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  1. Another program that dropped support for Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 is the digital note taking app "Anki". If you use this app on your Windows 7/8 machine, version 2.1.49 was the last supported one. Starting with 2.1.50, only Windows 10/11 are supported. However, I tried unzipping any installing the latest one (2.1.54) on Windows 8.1, which strangly worked. You have to download the Qt5 installer, since the QT6 one will give you a missing plug-in error.
  2. With the upcoming End-Of-Life of Windows 8.1, Microsoft decided to annoy us with their ads regarding a Windows Upgrade to Windows 10/11. Furthermore, Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 will not receive Extended Security Updates (ESU) like Windows 7 did. However, it's Server counterpart Server 2012/2012 R2 will receive ESU till October 2026. I'm curious if these updates could be installed on 8.1 as well, as I remember that it was possible to do so with Windows Vista and Server 2008 R1. Source: theverge.com/2022/6/24/23181347/microsoft-windows-8-1-end-of-support-notifications-pop-ups
  3. The In-Build OneDrive App in Windows 8.1 does no longer sync files. Is there any method in how to update OneDrive (personal) in Windows 8.1? When I try to install OneDrive Desktop, only the Business version gets installed
  4. Recently, I had a little argue with Samsung about why they're only mentioning Windows 7 and Windows 10 as supported OS'es for Samsung DeX and why Windows 8 is not named. They told me that Windows 8 is irrelevant, since it's support had already ended in 2018. I told them that Windows 8's support is ending in 2023 and that they should not be supporting Windows 7 since 2015, if they only look out for Mainstream Support. THEY DELETED MY COMMENT?!
  5. Sure, IE is even deactivated in Control Panel. It must be integrated deep inside the system files, otherwise any browser could have easily replaced it
  6. Hey guys, I recently tried to log in Office 2022/365 with my university account, but the Activation site is rendered with IE11/Trident. The page tells me that my browser isn‘t supported, so I can‘t activate Office. Trying the same thing on Windows 10/11 resulted in the website getting rendered by Chromium Edge, so I could log-in. I installed Microsoft Edge WebView 2 on Windows 7 but that didn‘t change anything. I know that Edge won‘t replace IE11 internally on W7/8.1 machines, but is there any way in how to achieve that? Replacing IE11 with Edge would also allow some Windows 8.1 Apps to work again like Deezer, which doesn‘t work anymore as it shows that IE11 isn‘t supported anymore.
  7. To be honest, I dont think that Mozilla will stop supporting Firefox on Windows 7, since their current situation depends on user numbers. Firefox has a world-wide market share below 5% and Google has a contract with Mozilla that expires in 2023. I dont think Google will be interested in expanding their partnership, if Mozilla loses more users than they already did. Cutting of Windows 7 will make a majority of people stop using Firefox, so making Firefox lose even more market share. They're trying everything they can do now to make more people use their browser. As I reported earlier, they even built Firefox on Windows 7 machines (look at 98.0 release notes - it's a W7 context menu). It was also just announced that Firefox 100 will require the SHA2 Update on Windows 7 devices, which again underlines that they still care a lot about Windows 7 users. I think Firefox will move Windows 7 to ESR in late 2023/2024
  8. Right now, there is probably no need for an Extended Kernel for Windows 8. Windows 8 was treated differently than Windows Vista. Software Support for Vista was mostly depended on XP‘s Software Support, as companies often ended support for them simultaneously. Most of the current software still supports Windows 8. There are just a few applications like iTunes, Office 2019+ or OneDrive, who ended their support. However, there are workarounds in how to install the latest versions, with some modifications to the installers. I think Firefox for Windows 8 will be supported for at least 2024, as Mozilla hasn‘t said anything regarding EOL yet. Furthermore, if you pay attention to details, Mozilla itself still develops Firefox on Windows 7/8 machines, as Firefox 98 release notes show a screenshot from a W7 machine running Firefox, rather than a W10 machine. All common Antivirus programs are also still supported. So, is there any need for an Extended Kernel yet?
  9. Not even Office 2013 works, so I guess you should try porting 2013 first instead of 2019
  10. Sup guys, does anyone know, if it possible to somehow activate the Windows 8.1 Update 3 Start Menu (Mix of 7 and 8, released for Surface RT/2) on non-arm devices, like my Laptop? I like that one and I also know that MS added the exact same Start Menu in Windows 10's early TH1 beta builds, but they replaced it with the RTM one.
  11. Sup guys! I was testing some older Beta Builds a few weeks ago and I came across a video which shows leftovers of the Windows 8.1 Start Screen in Windows 10 RTM (10240). It is said that Microsoft didn‘t remove all the code, but rather hide it, till they got rid of it in 1511. So my question is: Is it possible to somehow get/install Windows 8.1‘s Start Screen in recent versions of Windows 10? I love 8.1‘s design, but 10‘s App compatibility is far better, that‘s why I’d like to create a mixture of both of them Video (don‘t know if I‘m allowed to post links here but anyway):
  12. Hey guys (and happy new year by the way), I wanted to know, if newer Office 365 versions (above 2002) can be installed/ported back from Windows 8/10/11 to Windows 7? If anybody knows an instruction, can you write one down? Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, I hope you had a great christmas time with your families. I wanted to know if the Extended Kernel is still getting developed and when we can except to see programs like Office 2013, Skype or Spotify running on Vista. By the way, I dont know if anybody can help me out but I have an old acer aspire one 725 (AMD C70, 2012?) at home on which I installed Vista (with Ex.K.) but I can't get Graphics Drivers to work. The minimum drivers which are offered are for Windows 7 (although the Netbook was shipped with Win8). I can launch the installer even without Extended Kernel, it also installs completly normal without any errors (literally the log says no errors) but after restarting nothing has changed. When I do same on Windows 7 it also shows Aero. Device Manager says that the driver was installed fine
  14. They had already done something similar like this with Windows Vista, where they broke the Aero Theme in Chrome with v42 (?). I think it shows that they do no longer care so much in developing for that OS anymore. They also ended support for Windows Vista a few versions later. Windows 7 will probably be shifted to ESR soon with version 102
  15. I can only agree with you and it‘s also not a lie that Windows 8/8.1 are way faster than Windows 7. That was proven so many times, since UEFI and Fast Boot made my old 2013 laptop boot in 9 seconds, whereas Windows 7 took 24! Windows 10 is a mess I won‘t talk about that but in Fact the UI wasn‘t „a mess“ „ugly“ or „terrible“ IN MY OPINION. It‘s a matter of perspective. Microsoft could have treated it better and make the RT Update 3 also available for 8.1 Desktop Clients and we would have that damn Start Menu everyone was complaining about back. Furthermore, they could have updated the Inbuild Apps a lot more frequent like Groove Music is still Called XboX Music?! If Microsoft messes up something, they just create a new OS and ignore their mistakes (e.g. Windows Vista)
  16. Google just announced that Chrome will get Security and Stabilization Updates on Windows 7 till January 2023. Can‘t add the source now but I saw it everywhere in the news today. So, we will benefit from Updates for another year BUT what do they mean with only Security Updates? Will they introduce an ESR Channel like Firefox and merge Windows 7 users to it? I‘m curious..
  17. Support for OneDrive as well as Samsung DeX is ending in January 2022 for Windows 7. You can still use both of them, however you won't benefit from new features and patches. OneDrive will also stop syncing in March 2022 (however there should be a way to patch this). I fear that the next version of Skype could also be the last for Win7
  18. I don‘t know if anyone uses Windows Server 2008 SP2 anymore, but Microsoft decided to extend the ESU Support for another year (January 2024), meaning that NT 6.0 isn‘t dead yet and will still be supported for another year. I‘m a little surprised, since I thought that the market share of that OS isn‘t very high. Furthermore, they also extended Server 2008 R2 (January 2024) and for the first time they also mentioned Server 2012 ans Server 2012 R2 (NT 6.2 and 6.3) for Extended Security Updates till 2026! https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-it-pro-blog/update-extended-security-updates-for-windows-7-and-windows/ba-p/1872910/page/2#comments
  19. Well if they don't make the App require dll's, which are only available in Windows 10's+ kernel32.dll, then we could possibly to that. However, we could also need an extended Kernel for Windows 7/8.1, if it won't work.
  20. The page actually names two seperate End Of Life-Dates. The upper one states January 2023, but at the end of that page it says January 2022. Edge is based on Chromium. So, they will end their support when Google ends Chrome for Windows 7
  21. Well.. I can't lie when I tell you how surprised I was after recently reading a new article, about Microsoft ending support for OneDrive on Windows 7, 8 and even 8.1 in 2022. I can somehow unterstand that the support for Windows 7 and 8.0 is ending, because both reached their End Of Life already, however pulling the plug on Windows 8.1 soo early is just a typical Microsoft-move. That reminds me of poor Windows Vista, which was always coupled up with Windows XP, when companies ended their support for XP (Firefox, Chrome, MS Office, Skype, Spotify..). Looks like Windows 8's support end for many Apps will be alongside Windows 7's. I just hope that Google extends their Chrome Support for Windows 7 again or that they dont pull the plug on Win8 alongside W7 on that day. Note: Not only the Desktop App reaches it's End-Of-Life, but starting in March 2022 (5 MONTHS FROM NOW?!) you can also NO LONGER synch your data with the App Source: End of support for OneDrive desktop application on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 - Microsoft Tech Community
  22. Sup guys, I just realized that Windows 7 is the only NT6 (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) version, which has no inbuild Calendar App. Vista had a program called "Windows Calendar", which strangely wasnt a part in Windows 7. Windows 8 and higher already have an inbuild Metro/UWP App. There was a Calendar Widget, however Widgets arent available since 2012 I guess for Windows Vista/7. So.. can I somehow port Vista's Program to 7 and make it run? Windows 8+ will probably not work because of Modern Apps
  23. Thank you very much, you are the best developer! Why hasnt Microsoft offered you a job yet? haha
  24. @win32 I want to hear your opinion on that topic win32. Since you were the one, who created this magnificent kernel, I wanted you to ask what's next? Will we ever see Office 2013 working on Vista? Maybe you could rank the following programs on how hard it would be, to add their specific dll's to the Extended Kernel Programs (I would really want to see on Vista in the future): -> Microsoft Office 2013 (also OneNote for Desktop 2016) -> Spotify -> Newer iTunes version -> Dropbox -> Microsoft Edge -> Skype Thanks
  25. I'm still keeping my hopes up for Office 2013 support for Windows Vista. I hope Win32 finds a way to make it run one day. Same goes for Spotify. I dont see any reason why it shouldnt be possible, when Windows 7 supports it. We already got Firefox and Chrome

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