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  1. Hello, I wonder have you manage to download this ApplyTheme application?

    I refer to this topic:

    Thank you ;)

  2. I've been busy customizing my computer to be Vista-like in a subtle way Theme: Luna Royale (Compact) Wallpaper: Vista One Blue Cursors: CursorXP - VistaPlastic (WinCustomize) Icons: IconPackager - OnyxIcons (WinCustomize) Firefox theme: Vista Black (deviantART) Firefox extensions: Download Statusbar Extended Statusbar Extension Manager Extended Folder Extension Wizard Google Advanced Operations Toolbar Greasemonkey MR Tech Local Install Small Tooltip Stylish Tab Catalog Tab Effect Firefox Userstyles: Add-ons Manager - cleaner design Change the height of tabs not selected Combine Stop/Reload buttons Go/History menu removal Show Add-ons Manager Views
  3. Moral of the posts above: Don't overdo it with the graphics. Gameplay counts. The Wii did it just right. PS3 and Xbox360 overdone it. Wii win(s) I've ordered a M3 Simply adapter for my DS. Let's see how well video and mp3 play on it
  4. Mine: Theme: Luna Royale Desktop: VPlants 3 number 033 Both can be found on or through deviantART IIRC. Dock: Yahoo! Widgets dock widget
  5. I might pass Vista and wait for XP SP3 and Vienna now Although it's not a crime to take your time for an OS, I'd say. I much rather have to wait a long period of time and get something good, rather than something "half baked" (Dutch expression, dunno if that's used in English, too)
  6. You might want to look at YaHostMe, too.
  7. Shareaza is a peer-to-peer client for Windows that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular P2P networks. Shareaza is FREE & contains NO Spyware or third-party products. The release comes with major updates/fixes/improvements for the program and the networks it supports. Download
  8. Wii, because of the innovation. I don't see anything new in those other not-next-gen consoles. It are just a bunch of beefed up computers with a controller attached to them. Nintendo is totally unlike that. Every console they release has something new. I especially like their WFC Connection Would like to see MS attempting something better, though they can't with their crappy paid Xbox Live.
  9. Biohead: The Wii will offer free internetting from what I've heard, through Nintendo WFC. I agree with the others about Nintendo going for innovation and the others going for just the power. And as a side note, the Wii is also backwards compatible with the GameCube disks/controlers/memory cards. I'd diffinately buy it, but it might be later next year
  10. Ah well, Nintendo wins it on all aspects anyway, especially when it comes to innovation and simplicity My list of to my oppion the best consoles: Nintendo DS Nintendo Wii Nintendo GameCube Sony PlayStation 1 (because it had/has the same kind of aproach as the N64) Nintendo 64 The first three on the above list deserve to be called next-gen consoles, not the PS3 and Xbox 360. PS3 and Xbox 360 have nothing in them that deserve the label "next generation consoles", they are just stuffed with energy consuming hardware and nothing more.
  11. Just use the instructions that can be found elsewere in this thread, it's not that hard to do. And thanks for the positive comments But here's the code anyway: 1003 DIALOGEX 0, 0, 270, 83 STYLE DS_FIXEDSYS | DS_MODALFRAME | DS_CONTEXTHELP | WS_MINIMIZEBOX | WS_POPUP | WS_VISIBLE | WS_CAPTION | WS_SYSMENU EXSTYLE WS_EX_CONTEXTHELP CAPTION " :: run :: " LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg" { CONTROL "", 12298, COMBOBOX, CBS_DROPDOWN | CBS_AUTOHSCROLL | CBS_DISABLENOSCROLL | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_VSCROLL | WS_TABSTOP, 2, 50, 266, 250 CONTROL "Run in separate &memory space", 12306, BUTTON, BS_AUTOCHECKBOX | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_DISABLED | WS_TABSTOP, 2, 67, 113, 10 CONTROL "&OK", 1, BUTTON, BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_TABSTOP, 132, 66, 43, 14 CONTROL "&Cancel", 2, BUTTON, BS_PUSHBUTTON | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_TABSTOP, 179, 66, 43, 14 CONTROL "&Browse...", 12288, BUTTON, BS_PUSHBUTTON | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_TABSTOP, 225, 66, 43, 14 CONTROL "RUNGFX", 0, STATIC, SS_BITMAP | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_GROUP, 2, 2, 266, 46 }
  12. What do you guys think of this one? I can't seem to get my run dialog changed though, even when restarting Explorer and logging off and back in. It just stays the same Edit: Done!
  13. 1. I think it'd be too much hassle to install it then. And to answer your question on why I would want to use Apache to install ASP.NET on a Windows system: I'm a long-time user of the WAMP Server package (Windows Apache MySQL PHP), and I would'nt like having to install another server alongside my primary setup. Also, I wasn't sure what word could be used best for ASP.NET, so I chose 'language'. 2. What I meant to ask is, what would be the best way to store changes to for example a news post? It is meant to be used in either a CMS or a forum system (most likely not), and I would like to make it a bit like the SourceForge SVN system and Wikipedia's revision system.

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