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  1. yes silver sonic, microwinx is a good os for the games that are compatible, which should be all of them as far as the future of this project goes: i would like to see a sp3 realease for microwinx. so provided comunity support, i will begin work on that once service pack three gets released retail. as for the website, i think it would be a great idea to keep it around, probably revamp it for a more recent look/integration with various other usefull stuffs. anyone looking to help out should post here or in the forums, microwinx.fourumup.us
  2. hmmm only about a month late(my bad actually its two and a few days.....), but here it is: http://rapidshare.com/files/78225233/mwx_beta_3.0.cab.html the current progress that i achieved on microwinx o so long ago, this pack "should" work with win2k and 2k3 and might have a chance on 64bit but i cannot be sure to be honest i have never tested this pack myself, so if any problems come up just yell about them here or in the microwinx forums this pack still has the passwords on the archives, so far as my belief they do not hinder anyone from accessing the data in the install archives, just make it a little harder, i do not intend to remove them since i have heard gdogg is creating a totally new source but if he/people think this base still has life in it then i may consider rebuilding it in a more streamlined fashion
  3. if people want to download microwinx i think i might have the archive around for 2.5 or even what i got accomplished with the start on 3.0 compatibility with 2k and 2k3 i think
  4. i dont think anywere is gona sell you a 10gb hard drive anymore, heck 80gb is becomeing rare i dont see why you dont just get the cheapest available, td has a 80gb for 40$, not the best deal ever but so what: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...1&CatId=134 or how bout the egg? 160gb for 47$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822144453
  5. try cpu-z it should list your individual ram module speeds
  6. well id take half life 2 first, then you get cs which is one of the good online fps games maybe age of empires 3 if your into rts type games, i prefer warcraft 3 tho recent games FEAR quake 4 elder scrolls: oblivian doom 3 command and conquer dark crusade world of warcraft im sure there are others but thos are some basic heres your sequals games
  7. nice! no options on how to redirect my memory signals? awwwww merry christmas everyone
  8. first, its just fx-60 not x2 fx-60 second, have you tried a diffrent os? maybe windows xp finds it perfectly ok if it really bothers you, you could try a bios update if there is one or if it really bothers you try reinstalling vista
  9. i have goten it to install in the past, however that was around rc6 or so of nlite before it went 1.0. i dont exactly know what could stop it from installing eather, sorry.
  10. hmmm this looks cool! unfortuantly it seems to lock up whenever i run the backup...... it gets to creating the folder for my all-in-wonder x800 driver and starts analizeing like oem6.inf then bombs out, like so it does take awhile however to do this. when i selected only my nforce networking controller i got this this is a good idea tho i think, just needs a little tweaking Edit- almost forgot, take a look at the browse button dialog.... for some reason i can select to expand file like folders from it, i think it'd be nice if it started from the desktop too.
  11. its an addon... you integrate it into a xp cd with nlite and then install it. look around on our forums to: http://microwinx.forumup.us/
  12. well i get an amazingly long 13 minutes on my seven year old k6-2 a couple p3's i have might best an hour tho!
  13. well when i first got this computer, a month over a year ago, i selected my data drive for instalation of windows, goodby 250gb of data(namely: game files, cd images, some dvds, and a couple of other things)
  14. @Silverscreen: you can force 32bit half life 2 but you will lose your save point since they are incompatible for some reason, to do this you can use the -32bit flag you can set that flag by going to the props of the game and using the "Set launch options" button. i guss 64bit is not quite ready yet, while it "can" work there are not enough advanteges for some people
  15. with a simple look in our nice unattended guide: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/46/

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