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  1. any core 2 cpu can run vista natively that model is released in 2009, only 2 years after vista's release with some more ram and an ssd it will be amazing (a core 2 quad would be a bit better nowadays but that works too)
  2. I don't use outlook but if you have office installed, have you tried that app called outlook? (I never used it so I don't even know if it works on xp and vista anymore)
  3. Can you give us an approximate day/week? I kinda need to reinstall vista on my main pc because some things got messed up and I want to know if it's worth to wait until the next update so a second reinstall it's not needed (just to not shave another like 200gb of off my sdd's lifespan) also any news regarding steam compatibility? euro truck simulator 2 stopped working a few months ago and I think it's because it needs a newer version of steam (oct. 2020 is what I'm using)
  4. I can confirm that 1.18 and newer hang at loading the world phase Another weird thing is even on 1.17.1 (which can load worlds fine) I can't connect to any server (even local hosted ones; maybe because I have java 17 installed?) My guess is that java 17 (which is required by minecraft 1.18 and newer) doesn't work properly on windows vista (minecraft 1.17.1 requires only java 16)
  5. from what I tested euro truck simulator 2 no longer works (could someone confirm tho?)
  6. "The ordinal 899 could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll"
  7. go to mydigitallife forums theres a thread where people still post things about server 2008 updates "Restore Windows Update for Vista"
  8. https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ older versions i don't have enough time to test but it's not that hard
  9. any windows version is closed-source talking about something closed source is fine but directly sharing the files could lead to serious legal problems from microsoft
  10. you basically choose a forge version for the minecraft version you want and then drop the optifine jar in the "mods" folder; you have an option in the right menu to open the instances folder for minecraft 1.17 and up (maybe even 1.16? idk for sure) you need java 16 which works with the ex. kernel I played minecraft 1.17 with optifine using multimc last summer
  11. maybe try copying the cd contents over to the desktop in a folder and do the same thing again?
  12. you're supposed to get in touch with win32 to get access
  13. why did you even install them? you know you can make a firefox.exe.local folder and throw the dlls there, right?(after merging dllredirectionenabler.reg) it doesn't Anyway.. Does anyone have a working steam client? I mean a more recent version than oct. 2020 Also great to see that the new version fixed the explorer.exe problem on the first run
  14. is there a new version (02042022)? check the mega folder
  15. any significant news regarding the development of the ex kernel? haven't heard from you, win32, in a while...
  16. maybe it's leaking check the memory available right after boot and after half an hour to see if it decreases or is the same if it's leaking there's not much you can do except downgrading the ex kernel (if using it)
  17. that's only up to apr 2017 (it has every update, trust me, i made that) you need sha 2 support (kb4474419 + kb4493730 which are post apr 2017 updates from win server 2008 and updated root certificates; hopefully i haven't forgotten something) also i don't think you are allowed to share that link here
  18. you could use the wayback machine to see if the download link was working some time ago (or even saved)
  19. that happened to me too after installing the newest version msi afterburner does not work for me either (kaspersky is buggy too)
  20. you can just download the newest firefox installer and right click on it then on extract (winrar or 7zip is required)
  21. you re supposed to put it in Program Files ( not the x86 one) because the kernel is more advanced on x64 but I guess that works too
  22. in the mega folder there's a folder called "sidebar redirection files for 2018+ update users" and inside that you'll find a dll copy that dll to C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe.local *you* must create the siderbar.exe.local folder then you need to run DLLredirectionenabler.reg from the mega folder and restart

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