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  1. if you mean format then yes its recommended
  2. ok lets all blame nuhi cos only a very small amount of ppl have probs using vlite n most is sheer praise to the guy..lmao..is you a noob nuhi? i dont think so bud...keep up with the good work man n nice 1. Tip of the day..if not sure what ya doing with apps n stuff then dont install apps that modify an OS if not sure............... just my 10cents.......twista
  3. you mean to say even in bios without windows your screen is messed up and struggle to read it? that could be a monitor issue or graphic card..tryed hookin up to another monitor as a test? try resetting the CMOS on your motherboard and see what happens..get back to us
  4. the answer is simple...know what you are doin BEFORE installing the app nevermind whinging about it afterwards...its really simple to use so why whimper about it when you do something wrong? some ppl cant be pleased.
  5. totally agree.. u can use xp disc to do a full format and not a quick format and then choose a fresh install n start from scratch..a clean install is alway recommended..........cheers
  6. you say it was doing it prior to installing the graphics so its not that then... i would suggest checking to see if the cpu is overheating and or test your ram for sure...good luck
  7. wow another 1 year old thread opened lol...if you read the other posta the answer will be there..cheers
  8. Blame trickytwista; he's the one who added a new reply to this three year old post. j/k trickytwista lol yea bud i hear ya..dunno how i even came across the post in the 1st place to be honest...but yea guys blame me my bad lmao
  9. trickytwista


    totally agree with you there... more info needed and what are you adding to make the disc so big?
  10. hi...out of curiousity what speed are you burning the discs at? may sound daft but always recommended to burn these kind of discs at a slow speed...cheers
  11. s**t we be lost without nlite......game on nuhi
  12. works fine here and does not ask for my serial key at all as i put it in the unattended section within nlite...slipstreamed sp3 with nlite whilst on xp machine and works perfectly as it should do. cheers nuhi
  13. excellent tip which i no doubt shall use sometime in the future. nice 1
  14. without sounding rude or arrogant im actually wondering what would be the point of the xp wallapers as they are all over the net.

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