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  1. Yup, Window Blinds is still the same old bloat machine it has always been. The thing is Window Blinds serves their themes from within their software, which is why Window Blinds runs in the system tray whereas a "true" third party custom theme is served from the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder, like they should be. Starbloat serves their themes from within the software and uses the .wba extension with the idea they can keep Window Blinds themes sort of "proprietary", meaning their themes have to have Window Blinds to run and will not run without it, that is until someone can figure how to dismantle a .wba theme that can be ported to msstyle, when and if that happens, Starbloat will probably sink, nothing is impossible, all it takes is one or a group of people on a mission to figure it out. They thought they cornered the market when Start8 could skin the taskbar, that was until we got Tihly to get StartIsBack to do the same thing and IMO StartIsBack does it better. There are only about 5% of the total Window Blind themes I would like to see ported, the rest I can leave behind, the only Window Blind theme artist IMO that makes the ONLY worthwhile themes for Window Blinds is neone6, this guy makes some badassed themes, I really wish the guy would jump ship and start designing msstyle themes, there is some real talent there and it's being wasted.
  2. LMAO ........ Yup, that'll serve them right
  3. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    I halfway agree with you, about the watermark thing, either charge for the software because I am sure people WILL buy it or don't. Personally IMO when you ask for donations to remove the watermark, lets face it $5 is not a whole lot of money, so yes BM is in no way getting rich off AeroGlass. BUT, you have to understand also, AeroGlass was easier to maintain when Microsoft's model was to bring out a new version every 4 to 6 years, now that it has changed to every 6 months it gets to be a real pain because with every new build custom themers and people like Big Muscle have to start all over again and it takes time, I am sure the man holds down a real job and family, gotta pay the bills and eat first, ya know what I mean. It also gets frustrating because Microsoft is not working WITH guys like him, it's more like they are working against him. But as far as the watermark goes, I would change to a straight purchase model and charge like $20 per license to remove the watermark, I love AeroGlass too but it has become too much of a pain to use it because you never know which Windows Update is going to break it or better yet brick your system because you updated with it installed.
  4. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Just installed the Creators Update last night and the latest version of AeroGlass is not compatible, after installing the update and rebooting I instantly got the message that AeroGlass was not compatible, chose to leave it installed and Windows started acting like it was on acid leaving Window trails if I moved windows around, I uninstalled AeroGlass and everything is fine.
  5. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    Ok, I re-installed ThemeSignatureBypass and against my better judgement installed Uxstyle, installed Aeroglass 1.5, signed out and back in and seems to work although I haven't performed a full reboot yet. Question though ..... if uninstalling the previous version of Aeroglass uninstalled the AppInit_DLLS why would the new version of Aeroglass not see it and re-install it?
  6. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    Sorry for the sarcasm but if I wanted to go digging through my registry I would have installed manually and not with the installer. Now, like I said before, there seems to be a bug with the installer version that which after installing upon reboot will not allow you to login, after logging in the login page just re-appears again, you never log in. I have had to twice roll back to a restore point where this version of Aeroglass was not installed to be able to log in. I am running Windows 10 x64 1607 Build 14393.222
  7. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    Ok, I have completely uninstalled the experimental build and installed v1.5 via the installer version . When I reboot to my Windows login page after entering my password and hitting enter it brings me right back to my login page and it never logs in. Twice I had to roll back to a restore point before installing 1.5 to login. This is an aeroglass issue because if I remove aeroglass I can reboot just fine.
  8. Experimental builds

    Wow, dude ...... I mean really? This man works his a** off on this and you can't spare a measly $3, $5 or $10 to compensate him for his time so instead you post s*** like that?
  9. Experimental builds

    Well that does not help now, especially since I got mine YEARS ago with an old email address and since I cannot remember the password I can't reset the password because the old email account is inactive. I mean really? It's not like you can even get support at the site to have my email address reset. I would think you'd like as many testers on the pre release version as possible, not restrict it.
  10. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.4.1

    Wow, Stardock a la dupe française. Pas trop de gens ont quitté ce fait comme pour charger leur système avec bloatware! Translation: Wow, Stardock has the French fooled. Not too many people left that actually like to load their system up with bloatware!
  11. Beta channel

    I'm with Grim too, Tihly, you are the man for this and I know only you can pull this off. That is the reason I came to you with the taskbar skinning when I saw that Stardock was trying to corner the market on it when 10 first came out, I knew it was possible, and THIS is possible too.
  12. Flashing white screen on boot

    I don't think so, this setup has kept me virus, trojan, malware, ransomware and exploit free for almost a year now, I'd like to keep it that way. No security software catches everything, this setup kind of levels the playing field. Besides I don't think that is the problem, I think the problem lies within Windows 10 or the AV's I am trying to install.
  13. Flashing white screen on boot

    I am getting a white flashing screen on boot when I try to install new security software. The latest culprits being Bitdefender (paid) and Avira free antivirus, whenever I install them when I go to reboot I will get my pc makers logo, after which all I get is a flashing white screen and Windows will not boot, the screen just keeps flashing white and black, what is causing this? It cannot be graphics related because the pc boots normally without those AV's installed, just wondering if there is something in those AV's that need to be disabled for Windows to boot properly. Unfortunately I cannot find anything on either AV vendors websites or by doing a web search on the issues. My System Specs: Windows 10 Pro x64 v1511 build 10586.494 Running Security software: Windows Defender Winpatrol Plus Winantiransom Plus+ Malwarebytes Pro Rollback Rx Pro Microsoft EMET (all licenses are legit where required and are owned by me) Fast boot and secure boot are both disabled And yes, I do disable Windows Defender before installing another Antivirus. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Are you going to upgrade to Windows 10 before July, 29?

    Ok then, so when you have no other choice but to use "Bob 10" or "Bob 10" starts to look appealing to you, don't complain when you have to shell out $200 for it.
  15. Are you going to upgrade to Windows 10 before July, 29?

    I have just learned that the official release date for the aniversay update will be Aug. 2, 2016, here : Microsoft accidently reveals Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date This does not mean anythting to anyone getting their upgrade for free because the anniversay date for the original Windows 10 release was July 29, 2015, so if you are not upgraded by July 29, 2016 you will have to pay for Windows 10 in order to receive the Anniversay Update. You can now also decline the Windows 10 Upgrade ........You can now Decline the Windows 10 Upgrade Free Offer