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  1. Currently, Windows 8.1 can run the latest version (119). Since 120 Nightly will be released tomorrow, I think it will run as well. It‘s going to be the fifth post-EOL version to run on 8.1
  2. Opera 103 - based on Chromium 117 - works on Windows 8.1. I just tested the beta.
  3. Google Drive v81 works on Windows 8.1 Support ended two months ago with v79. They haven't upgraded their embedded Chromium framework since v105. Support will probably be up till they move to 115+
  4. Are you using Windows 7? If you use Windows 8.1 go for Opera 102 (Chromium 117). Works great
  5. So, Supermium v118 just got launched. Works great on Windows 8.1
  6. I used it for a brief time. Didn‘t they drop two releases? One based on Chromium 115 and the other on 117? I don‘t know if it differs a lot from Chromium, except for the name. Supermium is build from scratch, by independent developers. It‘s downside is that you never know if they plan to update the browser or not. They don‘t offer daily/weekly/monthly builds. If they continue with their pattern like they did before then Chromium 119 should be the next backported build. I wouldn’t bet my money tho. If I want to use a Chromium based browser, I stick to Chrome 109 (till the end of the year) or use Opera, based on the latest Chromium, with some modifications
  7. Yeah I won't lie, I missed that post. Regardless of Firefox itself, other Gecko based browsers like Waterfox, which claims to be more privacy focused with no telemetry, might work on 8.1 for a longer time as well. You can obviously choose to use the browser you want. All I ment is that Firefox (-based browers) will be safer than Chrome after October, as Mozilla has extended 7/8 support till late 2024. Currently, it is harder to find/build a Chromium browser, based on the latest version, than to modify Firefox to work on 8.1
  8. To clarify a few things: I haven't tested anything on Windows 7, only on 8.1, and from what I know the latest Opera (tested yesterday) works fine on Windows 8.1. As I had already discussed with @D.Draker Opera is probably just lagging behind in adjusting changes to the browser. In this particular case it's good for us, as we can use a browser, which is based on the latest Chrome right now. Chrome and Chromium themselves do not work on Windows 8.1 anymore since the release of v115. The last version of Google Chrome to work on Windows 8.1 was 114. Chromium based alternatives are: Supermium, CatsXP, Vivaldi and Opera (there might be others too but I tested these). Supermium isn't updated as frequently as the others are but is the closest to resemble the Chromium browser optically. I would recommend any active 8.1 user to switch to Firefox instead, as long as they don't break compatibility with 8.1. Even Windows Vista ran Firefox 115 ESR, although it ended with 52. I am optimistic to say the least but I wouldn't bet my money on Mozilla not adding any dll or function from Windows 10+ that will eventually break 8.1 support anytime soon. Best scenario would be if 8.1 made it till the release of the next ESR. That would at least guarentee another year of promised security updates. However, the next ESR will be v128 and that version is set to release in May-July 2024. Support could crack wayy earlier. If that happens, use 115 ESR instead.
  9. That dll is needed for what? Never used it and Firefox 119 works on 8.1
  10. Microsoft 365 v2310 (beta) works on Windows 8.1. That version is set to release in October. Support originally ended in January with v2301
  11. Is Windows Copilot also coming to Windows 10? Any news about that? I mean they said they are shutting down Cortana on both 10 and 11. I assume they won't. Just like Internet Explorer, which they said will be "removed" from Windows 10 last year, Cortana will probably stay on the taskbar and as an installed app but in a discontinued state.
  12. Yeah, I agree with you. There are plenty of Windows 10 releases and even driver manufactors like Intel always increase their minimum system requirement to the latest 2 or 3 versions of Windows 10. My i5 8250U was released in 2017 and couldn't run anything below 1703 as far as I remember (with modified drivers only). I am also curious if the upcming Intel 14th Gen processors will even offer Windows 10 support anymore, since 13th Gen was already 21H2 and up only. We also have company based apps that get revised annualy and always increase their system requirements between Windows 10 versions. Edit: I tested Chromium 118 on 1607 and it works well. They implemented a function that was introduced with Server 2016/14393
  13. I also tested Opera 102 (based on Chromium 116) and it also works on Windows 8.1 (will share a screenshot later). What I don't quite understand is how Opera, a Chromium based browser, can still work on W8, when the source Chromium browser doesn't even start up anymore. Same goes for Chrome and Edge btw. I'm not complaining tho, I am just curious.
  14. I just noticed that Chrome is not working on older versions of Windows 10 anymore. My 10 LTSB 1507 can‘t run the latest Chromium (118) anymore because of dll issues
  15. Firefox 119 (a1) working on Windows 8.1 imgur.com/a/pP2se64
  16. Google had ended Drive support for Windows 8, 8.1 and Server 2012 with version 79 last month. They just dropped v80 and (I guessed it) it works on Windows 8.1 (x64) imgur.com/a/1YVGp57
  17. The final 117 will work as well. Even 118 alpha works on 8.1
  18. 116 works on Windows 7 117 alpha builds works up to 2023-07-18 118 does not work I'm testing new nightly builds on 8.1 every day and it still seems to work. Let's see for how long. Would be nice to get another ESR working on 8.1. This would indicate that support would extend for another year.
  19. Happy to announce that Microsoft Office 365 (MS 365) v2309 is working on Windows 8.1 Support for 8.1 had been dropped in January with v2301/2302 (in some cases)
  20. Google has just released Drive v79 and it seems to be the last supported version available for Windows 8.1. They have stated this in their release notes (support.google.com/a/answer/7577057?hl=en). It's chromium underlayer is still based on Chromium 105. I think they will update the Chromium framework to v115 with the next update. Nonetheless, it will be worth trying to backport newer versions to 8.1, since newer Chromium versions technically work on W8.
  21. Glad to see that Firefox 118 (Alpha 1) is working on Windows 8.1
  22. Nah they ain't that smart I guess. They're known for doing senseless decisions from time to time.
  23. Browser News: Despite the fact that Chrome/Chromium 115 as well as Edge are not working on Windows 8.1 anymore, I tried out other Chromium based browsers and landed at Opera. Opera ended their support for Windows 7 and 8.1 in January 2023 (March actually) with v95 based on Chromium 109. I tried out the latest version (101 based on Chromium 115) and it works without any issues. You need to apply some changes with CFF Explorer, however it does not crash like Chrome 115. Newer versions might work as well, but no guarantee obviously. Opera 101 (Chromium 115) on Windows 8.1: imgur.com/a/hFe2ooy

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