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Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

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On ‎6‎/‎3‎/‎2017 at 2:19 AM, gitit20 said:

Well, updates have been taking longer and longer I gave up on it to many problems and headaches with it. Someone else will make another one I am sure. I kept having problems with mine changing to the stupid watermark when plugging in A USB stick or swapping out a hard drive. So I just modified the files to remove it. It was simple enough to do but don't ask me to share it because I will not. I have donated 2 times to get enough keys for my PC's and ran out because of that bug in the system. I was sick of having to wait 30 days for the key to expire so I could remake it and I never got a clear answer for what was causing it and no one cared enough to give me a proper response. this is shareware anyways it shouldn't have a watermark. This should have been just a normal PAY program since you had to donate or pay to remove the watermark (I think he wanted to make money without the responsibility). I have been using this thing for years now and it's gotten worse, BM you should either just kill it off or sell it to someone with more time and resources to pursue it. Do not get me wrong I loved it and love what you have done for us, but it's clear you either don't have the time and resources for it any longer or just don't care. I am not sure, thanks for what you have done for us, I wish you the best. 

I am sorry if this sounds harsh but this is just how I see it. 

I halfway agree with you, about the watermark thing, either charge for the software because I am sure people WILL buy it or don't. Personally IMO when you ask for donations to remove the watermark, lets face it $5 is not a whole lot of money, so yes BM is in no way getting rich off AeroGlass.

BUT, you have to understand also, AeroGlass was easier to maintain when Microsoft's model was to bring out a new version every 4 to 6 years, now that it has changed to every 6 months it gets to be a real pain because with every new build custom themers and people like Big Muscle have to start all over again and it takes time, I am sure the man holds down a real job and family, gotta pay the bills and eat first, ya know what I mean. It also gets frustrating because Microsoft is not working WITH guys like him, it's more like they are working against him.

But as far as the watermark goes, I would change to a straight purchase model and charge like $20 per license to remove the watermark, I love AeroGlass too but it has become too much of a pain to use it because you never know which Windows Update is going to break it or better yet brick your system because you updated with it installed.

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What an honour it was to share our lives with Aero Glass for these past several years. Rest in piece, beloved software, you'll never be forgotten. Oh, OldNewExplorer too. ?

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I 'm still using aeroglass under windows 10 anniversary update and very happy to have it working daily , I just wanted to tell I'm not expecting newer updates as I easily understand it can be boring to keep such app updated , knowing windows 10 will release regular updates and then incompatibilities to come.

I'm working with human being for about more than 22 years and I know how this is hard to satisfy them lol 

So I made some donation to get a working aeroglass under windows 10 first builds before you updated to be anniversary compliant so whatever you choose to do about it , I wish you the best in your life .

For me at least aeroglass is still alive yeah :) 


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Supposedly Microsoft is working on an entirely new re-design of windows. Came across this from January 2017:


Which if there's any merit to it, will re-introduce translucency to not only frames, but entire windows and other UI elements.

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12 minutes ago, MDJ said:

Old news, bro.

I know. Just perhaps some hope for better design elements. For now dude that posted version 1.4.5 works with creators is correct. However the blur does work at higher settings. Just make sure to turn off use glow effect. 

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Thanks for the update, Big Muscle.

Seems to work just fine here.

Out of curiosity, what's been fixed since to make  The only thing I've noticed so far is that the Settings App doesn't seem to mess up its title bar any more (it's the only App I have).


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