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  1. Install rootsupd.exe. It will fix this error
  2. Welcome to this wonderful forum @TylerTT and hello from India
  3. Welcome to this wonderful forum @matthew1 and hello from India
  4. @VistaEX Through this post, you would get all your questions answered. If not, ask me and I will answer. Your e6430 will surely run XP x64 just fine. The memory limit of 4 GB on x86 versions is raised to 128 GB on XP (or Vista and Win7) x64. First, install XP x64. Prefer using an updated ISO. Then, install drivers using Driver booster. You can also use Snappy Driver installer, but Driver Booster worked best for me. All your drivers including Intel HD 4000 driver will be installed. Use 360Chrome for web browsing and Avast AV. For a complete guide on how to eliminate Chinese tele
  5. Hello all, in this poll I would like to ask which are the best/worst versions of Office in your opinion. IMO, the best is Office 2010.2007, 2000 and 2003 closely follow (in descending order).
  6. My opinion is that Windows Vista Business or Ultimate SP2 x64 (with extended kernel) or Windows 7-8.1 Pro/Pro with WMC are good for the work that I currently do (moderate multitasking, typical student's work and virtualisation). Vista is my daily driver and I have extended kernel to use websites that, unfortunately, don't work with the great @roytam1's browsers (Google Meet and WhatsApp Web for example). I prefer it over Win7 because I have found it to be a teeny tiny bit faster than snappier than Windows 7 on the same hardware. Also, I will use Vista until when it becomes completely obsolete.
  7. @Sampei.Nihira My condolences to you and your near and dear ones... Let God give you the strength to bear this loss Om Shanti (the Hindu way of expressing condolences).
  8. @pridesnow I think this is the correct driver for Intel HD 3000: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/21414/Graphics-Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-Vista-64-exe-
  9. Pic please @Jaguarek62 BTW, does Intel HD Graphics 620 have drivers for Windows 8.0 and/or 8.1? I plan to upgrade the i3 6006u on my Inspiron 15 3567 to an i5 by replacing the chipset, but there are no chipset replacements for that laptop which have Skylake i5 CPUs which fully support Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1.
  10. I also have to share that Win8.1 works flawlessly on a cheap MacBook Air clone that I with a Pentium n4200 (Apollo Lake CPU based on Kaby Lake CPUs) with all drivers (installed using Driver Booster) except the Intel HD Graphics 505 driver. The stock MS Basic Display Adapter driver is used, and mysteriously, Aero Glass for Win8+ works! Windows 10 was sloooooooooow on that laptop, compared to 8.1 which is a lot faster.
  11. @VistaEX Why are you switching OSes every now and then? If you like Vista, stay with Vista. Yes, there is this free utility named USB Disk Eject that does the job very well. Notifications are displayed as balloon tooltips.
  12. Welcome to this wonderful forum @Jasmin and hello from India
  13. Valid point, but @Jody Thornton Did Server 2012 R1 and/or Win8 Embedded receive these updates? And if yes, I'm guessing they can be installed on Windows 8.0 without any hassle?
  14. @VistaLover You must consider looking into buying a Sandy/Ivy Bridge i5/i7 laptop (any Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude/HP Probook/Elitebook). They will give you the best value for the money you can buy them for on Ebay or some seconds market. They have full support for Vista. You can avoid spending lots more on newer craptops that support Win10 and Linux only.
  15. Ok @dencorso/ @Tripredacus, you can close this topic now. The problem got fixed after installing KB4018271 and changing explorer view settings (thanks @Mr.Scienceman2000).
  16. Does anybody remember those days when it actually made sense to use IE as a daily web browser?
    They are never going to come back...... IE is going to be killed off completely few months later...

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    2. Win10-Hater
    3. noobie91


      :( The greatest version of IE, IE7 has gotten extremely obsolete....... It introduced many changes and improvements over IE6 for the better....

      BTW I never exactly used IE7 when it was viable to use as a daily web browser, but I know how great it was

    4. Mr.Scienceman2000


      I only used internet exploiter on intrawebs/switch control panels using activex aka infectivex that was security risk. I used firefox outside those. But simple web times are not coming back. I miss simple design that worked on any browser and sites not requiring javascript to be turned on to do simple task

  17. Hello all, I had to reinstall IE9 on my Vista machine due to KB4014661, an IE9 update refusing to install for some reason. After reinstalling, I faced the issue where explorer would always open folders in a new window. I know of a fix that involves regsvr, but I can't find instructions to fix this issue anywhere (I also don't know the instructions to fix lol). Can someone please provide me the instructions to fix? This topic can be closed once the instructions are provided. Thanks in advance.
  18. To my surprise, it does find all the updates, even for Office 2010!! Also offered are Visual Studio updates, Ultimate Extras and even Windows Live Essentials 2011!
  19. Not AV, but I suggest you take a look at Malwarebytes Free 3.5.1 which I use on my Vista system (I use it instead on AV). You can automate scans via Task Scheduler. Also, I used to use Avast Free AV (it still receives definition updates on Vista and XP), but it suddenly became glitchy at a point of time. Don't know whether it's just my issue though. One more suggestion: take a look at Clamwin AV, a wonderful, open-source AV that supports Windows 95 (yes 95!) through 10.
  20. Update: I finally set up a Windows Vista - 8.0 dualboot on my main laptop (Dell e5420) yesterday, after planning for one month. Windows Vista will continue to be my main OS with Win8 for things like Skype, Teams, etc.etc. that don't work properly on Vista now. I originally planned on dual-booting Vista and 8.1 but seeing as Sandy Bridge CPU's are not officially supported on 8.1 and because 8.0 has some teeny tiny performance improvements and some other goodies over 8.1 (e.g, no telemetry updates, no CPU blocks, being easier to tweak visually than 8.1), I chose 8.0. With the UI tweaks necessary
  21. Same here. This is Windows 8.0 Pro x64 transformed into Windows 7 (it actually looks a little better than the original Win7) dualbooted with Vista Business SP2 x64 on my main laptop. Will be posting my Windows 8.1 desktop screenshots from my 2 other laptops that run Windows 8.1.
  22. My best guess is you used a third party dark theme that changes some settings in chrome://flags to make everything look dark? Also, uBO does not install even thru dev mode from an unpacked extension folder on Chrome/Chromium. It says "could not load manifest".
  23. Yes this is Vista inside Vista. Server 2008 is on another VM (not shown in these images) This is some weird behaviour I noticed on Firefox: on Firefox 68 ESR with localised versions of Media Foundation files, Youtube videos (both pre-recorded and livestreamed) play perfectly fine, but on Firefox 78.0 ESR and upwards, pre-recorded videos don't play while livestreams play properly. This is not a very big deal, I know I can use Chrome, but sometimes I prefer Firefox for blocking the disturbing ads on Youtube. I don't know about Rapid Release branches. Anyone else facing this issue?
  24. No, this does not happen on Chromium 89.0.4385.0. I installed 2 themes, Just Black and B and W to test, they do not switch off after relaunch. Tried local redirection, same case. This is on a Vista Home Premium VM updated till Jan.2020. I also tried on vanilla SP2 (actually Server 2008 SP2) and issue is absent for me.
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