cable is just your standard logoless MIDI cable: Can anyone shed a little light? -Noggin
  4. [HELP] Vista Icons

    try using StyleXP. That can customize your computer in all sorts of ways
  5. [HELP] Vista Icons

    Whole theme pack
  6. File name needed please

    I believe that's on the windows installation CD. If not, I have no idea, sorry
  7. Fx vs IE

    I use both
  8. Oh dear...

    so basically, don't use styleXP? thanks
  9. some error alerts you might like

    I'm gonna make some more funny errors but I need ideas
  10. Problems

    i fixed it by using styleX to load the theme P
  11. Run window still not changing

    thanks, but it's still not changing. I went through the tutorial and the run window is exactly the same as before
  12. some error alerts you might like

    actually I used Macromedia fireworks 8 PS: I actually got an error like that once an error had a picture on it that wouldn't load, and another error appeared saying "The previous error will not load"
  13. Error messages made by Noggin
  14. Run window still not changing

    oh right thanks PS: how can I get one?