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  1. my favorite version of windows 10 is 1709 its really fast for me and has easy telemetry disable features (unlike newer versions) -VistaEX
  2. im making a custom iso of vista but i only have 209 updates+the sha2 patch of the updates where can i find the other 300 something updates for it? if anyone knows where i can find them it would be really appreciated-VistaEX
  3. does any one know the best way to install all the server 2008 updates without breaking the extended kernel compatibility?
  4. can i have this locked please thank you
  5. i was saying that about what xperceniol posted
  6. its okay i know it was just a joke
  7. is their any way i can get vmware player 16 to work on vista with the extended kernal? installed?
  8. i didint forget my old topics i just starting them over because the old topics i made i had just joined msfn and not that many people liked me back then and also that one didint give much information about my problem
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