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  1. This is possible,, use bookmark and hyperlink concept.. iits simple Plz be clear,, which program u use for designing newspaper
  2. when ever i try to disable network service,, it will give this problem this is my fresh installed windows XP with rvyans pack and xpize thanks in adv.
  3. thanks @Nepali this is only what i was looking for it worked......
  4. whatever ,, but ur file is automatically deleted ,,Antivirus doesn't allow it to execute.. thats all
  5. Your file is a trojan.. i have already post it on ur thread.. My Antivirus becomes angry with ur file.. i am not looking this method.. i just wanted this screen never to popup (permanently) with any of my activities I also wan't all this in my unattended CD.. not manually after installation of windows. i don't prefer to edit these files manually my registry setting is as in attached Pic : SFCDisable is changed back to 0 by some programs :so i tried SFCSetting......... but still WFP windows popups... i am using rvyans patched sfc_os.dll
  6. i have also patched version of sfc_os.dll and this key in registry Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;Disable Windows File Protection (WFP) (to enable, change to 0) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "SFCDisable"=dword:FFFFFF9D but where is this SFCSetting i haven't heard abt this thing whats the difference bttween SFCDisable SFCSetting is this a registry value how can it be done?? is this permanent? do some programs changes this value back to 0
  7. What should be done just to disable SFC oonly permanently sfc_os.dll patch and SFCDisable=FFFFFF9D will do ?
  8. sfc_os.dll is patched (rvyan's) and registry entry is disabled SFCDisable=ffffff9d but after installing some programs, it changes the "SFCDisable" key back to "0" which leads SFC to be enabled. Uxtheme, longhorn transformation packs are such programs. can this registry seeting be locked permanently.. i don't want this to be changed always and annoy me all the time. just disable permanently i had tried dreampack , but it was detected as Virus/Trojan by some AntiVirus i also tried SFCDisable=00000000 SFCSetting=ffffff9d .. in vain.. still popup WFP dialogue I want it to be included in UAXPCD as well
  9. after going over a long search i found different version of service pack 2 sp2 spcrc1 sp2rc2 among all these service pack which one is newer which one should i install for better performance
  10. whats the matter, SSH Secure Shell Client will install in normal windows XP sp2 + microsoft update till date (windows update method) but wont installs in ryanvm 1.2.2 + 1.2.2b updated installation every other things are fine
  11. i will always prefer newer version because newer means more facilities, more reliablity, more stable
  12. xp is far better then 98 but u need to have adequate hardware to run XP
  13. better to use LIVE CD as win PE, Bart PE, ERD 2005 etc
  14. try ti use windows default program eg registry group policy (Note: group policy itself write in registry)

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