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  1. Isnt that the script that adds Windows Store to Windows 10 LTSC? That script wont work on Windows 8.1. It isnt even working with Windows 10 LTSB 2015.
  2. Lol I just found out that Extended Kernel is mentioned in the official Windows Vista Wikipedia page (at least the German page). It basically says that an unofficial kernel was released to Vista in August 2020 that adds Win7 SP1 APIs to Vista, allowing modern Firefox/Chrome to run.
  3. Well then I wouldnt recommend you the 64bit version, or even Vista itself for several reasons: 1. Without Extended Kernel, you wont be able to use the Web in a secure way anymore 2. You will need to manually patch your system a lot , to make it as secure as possible (Offical: 04/2017) since Windows Update isnt working on Vista anymore 3. Office 2010 has reached it's EOL as well, however it's still pretty usable for a few months more I guess I know we all love and support Vista, however, I wouldnt install it in your case actually. I would recommend you to go wi
  4. Hey guys. I was curious about if Windows 10 Apps can be deployed on Windows 8.1, since Windows 8.1's Store has become so poor of good Apps. A few years ago, I used Facebook on 8.1, however it is no longer available. Is there a way in how to backport Apps or are Windows 10 Apps based on a different base? It is so sad that even the MSN Apps are unsupported. I feel like Metro makes no sense, so many Apps are just unsupported
  5. What processer do you have? Generally, 4GB RAM should be min. for 64bit Windows. You use x64 for Extended Kernel or?
  6. Yeah I was talking about the Spotify - Windows App... I hope it will work one day
  7. I really liked Vista, since it's day of release, however I think that since the release of Windows 7, Microsoft totally messed up with Vista and trated it like crap. Same goes for Server 2008 R1. It's such a shame that IE9 (2011) is the last version of IE available both of them, especially since they decided to extend the support till 2023. IE9 is totally useless for private as well as business work for at least 5 years now: No YouTube, no Office-online, not even the Google Homepage is shown in its modern design. How do they think companies will profit from their Extended Support Offer, when I
  8. I will definitely continue to use Windows 8.1. I think the Embedded version is supported for a few more months till 10/2023 if I remember it correctly. I will deploy these updates after EOL. Furthermore, I think Firefox will support 8.1 until 2023. At the end, they will probably move Windows 8.1 to Firefox ESR. However, we are already benefiting from a modern web right now and I think even when Browsers shut support, we wont get any HTML5 issues in near future. Edge will end support as soon as Chrome ends support. I have a bad gut feeling when it comes to Chrome. I think it will end Windows 7
  9. Hey guys. I recently found my very old Netbook, while I was down in the basement. It was still running Windows XP Home and I think the last time I used it was 2014? Couldnt find any newer data than 04/2014 on it but anyways.. as you all know Windows XP was discontinued on that date and now I want to use that Netbook again for Word, OneDrive and maybe some research. However, I am very unsure to which OS I should upgrade that specific Netbook. The specs are: Dell Inspiron mini 1012 Intel Atom N450 - Single 1,66 GHz 2GB DDR2 - RAM 10,1 inch screen (1024x600) 140GB
  10. Happy new year guys! I hope Vista will see great improvements through extended kernel this year
  11. Well that's interesting and I thought about this as well... The Extended Kernel gives Vista users Windows 7 (SP1) APIs, however I think that Software developers, especially Google Inc. (Chrome + Chromium) will end their support for Windows 7 in 2021. I dont think that Windows 7 will get browser updates till end of ESU in 2023.. With the end of Windows 7, we will not be able to use newer browser versions on Vista as well. My theory: Chrome will end their support before Firefox, like it happened with Windows XP/Vista and Firefox will move Windows 7 to the ESR-Channel in 2022. ESR is probabl
  12. Maxthon 6.1.0 (based on Chromium 85) is (obviously) also working with Extended Kernel v2020/11
  13. Well thats pretty simple: I agree on the fact that Office should have kept the 2010 Aero Design Scheme but Office 2010 is no longer a secure option and especially not for people who use Windows Vista as a daily driver (without Server 2008 ESUs). Some of the best Office 2013 benefits are: 1) In Word 2013 you can embed YouTube videos in your documents and play them directly. Various ODT and PDF files can now be converted (I personally need that feature for school/university) 2 ) In PowerPoint 2013, you can see your notes about the slides on your screen during the presentation,
  14. May I ask why Spotify is not working with Extended Kernel? Is it a 32bit Application? I feel like Vista could have the potential to become an Everyday-OS again, if we find a way to make Office 2013/Office 365 or LibreOffice work. I really want to use OneNote 2013+ on Vista, as my OneNote for Windows 10 files do not open on OneNote 2010. Thats really sad and alongside Spotify, the reason why I am still unsure whether I should use Vista or 7. By the way, which Antivirus program do you guys use? Is there anyone which works with Extended Kernel?
  15. My specs: Intel i5 8250U 8GB RAM 250GB SSD Windows Vista Home Premium x64 (German) I started using Vista in 2008, after our XP PC refused to start. Back then, I did not know that it was a driver error which led to the crash and not a hardware error (Nowadays I am the PC specialist in our family lol), so we bought a new PC. I cant remeber the processor but I know it had 2GB RAM and ran Business x32. Vista was very nice, we used it till 2013, before we upgraded to Windows 7. I remember that Vista did not support IE10/11 and Office 2013, which were the two m
  16. Im sorry to interupt your current discussion, as I am not up to date for a few weeks now about this kernel. My question is: Is Office 2013+ or Spotify working now or are you working on it currently?
  17. You havent googled the device number. My S15 does have a normal touchpad and not a screenpad 2.0... In W8.1 the touchpad works after letting Driver Booster install all drivers but in W7 it doesnt work.
  18. Hey Windows 7 Community! 2 years ago I bought a new notebook, which obviously had Windows 10 (1709?) preinstalled. I successfuly downgraded it to Windows 8.1 already. By modifiying the Intel UHD 620 Drivers, I got all drivers working on 8.1 However, when I tried to install Windows 7, the Touchpad (PTP-) Drivers were not working and I always have to connect a mouse. I'm wondering why the touchpad works with 8.1 and if the driver can be modified to use it on Windows 7 as well. My device is the ASUS VivoBook S15 (R520UF-BQ385T). Thanks for any help you can give!
  19. Great news! CCleaner 5.70 (the latest) works on Vista Extended Kernel. Originally, CCleaner dropped support for Vista with v5.64.
  20. I am really curious if the latest VmWare Tools work on Vista. It became so hard to install all of the updates till EOL. Well, not hard, but time stealing
  21. Has anyone tried Vivaldi or normal Google Chrome ? If I extract Chrome 72 x64 it says Chrome stopped working, however chromium 72 works fine
  22. I can extract IE10 8250 from the Win8 Consumer Preview. Ive got an ISO x64
  23. Mozilla Thunderbird (the Firefox Email client) is also working for me with the extended kernel. I thought porting IE10 back to Vista could be my next goal. Vista‘s IE 9 has the version 9.0.8112.x So, doesnt that mean that this IE version is ported from Windows 8 Build 8112? Because IE11 on W7 also has the version number 11.0.9600 which means it is ported back from W8.1? I looked it up and such a build really exists but cant be downloaded anywhere. However, it may be possible to port back IE10 from Build 8250 (Consumer Preview) or?
  24. Nah haha I dont have a YT channel, but I can create one and also do a video if you want about Google Earth Pro or Chromium maybe? Since the kernel is your work, I wouldnt do anything without your permission bro
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