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  1. Simply add the following to the end of the target for your chrome shortcut: --disable-features=Windows10CustomTitlebar This works for both Chrome and open as window only shortcuts.
  2. Alright I've been busy. Had to rebuild the theme from ground up but I think I finally managed a good final product. Please note, the color has changed to Purple. I will be working on other colors, but perhaps it's fun for anyone who enjoys. What a fun hobby it is, theming. You can find it here on my deviantart page. https://nutrynion.deviantart.com/
  3. Thank you! I made the entire theme from scratch so to speak. I copied the default aero theme from Windows 10 FCU to a separate folder, injected all the new elements into it, changed other elements (Font colors mostly and some other basics), then replaced it (in windows\resources....). I saved the original aero theme in a back up for just in case. All with Windows Style Builder and Photoshop. As for the icons, up button and removal of the Views and Help button in the command bar, those are accomplished by editing the shell32.dll.mui file in the system32\en-us and syswow64\en-us folders. Basically creating icon image class entries to overwrite the class entry for those specific icons in the actual shell32.dll file. Because you cannot edit the shell32.dll file directly, or windows will not load. However the imageres.dll file you can which must be done in both System32 and SysWow64. Then simply deleting iconcache and using Disk Cleanup to delete cached thumbnails will reset all the icons. (Took me a while to figure that out). I suppose I could share. I've not shared my themes before. Just have to make sure to warn people of the risks and all that which I don't like to think of being responsible for if someone corrupts their system. Though I've done it to myself a number of times, I've learned almost every possible way to fix it, even from boot up into troubleshooting options you can access the file system on any installation of windows to revert files back (provided that you rename the original files to something like imageres.dll_ORIG). You basically choose restore from System Image, then choose Install device drivers, choose browse, and you can access your windows directory. It will be a different disk than the one you're using to load the startup with. I use a USB with a copy of Windows 10 Install on it. (ISO to usb sort of thing). I will consider putting this on my Deviantart page in the customization themes section.
  4. I don't know. As much hope as I would like to have that we'll always have aero glass it seems to be fading. I'm getting used to just not having it however I still create my own theme and make it as much as rounded as possible with attention to detail and soothing aesthetics. I purchased WSB and extracted nearly every element from Sagorpirbd's 7 theme on Deviantart. Insert them into the Default Windows 10 Aero theme, extracted a few parts for the rounded corners (top/bottom) and voila. At least for me I like it. Then for the icons, I simply replaced the default Windows 10 imagres.dll with the Windows 7 imageres.dll and that was that. I still like those icons. It would be nice to have the aero glass but it is getting to be quite the pain. The one thing I have found you have to be careful of otherwise you will either not be able to load windows from logon or it will be black is that you have to pay extremely close attention to DPI values. Every element must be compatible with each level of dpi at least up to 250%. In terms of Aero glass, perhaps that may also be where some users are encountering issues, depending on DPI settings. I'll share a screen shot with as much in it I can to show.
  5. That's like way too much glass. Windows on meth or somethin'. DUDE
  6. I know. Just perhaps some hope for better design elements. For now dude that posted version 1.4.5 works with creators is correct. However the blur does work at higher settings. Just make sure to turn off use glow effect.
  7. Supposedly Microsoft is working on an entirely new re-design of windows. Came across this from January 2017: https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/5/14176806/microsoft-windows-10-project-neon-design Which if there's any merit to it, will re-introduce translucency to not only frames, but entire windows and other UI elements.
  8. Use OldNewExplorer. Put it in a folder where it won't be deleted and does not require system admin access (for example, directly in your C:\ drive (not in any folder) works. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170375-oldnewexplorer-117/
  9. I didn't think the uxthemepatcher was working for windows 10.
  10. Yeah I get that too if I leave Install Aero Theme checked during install. Best option is to uninstall it, then run the install again but make sure you UNCHECK Install Aero Theme.

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