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  1. We will never know will we, they may surprise you one day, just as with Sets, it'll be back one of these updates. Listen, I get what you are saying, there are a lot of frustrated people that have made donations that are complaining too. No one seems to know what motivates the man, he just does it when he does it. I did not mean to imply that you were plastering complaints all over the forum , it is everyone is general, they think if they complain enough it'll make BM update it faster, in my mind it is quite the contrary.
  2. If it bothers you that much about having to "donate" to unlock the software and having to wait for updates, you don't have to use it. There are other less viable options out there like Black Glass Enhanced that you can use. I have donated more than once but I also wait patiently for the updates without plastering complaints all over the forum here, because it gets you nowhere, it is not going to make him update it any faster, it'll get done when it gets done. I have always said that if BM does not have the time to invest in and update and improve aeroglass then he just should sell the source code to someone who does, but that is his choice. I am also absolute;y positive that we have some very smart individuals in this forum that with a little time could come up with a viable replacement to aeroglass also, but no one does. I can take aeroglass or leave it, it is not an absolute necessity for me to have because to me it is only eye candy, my OS's functionality is not dependent on it. But when it is updated I do use it, aeroglass also does not dictate to me whether or not I upgrade my system to the latest versions of Windows or not, if a version of Windows breaks it , fine, I just move on and wait for the next update, while for others it might be a deal breaker but as for me that is just absurd to run a less secure OS just because I cannot have that glass effect. Give it some time, MS is slowly adding acrylic to Windows 10 and before you know it there will be no need for aeroglass
  3. I have tried the PDB Downloader, doesn't work, at least not on 1909, I still get the error. I just click retry or cancel and it goes away, I am sure there will be a fix for it put out a few weeks before 20H1 is released, then we will need the fix for 20H1.
  4. I use custom Windows icons and have just updated to SIB 2.8.7 and see that in unlike previous versions of SIB that my All Programs icons are now the standard Windows yellow folder icons and not the custom folder icons I have installed, yet in the SIB Configurations my custom icons are displayed ....... Is this just a bug ? Because I am hearing things of user having to modify SIB .dll's in order to have their custom icons shown in All Programs.
  5. When you are in the software development business, you know as well as I there are always those that just DO NOT follow directions for whatever reason, mostly because people choose not to READ and follow directions, all they want to do is download the file and run it and 99.9% of the time if the software does not perform for them it's only because of my previous statement, people do not follow directions. "If you look into past, you can see situations when I released private version to donators only and someone immediately publish it in different forum - not "by mistake", but intentionally to disrespect my work." You are preaching to the choir my friend but, all I can say is it is all part of software development, like I said in a previous post, if I had a nickel for every time someone took or republished something of mine, I would be rich. Being able to control Copyright on the web is virtually impossible and unless you are a mega software giant that has the time and resources to chase down copyright infringement you pretty much have to put up with it or change your licensing model to make it harder on those that try to redistribute your software, the only thing I can suggest is that instead of a donation key model change to a license key where everyone would get a unique activation number so that if that activation number gets shared then you can blacklist it and the software(s) with that number then becomes inoperable. I COMPLETELY understand that the development of Aeroglass is done on your free time and that MS is making it harder for you to develop it, which is why I don't complain about it and those that do just really do not understand what goes into something like Aeroglass and to keep it up to date, especially with a one man operation that also needs to keep his day job in order to pay the bills. What I don't understand though is how the actions of one person would delay the release of the software indefinitely? I know it gets to be a bit much listening to all the moaning and groaning, personally if it were me, I would just select a handful of testers, and let them test it before release instead of making it available to everyone, then you would not have to worry about things like what happened with nicely happening.
  6. Like I said, your software, your decision, I just think some of us see it a little differently.
  7. Big Muscle, thank you for clearing up the first part about the coding. As to the rules, I get what you are saying and I COMPLETELY understand if the file that was posted was a fully functioning version of Aeroglass, but this wasn't, I personally downloaded the file both from Virtual Customs and your site also and the only thing in the .7z file is a DWMGlass.dll file, so IMO unless someone already had a copy of Aeroglass installed there really isn't anything or any use for the file that anyone could do anything with and EVEN IF they did have a copy of Aeroglass installed all it would have given them is nothing but a watermarked version of it which anyone can get from your site. You are the designer and you make the rules so ultimately it is up to you, but my question is, is it really worth it that much to you to ban someones account for a foolish unintended mistake? I have dealt with nicely multiple times at VC and I can assure you this was not intentional, the only thing he is probably guilty of is not reading the fine print. Just and FYI, the distribution notice graphic that you posted in a previous post, only shows up if the user is logged into their Aeroglass account, however I can download the experimental version file whether I am logged in or not, if this is what you are going to stand by as reason for banning nicely, I would consider making the notice visible whether the user is logged into the site or not as it is very possible he downloaded the file while not being logged in, therefore not seeing it. Copyright law was written with a very broad brush stroke and can be interpreted a thousand different ways and what you are calling "distribution" IMO simply did not happen. Distribution in my mind would be if the file or a fully functioning version of Aeroglass was being made available on multiple sites, nicely knows that a lot of us at VC also post here and more than likely didn't see any harm in it, if it was nefarious the file would have been plastered all over the place. If I had a nickel for every time someone re-posted something of mine that I could sue for Copyright, I'd be a very rich man.
  8. I really do not see what the problem is, all the man did was re-post the original file, it's not like he modified it or tried to claim it as his own or was torrenting the file, it's not even like the file would have given someone a full free version of Aeroglass, the water mark would (or should) have been there regardless. Virtual Customs has been a friend to Big Muscle for a very long time and a lot of our members contribute to the testing of Aeroglass' beta's. If the man has given a contribution or donation IMO a request for the removal of the file and post from the forum would have sufficed with a warning. I understand rules are rules but there was no harm intended or foul committed here. As a side note: I am also a contributor to Aeroglass and the fact that I have just found by reading previous posts that there is code embedded into Aeroglass that allows the author to disable the full version software willy-nilly has me concerned, I can understand the author blocking an account and the user not being able to upgrade to future versions for infractions but the ability to disable the full version while it is running on ones system is a little disconcerting and may now affect any future contributions from myself to this software.
  9. 2.8 beta , Centered task icons works on Windows default but does not work on 3rd party themes.
  10. You are absolutely right, and with each new Windows build it takes longer and longer for a working version of Aeroglass, even though I still support it I don't hold my breath for a working version anymore, I have just learned to live without it. By the time we get a working version of Aeroglass for the Spring 2018 update the next Windows update will be here, what in around 3 to 4 months? Besides, Microsoft is rolling out acrylic a little at a time, I suspect before too long users will be able to apply acrylic effects to Windows 10. I am sure there is someone with time on their hands that could buy this from Big Muscle, dedicate time to it and put out working updates in a timely manner.
  11. Yup, Window Blinds is still the same old bloat machine it has always been. The thing is Window Blinds serves their themes from within their software, which is why Window Blinds runs in the system tray whereas a "true" third party custom theme is served from the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder, like they should be. Starbloat serves their themes from within the software and uses the .wba extension with the idea they can keep Window Blinds themes sort of "proprietary", meaning their themes have to have Window Blinds to run and will not run without it, that is until someone can figure how to dismantle a .wba theme that can be ported to msstyle, when and if that happens, Starbloat will probably sink, nothing is impossible, all it takes is one or a group of people on a mission to figure it out. They thought they cornered the market when Start8 could skin the taskbar, that was until we got Tihly to get StartIsBack to do the same thing and IMO StartIsBack does it better. There are only about 5% of the total Window Blind themes I would like to see ported, the rest I can leave behind, the only Window Blind theme artist IMO that makes the ONLY worthwhile themes for Window Blinds is neone6, this guy makes some badassed themes, I really wish the guy would jump ship and start designing msstyle themes, there is some real talent there and it's being wasted.
  12. I halfway agree with you, about the watermark thing, either charge for the software because I am sure people WILL buy it or don't. Personally IMO when you ask for donations to remove the watermark, lets face it $5 is not a whole lot of money, so yes BM is in no way getting rich off AeroGlass. BUT, you have to understand also, AeroGlass was easier to maintain when Microsoft's model was to bring out a new version every 4 to 6 years, now that it has changed to every 6 months it gets to be a real pain because with every new build custom themers and people like Big Muscle have to start all over again and it takes time, I am sure the man holds down a real job and family, gotta pay the bills and eat first, ya know what I mean. It also gets frustrating because Microsoft is not working WITH guys like him, it's more like they are working against him. But as far as the watermark goes, I would change to a straight purchase model and charge like $20 per license to remove the watermark, I love AeroGlass too but it has become too much of a pain to use it because you never know which Windows Update is going to break it or better yet brick your system because you updated with it installed.
  13. Just installed the Creators Update last night and the latest version of AeroGlass is not compatible, after installing the update and rebooting I instantly got the message that AeroGlass was not compatible, chose to leave it installed and Windows started acting like it was on acid leaving Window trails if I moved windows around, I uninstalled AeroGlass and everything is fine.
  14. Ok, I re-installed ThemeSignatureBypass and against my better judgement installed Uxstyle, installed Aeroglass 1.5, signed out and back in and seems to work although I haven't performed a full reboot yet. Question though ..... if uninstalling the previous version of Aeroglass uninstalled the AppInit_DLLS why would the new version of Aeroglass not see it and re-install it?
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