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  1. boooggy

    Windows 10 official support

    tried both offline and online, homegroup and bitlocker are available to be removed
  2. boooggy

    Help for the use of NTLite

    bapt can you please attach here the preset that gave you that error at the end of installation? thank you
  3. boooggy

    Windows 10 roadmap?

    support for 10 is out!
  4. boooggy

    nLite noob here

    submix i beg to differ. nlite will have few more adjustments. but after ntlite is perfect....lol
  5. boooggy


    hello here: http://www.ntlite.com/changelog/
  6. Hi everybody, To ease our work with replicating your errors with NTlite please attach or post here this 2 files: -NTlite.log found in the temp folder (the %temp% folder in Explorer address), -preset (make sure to edit-out personal entries from it, like your username and password or a cdkey, if it was set in Automation). Thanks!
  7. it supports windows 7, 8 and 8.1 only. it was not tested with 2012
  8. boooggy

    about ie and flashplayer

    thx for reporting maverick. please when this error happens, grab the file called ntlite.log from the temp folder you use for ntlite and psot it here after u remove the personal data from automation.
  9. boooggy

    about ie and flashplayer

    as long as i know ff uses fp for other browsers not the one from ie.
  10. boooggy

    [Solved] Removing Components. Error 3 occured

    r4d3 i removed all that free version permits on the same image as yours and i didnt have any error. can u attach the preset or the ntlite.log (of course after u remove what nuhi stated)? thank you
  11. boooggy

    about ie and flashplayer

    ie is removable. flash is removable.
  12. boooggy

    Nuhi's new tool is out!

    Dear friends, As Nuhi announced in vlite forum, his new tool is out!!!! Please check at http://www.ntlite.com/