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  1. ive never had issues with vmware workstation player on build 6003 and i'm using it since may with the latest ex kernel
  2. kinda OT but can't someone look at windows 7 rtm or sp1 HAL things and backport the DLLs to vista? I think people already tried this but I haven't seen someone posting about this "method". maybe @win32 has more info?
  3. Why should they delete his posts? they might be useful for someone one day to make a working patch Also I would like to ask you something privately. Where could I get in contact with you?
  4. only from vistaexkernsetup_[version].7z for the newest available right now you need updates up to apr 2017, kb4474419, kb4493730 (both are win server 2008 updates but you need them even on vista) and updated root certificates
  5. How's the situation when all server 2008 updates are installed? I can't test that because I have a 3rd gen i7 3770 so this bug doesn't affect me
  6. maybe try copying the install.wim from that vista iso to your modified win 7 iso and delete the win 7s one i dont know if it works, never tried it
  7. any idea when will the next version be released?
  8. you got that image from archive org? asking out of curiosity
  9. the easiest way to get rid of this error would be to reset your router to the default settings but that also means that all of your routers custom settings will be reset
  10. I have a windows server 2012 (not R2) ISO, but I don't know if it's build 9200 (I've never tested it) Also I'm not allowed to share it with you here sadly
  11. Could you share them with me? (I would like everything you have, but just 373.19 is good too I guess) I have a GTX 1060 3gb and I would really like to test them after I get home from vacation! Also you know that I own 2 FS machines if that matters
  12. i would like to send you a private message, but i can't.. did you disable something or just dont wanna be bothered ?
  13. i own a fujistu laptop, actually 2 but they are the same model (li2727) one of them has the chipset fried (i don't know why, i guess it happened because of a power shock) but the batteries are amazing! after like 14 years one of them holds for about an hour and the other one 10 mins
  14. when will the new version be out? i'm very excited to try it

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