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  1. Very nice drakulaboy . Is that look difficult to achieve and maintain? Could you mention how that look is derived?
  2. @ joeberardis...What? "Big Muscle will be getting a donation when I get paid" Sorry I probably misunderstood. I'll take that to mean when joe gets paid from work or other such.
  3. Again thanks in advance. Crickets?
  4. It appears to me that 32 bit Aero Glass will no longer be supported. This is the change log from the download section for Aero Glass 1.5.5: -- 1.5.5 (20.8.2017) -- * fixed drawing context destructor hook * fixed DPI-Awareness on UWP apps titlebars * hopefully fixed titlebars on UWP apps with extended frame - ApplicationFrame symbols are required to make this work correctly -- 1.5.4 (12.8.2017) -- * version designed for Windows 10 Creators Update (10.0.15063) * dropped support for 32-bit systems
  5. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    First, I should think anything regarding Win Ver. 1703 Creators update ( Aero Glass 1.5.4 ) should be posted to an appropriate topic. This topic is for Win Ver. 1607 ( Aero Glass 1.5.3 ). Secondly, Information regarding the Win Version and build need to be included or stated in some form so the issues can be trouble shot accordingly. Of course in general discussions or comments Win Ver. etc. may not be necessary. I myself am not to Win Ver. 1703 yet. The efforts and work individuals put in using and debugging advanced Win versions or insider builds is greatly appreciated but need to be posted appropriately for clarity. Just my opinion.
  6. Thanks Bigmuscle in advance...On my media computer via large screen TV...well I'm not quite to 1703 yet. I must be a slow poke.
  7. Feature requests

    I'm sorry I just can't help myself...I think we have a future Microsoft developer here. Maybe Alexa could help?
  8. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    carlitosoo555...Thanks for the example...looks good.
  9. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    carlitosoo555...No offense but I don't see a demo of Aeroglass working here? Barring modern apps. Do you have an example with fluent tuned off then? If of course that is possible. I'm at Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1198) just prior to creators. From what I'm hearing it sounds like things are working OK? Glass2k can set transparent windows... appears to be able to set any layer in any app/program with memory recall to up/down 10% max transparency. It is not dynamic...yet. Very old program that still works to date. http://chime.tv/products/glass2k.shtml
  10. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    "Aeroglass" isn't dead..."Glass" effects aren't dead...who/what controls them?
  11. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    I agree with big muscle.
  12. Fat Buttons

    Yes this was briefly discussed in the topic "Change the frame height" which is currently on page 3 of this forum. Also in the above post and image by Carlitosoo555, you can click on See in detail how this tweak works when using Winaero Tweaker . There it will explain the tweaks, the registry tweaks and values ( if Applicable). Home page: http://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.1836
  13. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    I believe this goes back as far as win 3.1 & 95 days when you were able to adjust nearly every window component in detail...such as title bar, drop downs, text etc.. somewhat gaudy examples that don't begin to demonstrate everything, but you get the idea.
  14. Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

    This is an example personal settings affecting edge colors etc. But I'm curious 2 edge colors in the same frame.