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  1. Long time member, haven't posted in a while. Have a bit of an interesting problem, a visual is given. Essentially i'm connecting a router to what i assume to be another router and a server [A], which i do not have access to. I need computer [E] to be able to see the printer [D], which is shared on computer [C], or any other devices connected to A. I have credentials to login to the domain. Router is a Linksys (EA4500), what do?
  2. its been a while since ive been around these parts

  3. Hi everyone, its been a while, i have a bit of a problem. I have a friend, through a big mix up ended up converting his word document to greek text and changing the font back to a normal font such as times new roman just produces a bunch of unhelpful boxes. Anyone have any sloutions for me? [word document attatched] experience_essay.doc
  4. @Gantlett - I am very glad that you’re so good at sucking up. Nevertheless Kelsenellenelvian was right what you did was illegal and unethical. It’s not just "one member" we simply didn't care to post since; Kel had properly informed you of your mistakes and wrong actions. You really should have been reprimanded at work for what you did.
  5. @Pr0digy- did you make these or just think they look cool?
  6. For those of us who are excited about the launch of Creation Studio 3 Download
  7. You know, its super easy to beg for help and complain, but its another thing to improve something yourself! Please take some initiative and make some add-ons on your own
  8. lol, looks like i'm going down in history but i will be back at MSFN soon, i just need some graphics ideas
  9. i'm still here my priorities have just been allover the place lately
  10. lol, its not that strange, i've always liked the CS2 feather myself, now i can duplicate it

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