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  1. download the gpu driver from the nvidia website either that or a damaged hdmi port
  2. as I said, I usually don't use windows xp. On this vista vm there is no ex kernel installed, but I got every update up to vista eos yes, it is activated
  3. I'm using vista, not win xp I just tried that installer in a vm, looks like it works. Didn't login, i just skipped that step
  4. I used (and still use) the 2018 version ( i think)on my vista machine. Maybe the 2019 one just works?
  5. i always use the version which i uploaded here ages ago https://archive.org/details/windows-vista-updates-x-64-64bit under ZIP files you can find dism++.zip
  6. it's been a long time since i last used blender, but I think the default option is to render on the cpu, but even if it's not you can check in the settings
  7. dism++ works great on every system I have how much ram does your pc have?
  8. does anyone know if the drift bug is still present on systems running intel 12th gen+ cpus without E cores? winclient5270 reported no problems on an i7 12700kf, but what if the E cores play a role? wouldn't you need a new scheduler to fully support the cpu, unlike on an i3 13100f for example which has only p cores? it's just a theory
  9. why not try to redirect to the original files? I mean there are a lot of files to track down that have been modified but if you want to use WLPG 2011 i guess it's worth it edit: even with ex. kernel version 10192022 it's giving an error (not the same tho; 0x8000ffff) so maybe an even older version of ex. kernel might help?
  10. I tested on an x64 VM with all updates up to EOS (mainly because I made an iso which has them integrated and it was easier to use it than to install them one by one if req) just to make it a bit more clear, everything I said in my first post is for vista without ex. kernel because that's what you asked for
  11. You can give MultiMC a shot; I use it, but with extended kernel To make it work you first need to have sha-2 support (kb4474419, maybe even kb4493730, i don't know, i installed it because it was in my folder), so that already changes your vista build number from 6002 to 6003 Then you need a working browser (I used mypal 68) to sign in to your minecraft (microsoft) account, if you don't have the updates mentioned it will fail with the error "xbox user authentication failed" The newest version you can play is 1.16.5; newer versions require java 16 which does not work properly (with ex. kernel you can go up to some 1.18 snapshots)
  12. weren't these the drivers which were causing BSODs while used with newer nvidia drivers?
  13. if you remove the hdd which has win 10 does the error go away? i know if you install it this way it won't make a dual boot, but if the installation is successful then you might want to save you personal files and format everything i remember having the same issue and that was the only way to go
  14. what do you mean by "the proper way"? what is the other os you are trying to use and it doesn't work? I usually go from the oldest to the newest (install vista first then windows 10 for example) and never had issues
  15. try legacy update! I never used it, but a few youtubers presented it, so it might be worth trying
  16. I have the offline installer for WLE 2011 and i'm pretty sure i installed it already, will check later
  17. doesn't work, at least for me. it throws an error when connecting saying that it can't reach the servers (or something along the line)
  18. I have every update that GHM put in his repository and mine looks exactly the same as yours. WPG isn't a good option, it looks like it downscales the resolution of the picture. I just tried to open some photos taken with my phone and they look awful, not to mention it doesn't even work with really high resolutions like 12000x9000 (only in slideshow mode but it still downscales) which is the max my phone can shoot at
  19. any issues with drivers? the last official release was in dec of 2013, so almost 10 years ago I was looking to buy an r9 290x since the price was very good, but then I discovered that it does not have win xp drivers (I have vista+xp dual boot) and a gtx 970 is so cheap now that it makes no sense to mod amd drivers while on the nvidia side you can very easily mod the driver to work on xp still, your experience may matter to others looking to buy a gpu for their vista pc (Yes, the titan x is one of the best gpus for vista but not everyone can afford one, or even find one locally)
  20. don't get too exited to use vista as you have a haswell cpu which causes the os to not boot properly
  21. Yes, I know I can flash it to a rampage formula, actually I have a p5e deluxe x48 which came with the mod applied, but I usually like things as close to stock as possible But of course, that's OT, so let's get back to windows defender and it's usefulness
  22. It will never be able to update on it's own anymore because of "SHA-2" I always quit defender and also disable the windows defender service from services.msc (type that in a Run box or just search it using the start menu). It's useless anyway
  23. or you can get them from GHM's repository as .cab updates which can be installed with dism++ https://msfn.org/board/topic/181756-windows-vista-update-repository-until-april-2017/

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