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I'm a Vista user of 8 years now, all though my main machine was moved to Windows 7 (but with my improved Vista visual style), and my laptop can only run Win10.

My list of gripes with Vista:
- Annoying OK box after ejecting devices (like W2000) rather than the baloon used in XP/7/10
- Can't use differing display vendors (Nvidia + AMD cards in one rig), but this is minor and rarely ever needed
- Explorer's folder type discovery, which I always disable right after install.

That it, I'd take Vista over Win7 any day and I hope KernelEx project from Win32 will allow me to return to it on more machines.

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On 12/25/2020 at 4:52 PM, Octal450 said:

- Explorer's folder type discovery, which I always disable right after install.

Please tell how did you do it ? Mine keeps getting back after restart on SP2. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\AllFolders\Shell]

"FolderType"="NotSpecified" - doesn't help

P.S. No such issue with SP1 

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On 12/2/2020 at 10:04 AM, Win10-Hater said:

@windowsvistadude512 Because 5 is not a multiple of 4, and that laptop has only 2 ram channels. Equal amounts of memory should be fitted in both ram channels for best performance and ensuring that your PC isn't screwed up.

My laptop be like: why do i have 5gb ram in me?

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Finally, now I have a computer that supports Vista. I have to give special thanks to @Win10-Hater for selling his Pentium D desktop (he plans to replace it soon with his own custom desktop that he will build within the next 2 months, according to what he said). He upgraded the HDD on it to an SSD (1TB Samsung 850 EVO) and I upgraded the Pentium D 915 to a 945, and I will use this computer for Vista and retro stuff. I have a dualboot of Windows 2000 Pro and Vista Ultimate x86 on it.

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My Specs: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 Toshiba MK3261GSYN 298 GB HDD  Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz  e6430 atg laptop

Ive Been Useng Vista off and on for the past year and i finally decided in 2021 i would Switch to vista full time and its been great so far it runs fast on my laptop from 2012:D

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@VistaEX Why are you switching OSes every now and then? If you like Vista, stay with Vista.


On 12/26/2020 at 9:14 AM, D.Draker said:

-Easily solved thru installing of USB safely remove (I think there are some similar free tools available too)

Yes, there is this free utility named USB Disk Eject that does the job very well. Notifications are displayed as balloon tooltips.

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39 minutes ago, k24a1 said:

As a base, would I have to use a clean SP2 ISO (original one by MS from 2009) or one with the april 2017 updates preinstalled? I tried the SHA2 patch for Vista on an updated ISO and I believe I had issues with it.

I'm using an original ISO from MSDN and I have troubles too

The first time I try to check for updates it works, then it just hangs and nothing happens

edit: You can use an updated ISO 

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35 minutes ago, k24a1 said:

Did you have the patch installed though? I think original ISOs need to have a few updates installed to fix the hanging issue

I had all the needed updates, read that topic like 5 times and the readme even more 

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I really liked Vista, since it's day of release, however I think that since the release of Windows 7, Microsoft totally messed up with Vista and trated it like crap. Same goes for Server 2008 R1. It's such a shame that IE9 (2011) is the last version of IE available both of them, especially since they decided to extend the support till 2023. IE9 is totally useless for private as well as business work for at least 5 years now: No YouTube, no Office-online, not even the Google Homepage is shown in its modern design. How do they think companies will profit from their Extended Support Offer, when IE9 is the last "big browser" that still gets patched. Firefox 52.9/Chrome 49 are no solutions in 2020/2021. They are patching a dinosaur, who wont get younger through the patches. They totally messed that up. What they could have done (since Vista would could supported it) was to release AT LEAST IE10 to Vista/Server 2008, since it's HTML5 performance is much better than the one of IE9. Nowadays, every browser that scores below 250 HTML5 points cant be used to browse the web fluently anymore. They should have also not stopped with IE development in general . There should have been an IE12 alongside Windows 10, but thats another story. Coming back the Vista, Microsoft could have rolled out feature updates for IE9, like IE9 SP1 ir IE9.1, IE9.2.. which could have improved CSS and HTML5 support. Personally, I would be so emberessed, if I would have been business leader and my PCs cant even check Mails because their Browser cant realy do anything. 


Further examples for messed up Vista- support are:

-> Office 2013/365

-> Movie Maker 2012

-> Skype

-> OneDrive

-> .. go on

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Lenovo G580 Model 20150

Intel Core i3-2348M 2.30GHz



Originally ran Win 8 but it's not my favourite, so I put 7 on it and dualbooted with Vista, both are 64-bit.

I'm using Vista because it was the first OS I ever used and I really like it. I have to dualboot with 7 though, because I need modern software compatibility.

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HP Pavilion Notebook (can't find much else about this model other than that.)

AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics


1 tb hdd

I hadn't known much about vista up until about 2 - 3 years ago. I wasn't as tech savvy before then so I just thought vista was another windows version that was different because of the name.

After I learned about how vista had gotten quite the bad reputation for it's apparent "instabilities", I did a bit more research into vista, then I tried vista, and loved it. Shortly after that I stopped caring about vista because I was really big into trying to obtain copies of Windows 7 and such. Fast forward to about late last year and I discover a few videos about some people trying vista in 2020. Didn't really care until I discovered WinClient5270 and his guide about how to make vista safe to use in the modern era. Then I forgot about vista for a bit again until I started downgrading my laptop a bit, then I asked myself this question; "Can I use vista on this thing?" I started doing a bit more research into all my drivers and seeing if they would work with vista. Then after doing that I installed vista.

So far my experience has been quite nice! Despite the fact that some drivers were a pain in the a** to install i'm quite enjoying vista. I'm not planning to move operating systems for a while because vista is my new home. :D

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