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  1. @mritter that is a bummer i was just about to send you my config file until you posted that last comment,, thanks for looking into the issue,, its nice to see im not the only one with this problem.. let me know if you still want mine,, its nothing much just kinda chicken scratch at the moment,, most things are place holders.
  2. ok then,, no reply must mean hold off theres no solution at this time thanks anyways
  3. hi, sorry for the late reply been working too much these days,, yes im using 7.7.0 and im on xp pro,
  4. hi, im finally getting a chance to update my old version of wpi from a few years back,, well im having a small cosmetic issue that kinda bugs me, can you tell me how to fix the line spacing for the categorys,, it seems in the picture below,, the security category, is bunched in with the tweaks with out any line spacing.. any ideals ? btw the theme is vista ultimate but its not theme related atleast i dont think so but i could be wrong, but anyways ive tested this out with kels vista theme too. same issue .
  5. well this isnt my work im just ccp the info for you,, i hope it will help information found is here http://www.windowsnetworking.com/kbase/Win...pLocations.html
  6. curious is there a My Documents refrence at this location ? C:\Documents and Settings\(the users account)\Start Menu\Programs\Startup if so it will start up that way
  7. problem fixed i change the AHCI mode to ide then it found the hd,, thanks any ways guys,, sorry for the post
  8. ok guys we have a acer aspire 5301 laptop and its been reset a few times so this is kinda routine but this time i have an issue to start off the laptop loads the windows fine its currently running xp pro and its running ok normally but every now and again we do a clean install to upgrade secuirty fixes blaa blaa blaa via xpcd's well any ways this time upon doing the clean install,, we get about to the point of loading all the files but then thats it,, it wont go as far as hard drive layouts, meaning partitioning and so forth it comes up with an error saying some thing like setup can not continue because the system cant find any hard disks does any body have any ideals on why this error is happening,, at first i thought maybe it took a knock and got a loose cable but then i thought that couldnt be the cause because if i just let the laptop be,, it will load up just fine the os thats on it right now this is a very strange issue,, does any body have any ideals on what we should do ?
  9. Lost Soul


    hmmmm very interesting,, sorry to point this out but it dosnt seem like youve noticed/read the second post in this thread,, all youve done,, is link to the very same site,,,
  10. Lost Soul


    well that looks good an all but keep in mind it dosnt show the changes for sp3,, so unless your only going to use sp2 then its not really all that helpful
  11. Lost Soul


    try reading vp's site, he always has a run down of whats what,, but use your best judgment on what you need and dont need,, just use what he has as suggestions,, http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm
  12. well your problem is here even though you create a $oem$ folder it dosnt mean a folder named $oem$ is being created in the system drive it just carrys files over to their proper locations try omitting the $oem$ portion in your line like this and see if that works for you
  13. sorry for the late reply, ive been so busy with work,, but yes it was a heat issue i kinda had a feeling it was but i never ran in to a issue where the hd stayed spinning and everything else went off,, but any ways issue fixed,, thanks for your reply.,
  14. hi all, well a friend of mine brought me their pc because its having problems,, well to start off it was a ntldr currupt and i fixed that,, and then the list went on.. but any ways now to the problem,, the pc is an older HP about 4 or so years old,, and afte its running for say 5 or so minutes, the pc shuts off almost completly,, the processor, all fans,and the monitor,, but yet the hard drive keeps runing ,, this is a very strange problem, does any body have any ideal on what this issue could be caused by, ??
  15. ahh i see well thanks alot guys for your advice,, and no post count isnt really a big issue because if it was i would of padded it years ago,, this was more like an annoyance / curiosity thing.. thanks again..
  16. hi this is a strange problem, i noticed today,, that even though ive posted 3 times today and a few posts in the last few days, my post count hasnt changed, and i really have no ideal on how long this has been going on for, and im sure ive had the same post count for a good while now.. is any body else having any problems like this ? mods can you tell me please whats going on ? **UPDATE** after posting this post,, my post count went up by 1,, making its 1940,, but whats strange is that ive posted 4 times today now,, and its only counting once..
  17. lol that was a good one
  18. man thats pretty bad, i never seen a laptop get that bad before lol
  19. hmmm seems to be working fine on my end,, what type of problem are you having ?
  20. full story http://www.hardwarezone.com/news/view.php?id=10074&cid=4
  21. hi thanks for your response,, very helpful
  22. hi im toying with a project of mine and i want to flip the screen on a monitor to vertical, using windows xp pro, is this possible with an ati card ? or only intel based cards..,, if it cant be done with a ati,, any suggestions on what type of card i could use to get this desired effect ? thanks
  23. well it seems ive located the issue,, its a bad memory stick.. go figure.. thanks any ways

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