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  1. Get a better router, lol.Even the cheapest ones these days should have those capabilities.
  2. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=...ative&meta=
  3. Registry entries, usually. Monitor the installation process with RegMon.
  4. I prefer 7zip, mainly because it's a lot faster and has a better progress bar, as indicated above. I really don't care how the GUI looks, since I'm not one of those who are obsessed with the appearance -- as long as it works, and it works perfectly fine. 7zip is smaller and faster even though it does not support as many formats (although I don't need such diverse support anyway). BTW IzArc is written in Delphi (executable is packed down to 780K, but it's actually moar liek 2.8M), which is likely the reason for it's lower performance. 7zip looks like MFC (executable is only 293K, not packed). We can compare codec modules from each archiver for each format: 7zip: IzArc: 7z: 137K 505K RAR: 56.5K 160K CAB: 43.5K 57.5K I don't think I need to elaborate. ...BTW, I use LZH/LH7 for my own archiving purposes. The compression is much better than ZIP, quite similar to RAR (sometimes better than).
  5. ...with a little use of the Brain? ...and I don't even know much about Delphi.
  6. I don't find that a problem, maybe the CPU is still hot?
  7. if the fall was that hard, the HDD platters would probably shatter as well
  8. Even easier and free: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysintern...ies/Regmon.mspx Regmon.
  9. The Pro CD has several files that are different / not included in home edition. You need the CD, but legally the upgrade version is cheapest.
  10. If they're TTFs they should work... and usually just copying them over is fine.
  11. "weird theme that isn't standard"? Explain? Screenshots are helpful.
  12. Better to do it from DOS. It is BIOS-specific, so I doubt there is a generic tool to change it (but resetting it, can find some).
  13. Agree, learn the Win32 API. It's a bit different from "normal" programming but isn't too hard once you figure out how the window manager works. Get the "Win32.HLP" ~10MB Win32API Reference. It's very useful.
  14. Reciprocating saw? Just try not to cut too deep
  15. Look at some of the 3d modelers that demoscene groups use. e.g. http://www.theprodukkt.com/werkkzeug1
  16. MaxPhysPage is unnecessary MinFileCache and MaxFileCache should be set to powers of 2 - e.g. 131072.
  17. Don't ever try to Post though.
  18. LLXX

    CHKDSK Help

    http://hddguru.com/content/en/software/2005.10.02-MHDD/ Low-level surface scanner. Will identify dying sectors (and correct them, although this will cause data loss -- backup!)
  19. Imagine what the performance of hardware-rendered Windows Classic would be like...

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