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  1. I had all the needed updates, read that topic like 5 times and the readme even more
  2. I'm using an original ISO from MSDN and I have troubles too The first time I try to check for updates it works, then it just hangs and nothing happens edit: You can use an updated ISO
  3. go to MDL (my digital life) forums and search in the vista related topic
  4. Great to hear that progress is being made! Also, kinda off topic but here it goes I "discovered" that if you uninstall kb4474419 the build number goes back to 6002 (from 6003) which was to be expected but do the updates that required it still "work" properly? (if that makes any sense)
  5. any news about the kernel / the progress made ?
  6. About 3 weeks ago I got a 240GB Kingston A400 SSD and when I checked something in HDSentinel I saw that my drive is at 97% health already and 80% performance with 1.07TB written My old chinese no name 120GB SSD is still at 100% life and 100% performance after 3 years and about 15TB written and ran only windows 10 I think I will return it and get something else that has a dram cache too
  7. The latest I think it's 372.70 but I'm using 372.54 with a gtx 1060 3gb and got it from the manufacturers website (asus) Didn't have enough time to play a lot of games but in minecraft and euro truck simulator 2 there are no problems (I don't think these games use directx so that's why they work well) There are known issues with directx games in terms of performance Also what motherboard are you using?
  8. @Dixel I understand that you will never ever use software made by KGB and that's your opinion Even if I switch to another AV, isn't something wrong with that dll that made kaspersky crash? Maybe there are programs that won't work with the modifications added by the new dll. Who knows? You could just respond to my topic where I asked what's the best AV for vista with the extended kernel and not make a whole war here How did you get it running? I couldn't make it work and I really want to use chrome instead of firefox
  9. my motherboard does not have windows vista drivers but the windows 7 ones work well
  10. have you tried installing them "unmodded"?
  11. ok... after 2 restarts (because of the sidebar bug) kaspesky crashes WMP is still not working, but how can I make the x64 one the default ? edit: I got the dll from the "x86 files" folder, is this the correct one, isn't it?
  12. I guess I should put it in the system32 folder, right?
  13. Does anybody else's windows media player behave weirdly? Mine doesn't want to play any mp3 file but mp4 videos work just fine (I have the k lite mega pack codecs installed) Also the sidebar sometimes won't start but after a restart it's back again and I have this annoying white thing around the calendar gadget which disappears if I switch it to display just the day (this alters after restarts like if I switch it to display the day, now it's fine but after a restart it will have the white thing around and so on)
  14. yes I didn't test any other versions tho
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