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  1. So I'm after another clean install and while trying to install the extended kernel December 2020 release it says: "file not found" during copying the new files. Had to use system restore three times (it renamed old files but didnt copy new ones so it BSOD at startup). Why is this happening? Edit: nevermind extracting to desktop helped...?
  2. I'm having the same issue right here... Right now im reverting to a restore point before the kernel extension. I installed every single update WU offered + MSE and Silverlight.
  3. Also ever since installing the extended kernel no startup sound plays, every other sound plays normally except the startup sound.
  4. Welcome! I don't know why but whenver I open winver the branding is.. a little unnatural? And the icon of winver.exe is the "missing" icon for some reason. Every other edition's branding looks normal it's just Home Premium's that is broken. It's not an issue, it's just... why? This might be a time-waster topic (really sorry), but I really am curious.
  5. And it is probably tedious.. But if you want a secure and working platform you've gotta suffer, I guess.
  6. Do you have any other computers/laptops in wherever youre residing right now? If yes then try plugging the not working USB into another computer/laptop and see if it works. The USB might've just died, or the XP laptop just doesn't work with this particular one.
  7. This is my Vista desktop (sorry for the polish no can do) is it okay if I give a link instead?: https://imgur.com/a/ZkI8OjT
  8. I found out that SFC replaces the extended kernel files with the original unmodified versions. Running SFC every once in a while is important, but having to replace the files after every SFC scan is tiring. Is there any way to prevent this?
  9. Well the leak was XP SP1 from what I know so XP SP2 and SP3 are secure (in a way) for now.
  10. I had this issue right after doing a clean install of Win 7. My RAM was used a lot, my CPU was at 80% or even 100% and my cooling fan was really loud, but after updating fully it was calm. 0-1% CPU usage around 300MB used out of 8GB when doing nothing.
  11. Great news! The update did not break anything! I don't know why SFC was behaving like that, but it's fixed so that's good.
  12. Thanks! I'll install the update, if anything breaks I can use a system restore point so no worries. Once after updating to EOL I had a copy of the entire all programs menu inside the all programs menu, it was so weird.. When I deleted it it just wiped the entire start menu. I had to reinstall..... :/
  13. I have the same card too, and the drivers for Vista just don't exist. That's why I use a TP-Link.
  14. im having a problem but more about it in a reply of the topic i made about sfc. i feel troubled. edit: update on my mood now im feeling relief and im feeling gooooooooooood
  15. Okay, so the source of the problem might be the update KB2761494 (driver framework 1.11) because I've read that it's broken but it never gave me any issues in the past.. Right now I have installed EVERY update available besides that one, and no problems have occured. I want to, no I HAVE to install the extended kernel but I am unsure if this update not being installed will break my Vista install or not and I don't want to break anything again by installing the update.
  16. I have reinstalled Vista and updated until EOL and the same keeps happening. I don't know what to do now, but i've read that it should just be ignored so i'll do that.
  17. That would actually make some sense, this laptop went through a lot over the years.. About Windows Update I actually found a method to make it work again (login required to view some posts).
  18. Lenovo G580 Model 20150 Intel Core i3-2348M 2.30GHz 8GB of DDR3 RAM A 1TB HDD Originally ran Win 8 but it's not my favourite, so I put 7 on it and dualbooted with Vista, both are 64-bit. I'm using Vista because it was the first OS I ever used and I really like it. I have to dualboot with 7 though, because I need modern software compatibility.
  19. Nope. The same still happens, ill just reinstall Vista I guess, cause I don't wanna go through troubleshooting hell.
  20. Huh? My copy of Windows Vista is 100% geniune. The installer DVD is original it has the original key and all and it activates. Office 2010 could be the cause then, because I downloaded a copy from the internet. I'll just uninstall it and see what happens, I wasn't gonna keep it anyway.
  21. Hello! My name's Matthew and I really like NT 6.0 and 6.1 which I use as my daily drivers (dualboot), but I may consider plain Vista. I'm happy to be a part of the MSFN community!
  22. Hello! I'm new here, but i've browsed this site before. So today after I performed a System File Check it said that it found corrupted files and fixed them "successfully" however no matter what I do it keeps saying that after every single System File Check, so is something wrong? I have never had this happen to me before, but it keeps on happening.. I tried running SFC in CMD and PowerShell but both give the same results. I also tried restarting after every single SFC but nothing changes. I cannot check the CBS log because I don't have permission to do it, and Event Viewer doesn't give any inf
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