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  1. This software is for advanced users only as stated in the instructions. I download the compressed archive. I then create a scheduled task for it. The experimental DWMGlass.dll is simply copied to the Aeroglass folder, overwriting the original.
  2. I do not have watermark with legit key on experimental build. I am using 20H1 18917.
  3. Run this in command window as administrator both BEFORE and AFTER SIB++ installation! schtasks /delete /tn "\StartIsBack health check" /f taskkill /f /im explorer.exe & start "" explorer.exe
  4. I do have the debug window which I hide by moving to a virtual desktop, but I do not have the watermark. I am on build 18908, and this debug version works perfectly! Thank you BigMuscle!
  5. I always put the command window on another virtual desktop. That being said I am running 18885.1001 20H1, and this works perfectly!
  6. Well you know what ya gotta do! Uninstall SpyShelter!
  7. Aeroglass stays running no matter how many things you switch to during the day. It loads at start. You can check the task in Task Scheduler. Some themes may not work with Aeroglass though, so that could be what you are talking about.
  8. I run this with every new install. Never an issue!
  9. You may want to try running this command as administrator schtasks /delete /tn "\StartIsBack health check" /f Then installing SiB again. If successful run command again.
  10. Well they work for me. Perhaps you just need to study them more closely.
  11. dhjohns

    Beta channel

    I haven't had any issues with it, and it is working great on build 18850 which is 20H1.
  12. I use StartisBack++ to skin my taskbar, but not to skin the Start Menu as I really like the Windows 10 start menu. This is what I do to organize it. I organize it just the way I want, and follow these directions. This may be a starting point for you.
  13. I have also noticed this with other programs. Usually built-in Windows programs. It seems random.
  14. @TihiyCould you update ONE to support 19H1 please?
  15. Sorry @jaclaz, there is no privacy on the internet. Only home alone in your room with the lights out, and the shades drawn.
  16. OK will do. Telemetry lets MS know anonymously how people use their computers, and directly reports to them any issues e.g. with drivers, 3rd-party software, and bugs with the OS so these problems can be repaired in a (hopefully) timely fashion. In the old days one would need to send error reports via a website or speak with them on the phone. With all of this data coming in to MS it can resolve these issues expediently. Also, by understanding better how people are using their computers MS can better develop features which will allow us to use our computers more productively.
  17. How 'bout a handful of testes? Seriously though, @bigmuscle, you should take all distribution as a complement. If your code sucked no one would share. I think you should THANK @nicely for getting the word out about your work. Remember he is doing this for free, and you don't owe him anything for his promotional efforts.
  18. @nicelywas performing a community service.
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