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  1. Oh sweet, very cool. that rocks!
  2. oh ok, well still if i was gonna use any testing packs or such it would be nice it was RC quality
  3. My ISP is Cablelynx, I pay $32 a month and my speed is 4.0Mbps
  4. I've tried many Registry programs, but "ccleaner" is the best in my opinion
  5. Yeah, well it's NEVER safe to use an unofficial program, fix, or service pack...what ever it might be never use anything that's NOT official, it only causes bad problems
  6. Nope no way, that I know of either...Windows ME can't even run Office 2003. The requirements are Windows 2000 with SP4/XP Home/XP Pro/Sever 2k3
  7. I use Symantec Client Security, it's made by the same company as Norton, but it's a corperate edition and it's way better
  8. Well ahem!...Windows 98 is totally outdated and sucks! I'll just stick with my Windows XP Pro B)
  9. Microsoft released a complete package with all the updates for the month of January, this complete package contains updates for Windows XP. All you have to do is download the ISO cd image, then burn it to cd...and finally update your computer, this is highly recommended for people that have problems with Microsoft's Update site! Download: Microsoft Windows XP January Updates
  10. Hey very good job on the sig man!
  11. I have around 50 or maybe just a few over, but I just started making a collection not long ago
  12. It wouldn't suprise me if Bill Gates was a member here, there are so many people here lmao
  13. I am the proud owner of Nero 7 Ultra Edition
  14. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the whole year
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