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Best Program used to compress files


Which program you use to compress/decompress Files and Folders  

170 members have voted

  1. 1. Which program you use to compress/decompress Files and Folders

    • winrar
    • 7z
    • Winzip
    • Winace
    • Power archiver
    • XP default
    • others

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WinRAR has the best "feel" for me.

7-zip will give you better compression though. The only downside - the Ultra settings requires 512MB of RAM on your system, otherwise, you'll end up sitting there for about 2 hours to compress a 10MB archive.

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i vote for tar and bz2 in combination, because of:

*) It's Free and Open-Source

*) It compresses relativley good

*) You can create archives fully compatible with most unix systems


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was using quickzip, now changed to tugzip.

What i did find out today, for those who care about compression and not speed, is that uharc 0.6a compresses better than lzma compression in 7-zip.

I have seen many people say that 7zip has the best compression, but they forget to take some things into consideration when doing a comparison.

Set 7-zip to ultra compresion, and it uses 32MB dictionary and 64 bit word as standard. The reason for the high compression is the dictionary size.

if you dont think im right then try uharc with the same dictionary size

uharc a -d2 -m3 -md32768 -b64 -mm+ -r+ -y+ <source files>

and it should come out slightly better in compression levels.

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I voted 7zip.

256 dictionairy size. max for 7zip but my single core Atlohn 1100 - with just over 300 SDram: dies on it.

Use it with an athlon 64FX (HTT bit enabled), and 1gb ram and it will kick the hell out of winzip or winrar,

Strong point:

It uses litle memory to extract,

Realy high compression,

Open Source (and free as well),

Weak points:

Compression takes about twice as mutch (resources) as others.

Its Interface looks like sh*t.

It doesn't auto-register itselfe with archives,

It still hasn't got the Self-extracting archive things right (to get working commands after extraction) - you nead a weird work-around to make those...

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