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  1. and where are you hoping to get with this assuming that someone sends you screenshots? there are tons of people that don't want to use vms because of the worse performance
  2. vmware and virtualbox do virtualizations, there is no need to install intel or nvidia or whatever you want driver, only vmware's software (i forgot the name) or guest additions for virtual box; vitualization means it runs on top of your existing os, not directly on your hardware which is why the performance of a vm is way worse have you never used a vm before? the timing problem has been looked into a billion times already
  3. is this even needed? what happens if you uninstall it?
  4. My findings after testing the new version on a somewhat period correct machine: - msi afterburner is still broken, no error code, just "MSIAfterburner has stopped working" - furmark 1.31 installer does not launch and every version higher than the installer glitches so you basically have no buttons and can't do anything besides stop it from task manager - in prime95, cinebench r15 and r20 my core 2 quad q9550 is being recognized as a 1 core 4 threads cpu but cinebench r11.5 and cpu-z do recognize it correctly; the performance isn't affected in r15 (r20 launches but fails the test) but it is quite odd (i did manually set it to 4 processors in system configuration and it is the same) - kaspersky is back (don't care about other peoples opinion on this kgb virus or whatever they call it and i'm not russian), but i don't use firefox anymore and i remember it crashing only when using this specific browser - minecraft 1.18+ still fails to load into worlds (this starts to happen with snapshot 21w42a of minecraft 1.18) I need some software that works the way msi afterburner does because my gtx 770 gets hot and i can't set the fan speed to what i want
  5. java 17 worked even before this release, tho i can't remember if it was 32 bit
  6. man, please, don't spam this in every possible post if someone needs to mod the os to run something i think he/she has more than 2 braincells which he/she can use to find this original thread of the extended kernel
  7. have you tried chrome? you can install it by globally spoofing to windows 7 or higher (then you can delete the global parameter)
  8. i get it, you want to get your things working, but i've seen this question so many times that it looks like spam now (nothing personal) i mean it would've been easier to buy an old laptop or use a vm if you don't want to spend money (your time is more precious than 30 bucks)
  9. no, i install kb4493730 right after, not even after a restart and it works every time
  10. I always install kb4474419 first just because it's the one above in the folder so that's not the problem
  11. some work without any modding
  12. i made that iso (also you should remove that link; it's against the rules) but i don't remember if i updated the root certificates because that can cause some drivers to not work (at least on my laptop) it's better to just install standalone updates with dism++
  13. you can find a driver for the igpu hd4000 at the bottom the first post

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