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  1. Jaclaz, I consulted my old time friend, PuntoMX who gave me the advice/recommendation I needed. I have ordered an SSD (as the laptop harddrive is 7mm in thickness as is the SSD so I know it will fit). The laptop already has 2x2GB of RAM so my grandmother will be very happy. I'm no stranger to hardware issues or data recovery. I apologize if I somehow gave you that impression. Take care ank thank you.
  2. Upon boot-up, it says "error leading operating system". I could insert a bootable USB with Windows 7 on it and attempt a repair. Take into consideration and keep in mind that I have the opporunity and am willing to buy and install an SSD to replace the HDD. I can, in my spare time, attept to recover data from the HDD and transfer. I just need to make sure that the SSD would fit and be compatible with this particular laptop (Acer Aspire 5250).
  3. I removed a 640GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue HDD from my grandmother's laptop. I connected it to my desktop using an external enclosure which is connected via USB. When I connect it, it shows up two separate drives in Windows Explorer; neither of which I can access. When using TestDisk, it is stuck at 2% of analyzing the partitions. I attempted to run a chkdsk as well: Can someone please assist me?
  4. I have been using MPC since 2003. I tried KMPlayer, ZoomPlayer, BSPlayer, VLC Player, etc and always went back to MPC/HC. I use the CoreAVC codec for H264 files. I just turn out the lights, launch my movie, enter full-screen mode and enjoy. Cheers.
  5. Is taking the HDD out of that PC and putting it in another PC as a slave drive and scanning it not an option?
  6. Freemake Video Converter SUPER These two claim to be able to convert essentially anything to anything. I personally have not used either of them.
  7. Check out the sticky: Make sure to wash your hands when you're done...you know, because of the stickiness. Short answer: ImgBurn is my preferred program.
  8. There is education you go through to becoming a pilot. "Hacker" isn't on the course selection list at any colleges universities that I have ever heard of.
  9. Windows 7 is so awesome omfg lolz0rz wtf rotfcopter!!!11 Windows 7 is very nice. I had to revert back to XP because my 7 year old SBL with custom Dell chipset is completed unsupported. I am getting a new Auzentech PCI-E sound card to replace it. Once I get that, back to Windows 7 I go...
  10. The best program I found for this is Similarity. It will analyze the data in all the audio streams in one or more folders you specify and detect exact duplicates or tracks that sound similar. I used it myself a few months ago and was very impressed. It is free. http://www.music-similarity.com/
  11. Thank you but please disregard. I have decided to go in another direction.

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