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  1. Welcome to this wonderful forum @SeedyTV and hello from India
  2. I do agree that Windows 10 is trash compared to anything else, (Dixel alias D Draker alias Win7-hater, I don't want you to argue with me, Windows 7 IS good, but not better than Vista)........... but, do we need another topic for this? I have already created not one, but TWO other topics related to this.
  3. Okay, I understand fully that you need Office 2013+, but not me. When my Office 2010 becomes completely obsolete (which is certainly not going to happen in the next 5 years), I will embrace LibreOffice and will never touch newer versions of MS Office. Who needs Movie Maker when there is Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.etc.? It's too basic. OneDrive can be used in a web browser. Other than that, I agree, MS messed up Vista support for apps and made sure to frighten many legacy Windows users, but we at MSFN have not fallen prey to their intimidation techniques.
  4. I think you could do a little better than this. You can put 16 gigs of DDR2 RAM, a Core 2 Quad Extreme qx9300 or at least a C2Q q9000. Also, an SSD would really help.
  5. Looks quite cool, that wallpaper is so, so, beautiful too!
  6. Not again!!! I thought you liked Vista and you would stay on Vista , but you switched operating systems again!!
  7. @Vistapocalypse

    YES! The Vista ship is still afloat because of the renewed interest in Vista due to the invention of the extended kernel, and it will remain afloat for at least the next 5 years according to me.

    1. VistaEX


      yay! long live vista! i plan to continue to use vista until at least 2023 and if even possible after that i will still continue to use it!:D

  8. So I did a comparative study of Win7 and 8.x performance over 2 months on both real machines and VMs, and found out that a tweaked Win8.x install is better overall than Windows 7. For the time and effort that you need to tweak Windows 8.x to look like Windows 7 or Vista or something else, you get more speed, more features and more value ultimately. Try it yourself. NOTE: This does NOT mean that I hate Win7. I like it, but it comes second on my Windows Ranking list, after Windows 8.x and Vista which share first place. Well, in my case, all the software I require functions equally
  9. Welcome to this wonderful forum @VistaUser6002 and hello from India
  10. Install rootsupd.exe. It will fix this error
  11. Welcome to this wonderful forum @TylerTT and hello from India
  12. Welcome to this wonderful forum @matthew1 and hello from India
  13. @VistaEX Through this post, you would get all your questions answered. If not, ask me and I will answer. Your e6430 will surely run XP x64 just fine. The memory limit of 4 GB on x86 versions is raised to 128 GB on XP (or Vista and Win7) x64. First, install XP x64. Prefer using an updated ISO. Then, install drivers using Driver booster. You can also use Snappy Driver installer, but Driver Booster worked best for me. All your drivers including Intel HD 4000 driver will be installed. Use 360Chrome for web browsing and Avast AV. For a complete guide on how to eliminate Chinese tele
  14. Hello all, in this poll I would like to ask which are the best/worst versions of Office in your opinion. IMO, the best is Office 2010.2007, 2000 and 2003 closely follow (in descending order).
  15. My opinion is that Windows Vista Business or Ultimate SP2 x64 (with extended kernel) or Windows 7-8.1 Pro/Pro with WMC are good for the work that I currently do (moderate multitasking, typical student's work and virtualisation). Vista is my daily driver and I have extended kernel to use websites that, unfortunately, don't work with the great @roytam1's browsers (Google Meet and WhatsApp Web for example). I prefer it over Win7 because I have found it to be a teeny tiny bit faster than snappier than Windows 7 on the same hardware. Also, I will use Vista until when it becomes completely obsolete.
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