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  1. Settings page is in glass even without any additional software installed. It's by default, though it's kind of opaque.
  2. You're way overreacting. It'd have been a beautiful of gesture of making the project open source when he decided not to participate anymore. He didn't have to but he knew well that there were thousands of people that did enjoy using the software, who were eager to get the Aero effect back.
  3. I'm from Lithuania, a part of Eastern Europe and European Union. I've never had any issues with this site despite using whatever internet provider is available.
  4. Covid doesn't typically last for months. Even years ago when Aero Glass was just released bigmuscle wasn't the one who'd constantly chat in forums. He'd only publicly talk when there's a release coming or an issue is present that needs to be diagnosed.
  5. BM either got sick keeping up with the newest Windows versions over the years. Or got paid by Microsoft to stop interfering with the design they envision for the Windows 10.
  6. I still find Vista as the apogee of Windows design-wise.
  7. It's true, Microsoft p***es me off in the sense that every feature update breaks apps, like Aero Glass, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. That's why today I disabled auto-updates. I want smooth updates, with all of my apps ready for the grand Windows update.
  8. My Windows just updated to 19041.264
  9. And if wmn would install ESR version of Firefox they wouldn't need to commonly update manifest inside firefox.exe.
  10. As you said, you had already removed userChrome.css. Hmm... do you have your Aero Glass installed via official setup wizard?
  11. Does your Registry Editor window look exactly like mine?
  12. I found the solution. You need to add that DWORD not into the location mentioned but in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide. Aero Glass looks more neat done this way rather than by using userChrome.css
  13. Yes, I did reboot. I tried your file but it didn't work either.

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