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  1. Just choose the minimum amount available and that will do the job for you. The license is very cheap, you could also consider donating more so that you've extra keys available for you.
  2. MDJ

    StartIsBack++ 2.8

    Your trial period has probably expired.
  3. Check 'symbols' folder which has appeared. Inside there shall be some more folders. Go inside every of them and check if there are .PDB files in them. If there are, restart your PC.
  4. All of the files go into root directory of Aero Glass. For instance, if you installed Aero Glass to C:\AeroGlass\, then all of the files will go to this folder. To download symbol files you've to run .CMD file like you'd run an application - by double clicking the file.
  5. Just noticed that it's probably Symbol Checker extracted from Windows SDK (haven't checked authenticity though): https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ic_RdjGMZV97EiiGR9fynmeym9I0z6F/view?usp=sharing Put files inside Aero Glass installation directory and run .CMD file.
  6. Now I remember that a long while ago I wouldn't get symbol files automatically downloaded despite of having a license. I then would use SymSrv from Windows SDK to get the required files. Perhaps you've this software installed on your PC? There's also another way to do this. Some time ago someone on this forum uploaded Aero Glass with some unofficial files dedicated for symbol downloading. If you're interested I can send them to you. Of course, as you say, you could try to reinstall the app, perhaps it'd do the job. By the way, I don't know exactly when but some time in the period of upgrading to Windows 16299 and starting to use the first published debugging Aero Glass version, my machine code has changed. Therefore you could also check if everything is alright with your license key.
  7. Today my PC has installed several latest updates. I had no problems, Aero Glass just automatically downloaded new symbol files, and that's it. I'm using the same Windows version as you, Aero Glass is of version 1.5.7.
  8. The menu bar isn't necessarily caused by OldNewExplorer. For instance, I'm using QTTabBar which forces menu bar to be always visible unless you make it otherwise exclusively in the app's settings.
  9. Microsoft has totally lost their taste in designing stuff over the last few years. Nowadays we've to use so many tweaks in order to deuglify user experience.
  10. It's amazing to see how File Explorer has evolved over the years but still kept its original core. Anixx's screenshot looks like it was taken from Windows 95!
  11. MDJ

    StartIsBack++ 2.8

    I get your point now but in reality it isn't common to use Windows which aren't neither in English, non in your mother-tongue language.
  12. MDJ

    StartIsBack++ 2.8

    If at the time of installing Windows your locale wasn't set to United States or some other English-speaking country, then your universal apps installed will be localized hence without the original English name. For instance, in my Windows "Calculator" became "Skaičiuotuvas". Searching for the latter works.
  13. If you'd look closely you'd see that there was a workaround provided already.
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