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  1. adwcleaner 7.something.something, i use that
  2. Yep, I have the problem again, but now I get the steamui.dll error, I even used the method I used before but it doesn't work now...
  3. I have a question, can you run modern steam that can log in and download games from Windows Vista 32bit without extended kernel? I have a netbook and i want to play some games on it.
  4. This is very cool, I hope the development will finish soon, I have only one question, which programs will work?
  5. Is been two months since I made my topic on vista 32bit extended kernel. Any updates? (that netbook is still alive, and i want the hard drive to not suffer)
  6. I just realised, I haven't replaced the files to old library files...
  7. Hello, I am here to share my problems with steam on vista. Steam 2018: Waited 1 hour to download because archive.org speeds are not too well and then it didn't work. Steam 2019: This actually worked on vista earlier, but now it can't connect to servers. Steam 2020: Logs in, but shows a blank page when I visit something, also shows a funny message that says "Windows XP and Windows Vista support ends in 0 days."
  8. Maybe yes, but that didn't work and it killed the support for xp or vista.

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