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  1. zxian in his PM to me stated i should post a thread here. so i did. ps. did i mention that removing WGA is legal? pps. dare u to ban SBCs netblock martin
  2. that's not what he's sayin. there are files in some torrents that are valid filenames in UNIX, but those same filenames won't be able to be created in windows. (and thus need renaming) edit: just thought of something. if u use utorrent, go to options > speed guide > then click 'test if port is forwarded properly' and i'm unable to connect to the tracker right now, seeing 0.00 copies, 2 peers try sticking it on pirate bay too, they've got a decent tracker
  3. i read the articles then did my own test...with my ears. my wmas sound like the treble is turned up a notch, and the bass is a little flat. and that was at high bitrate.
  4. i used kaspersky 6 for a year while it was in beta, and still use it. it's as fast for me as nod32 is. furthermore, i think it was the most stable program i've ever beta tested.
  5. i've successfully made/seeded many torrents with utorrent. it's brilliant! jeremy, pm me the .torrent and i'll see if i can connect.
  6. i just made mine a text file. here's what it looks like: http://xp.awardspace.com/sitemap.txt
  7. i started listening to mp3s in DOS on my 486 so yah, it's a bit old. thanks for the info jeremy giving FLAC a try right now daaaammn....dbpoweramp is a NICE utility
  8. bitrate isn't an issue. i just want the highest quality compression
  9. i wouldn't ever spend money on a game with the word tycoon in it's title, but that's just me. lol
  10. thanks for all the input. i figured lame was pretty much as good as it gets. i'm gonna try OGG vs mp3 and see how the difference sounds.
  11. i was responding to grunthos' statement "From what I have seen of the site, it is about helping people with problems, not helping people to steal." it's not your job to keep m$ from losing money. do you own stock or what?
  12. if i was spending 20k on a computer i certainly wouldn't be getting a 7200 rpm drive. lol
  13. irc is a really good idea! or u can do what i do...i go to ftp indexers and search for "tagged" and then use that ftp server
  14. i can't believe you need any help at all after making that masterpiece, but here ya go oh yah! and big thanks for the cpl, i'm gonna take a look at your code!
  15. that's pretty rude. people come to MSFN as the smart alternative to microsoft support. just because you like the new WGA doesn't mean that everyone else does. I disagree It isn't rude at all, it is honest. Zxian never said that he liked the new WGA, just that bypassing it couldn't be discussed here. He has a valid point. WGA is there for a reason, and that reason is to prevent M$ losing millions of bucks every year (probably every day). If, however, the WGA software doesn't work for you, or does something unusual, then check the forums. Ask if other people are having the same problems, ask how they 'fixed' the problem, and then, if all else fails, call M$. On a law abiding site, however, telling people how to bypass, or crack such a system is wrong. From what I have seen of the site, it is about helping people with problems, not helping people to steal. calling someone a thief because they want to remove a malfunctioning addon is hardly fair. and by telling me to ask about it on the forums you totally supported my viewpoint. i understand why microsoft wants us to have WGA, but i also understand why someone would want to remove it. i'm an understanding type of guy.
  16. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=75649 Zxian censored this thread. people with legit keys (myself included) have been having immense trouble with this latest WGA. telling people to go to microsoft instead of discussing it here on the forums is rude and the wrong message to be sending to our readers. i understand he may personally disagree with the removal of this utility...that's fine, he can choose not to participate in the discussion then. but there is nothing illegal or immoral about the discussion of this utility's removal.
  17. that's pretty rude. people come to MSFN as the smart alternative to microsoft support. just because you like the new WGA doesn't mean that everyone else does.
  18. i think llxx wins, lol. with all my software installed i have 16 tasks running. that includes 2 for kaspersky, 1 for perfectdisk, and 3 svchosts edit: had to reboot to get a proper list.
  19. it is both LEGAL and SANE to want to remove this bastard of a utility.
  20. only firewall i'll ever use is my router. works great and doesn't annoy me.
  21. wow atomizer, you really do pick the worst AVs to rely on. ahahaha. yah, i prefer an antivirus that can only detect ten viruses
  22. i did already find that site, but i was being polite. i'm not paying them anything for the file they stole from underdogs. i would consider it if it was what i was looking for, but like i already said i'm looking for the import called four crystals of trazere. not the original which is called legend.
  23. that's really nice. would you mind sharing that cpl?
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