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  1. i have a e6430 with intel hd grahpics 4000 intel i5 3generation and a toshiba 298gb hdd and a centrino adanced n 6205 wifi adapter
  2. i no this is not allowed but could i please have my name changed one last time to LegacyFan please
  3. The flashdrive tool I use says my xp 64 bit iso is a format it cant do how do i fix this?
  4. I switched to windows 10 and i plan to duel boot windows xp 64 bit so any help will still be appriciated
  5. i guess i will stick with x86 version because i dont have any drivers that will work with 64 bit xp
  6. @XP-x64-Lover i Listed the drivers above for you here are the ids PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0082&SUBSYS_13068086 HDAudio\func_01&VAN_111d&dev_76DF&SUBSYS_10280534&REV_1002 Here are my driver ids for my importent drivers And Actually i Think i will stay with windows xp i just got every update install and i dont want to lose that i dont care what microsoft thinks about it!
  7. I Found The Ids And listed them for you to look at
  8. PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0082&SUBSYS_13068086 here is 2 of them HDAudio\func_01&VAN_111d&dev_76DF&SUBSYS_10280534&REV_1002 Here are my driver ids
  9. my specs are intel(r) hd grahpics 4000 intel core i5-3320 298gb toshiba hdd intel centrino advanced n 6205 wifi adapter latitude e6430 laptop
  10. I Posted a .bat file that gets rid of telemetry updates in 7/8.1/10 not that long ago here If This Will Help You
  11. @Sergiaws I Originally Posted The Telemetry Fix Bat File here it made by github user xvitily
  12. microsoft has forced me to have to use windows 10 with the drivers for my laptop only supporting 10 now and minecraft will only work on it starting april 1 and also the latest version of vmware player every thing i use is now only windows 10 compatible they have forced me to upgrade to 10 That i dont like but im forced to use it any tips to disable the spying and telemetry would be very helpfull to at least make it usable
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