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  1. Monkey Kick Off

    I can't believe this is still going!
  2. BOO! I am back :)

    Hey guys/gals! How is everybody doing, I haven't been on msfn for gawd knows how long! My business is doing great My other job is great Everything is just great Talk to you all soon
  3. change picture viewer in xp as vista

    lol, thats exactly what he's asking! I'm pretty sure there is no way of doing that, I know there are patches for the vista games to be ported over to xp, but unfortunately I'm not familiar with assembler code to patch anything
  4. Which OS are you?

  5. astral travelling

    *bumps andomeda43 over the head* Thats for bumping... Oh wait...
  6. Ipod Linux

    My gawd man, why would you paint an Ipod!
  7. see the brightness

    Exactly what I was saying! Unless they want it to measure the brightness/contrast level to their room.... But that also seems a bit pointless.... Oh well!
  8. Small program to jump to place in registry

    regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ ?? I'm on Solaris at the moment so I wouldn't know
  9. astral travelling

    I have had an OOBE (out of body experience) I'm not sure if its the same as astral travelling, BUT. I woke up, sat on my bed, the clock was 2 hours ahead , walked to my bedroom door and turned around saw my body still sleeping on the bed, and in about 5 seconds, a big white flash happened, and all the sound and pictures from 2 hours ago, but I only woke up 5 minutes ahead. WEIRD!
  10. see the brightness

    I am just asking, but, why do you need to know this?
  11. 1st April : The day - I can't forget

    Hahaha, thats gold!
  12. 256 RAM

    Stop It !! X_X If somebody doesn't close this thread soon, I'm going to have to say something that I don't really want to. This forum among many others will have the same answers and the same views that may vary. That is what forums are all about, variation! WOO VARIATION ROCKS DUDE YEAH MAN (lay off the drugs) anyways! How about you try and either teach about Linux or you can be quiet on the whole topic.
  13. Gnome 2.18 Released

    Gnome 2.18 has been released! http://www.gnome.org/start/2.18/ Screenshots: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.18/notes/en/
  14. install avg 7.5 instead of avast if you want free antivirus.
  15. Best Program to create an ISO Image

    I would also recommend ImgBurn. But also try BurnAtOnce to create an image, aswell as LC ISO Creator, thats a good one