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  1. **** Canadians! Nice build J B)
  2. I like all the above listed, but am still a major fan of FEAR and UT!
  3. Hah!! A GX110??? Good God man... I guess as long as it still boots and can run DOS or '95 go for it lol. I have a 20MB FiOS connection coming in via fiber... running everything through a Cisco ASA 5505. 2 wired desktops, 2 wireless laptops over WPA2-PSK network (unbreakable, at the moment... thankfully). The ASA is the best firewall I've ever seen... What more can you ask for? Much easier and less cost to bring down your home network testing then where you work!
  4. Do a port scan and see whats open. Try to unc from the run line and look at the hidden c share if its a windows box. Is it in the same layer 2 network or is there a gateway between you? If L2, ping it, that'll add an arp entry to you're machine, issues the arp -a command to view the MAC, then use your network equip to find the device by MAC. If over L3, do a tracert and narrow down which hops it uses.
  5. Depends on your network setup and router. SOme gateway/router solutions allow you to set max transfer rates based on MAC.
  6. Its called NAT.... NAT out from your router to the inside. Setup VLANs and DHCP pools for those vlans. Plan your network drops accordingly. Or as other have suggested, just setup a supernet. I would setup multiple vlans and use inter vlan routing.
  7. Thats my suggestion as well. I'm thinking its a hardware issue or the driver for the NIC. When it "drops" does it just straight up disconnect or goto limited or no connectivity or what?
  8. Have the same issue in my network. What I've done in the past, although not automated, is build a bat file that when double clicked will map all needed drives. I don't know of a way for GP to repush policies after already authenticating to the DC. You could maybe try a gpupdate /force but I doubt it will bring drives back without a logoff/logon.
  9. Explain what you mean by "When the route fails" ? What happens when it drops? Limited or No connectivity? Do you still have a valid IP? Can you ping your gateway and What is your network setup? I've seen this before when disabling/re-enabling the NIC helps. I've seen it be a driver problem and a hardware problem in the pass.
  10. Don't broadcast the SSID and use WPA2 w/ TKIP.
  11. The original, extraction point and the newest edition persius mandate are all top notch IMO. I love them all!!
  12. Uhm... can you not just use locally created accounts? Just host your desktop for both on one the machines and link it over the LAN.
  13. I don't have another computer to try it in. I've been reading on other forums about many issues like this with the whole X-Fi Series. Some suggestions include to remove all drivers in windows, clean remaining files with DriverCleanerPro in safe mode and then reinstalling. Also some suggest removing the IDE cable which connects to the extension bay slot. As well as moving it to another PCI slot, which I can't do b/c I have a 2 slotted ATI x1800xt which blocks access to my other PCI slot. I'm going to try a few of these things tonight, but if anyone out there has any other suggestions I'd be grateful.

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