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  1. Can you also 'fix' the breadcrumb dropdown menu for open/save file dialogs? Thanks.
  2. Idk if this is a known bug... Video
  3. Seems to work if you have the symbols. In my case, the app failed to download the symbols so I had to download them myself.
  4. Weird, the pdb is not even loaded here --edit-- Hmm, solved it by replacing dbghelp.dll and symsrv.dll with the ones posted by evgnb
  5. Tried it and it doesn't make any difference, I think the pdb is not even loaded... Also getting this in the log file [0x2EB0:0x634] ApplicationFrame.dll version 10.0.15063.0 [0x2EB0:0x634] ApplicationFrame incompatibility error 0x2 Can you check the version of your ApplicationFrame.dll ? Thank you. --edit-- Fixed it
  6. [2017-08-21 13:32:17][0x1F54:0x2E54] ApplicationFrame.dll version 10.0.15063.0 [2017-08-21 13:32:17][0x1F54:0x2E54] ApplicationFrame incompatibility error 0x2 Do you guys have a diff version of ApplicationFrame.dll ? I do have the symbol for it but it doesn't seem to be loaded?
  7. Same, I just don't want these apps to be touched by aero glass... https://streamable.com/kivow
  8. Windows version? Check Settings > Personalization > Colors
  9. Some modern apps (People, Calculator, Alarm & Clock etc) have transparency by default (project neon) and aero glass is affecting these apps as well. Blur effect radius : 0 << Preview The graphical artifacts are less noticeable when blur effect radius is higher.
  10. A modified version of aero 7 The glow is already there. I just changed a few resources, like shadows, borders(bottom, left, right, top) etc and enabled the blur globally and changed aero glass settings to I wish I could use it but the text position is messed up... --edit-- Seems to work for Paint.NET window only
  11. No chance to fix this? Text position is messed up when using 'theme settings' for 'Caption glow effect mode' Text seems fine with 'atlas image' or 'atlas image and theme settings ' but I prefer the blur applied by 'theme settings' Also, the blur goes outside the titlebar on tool windows or windows with no caption icon when using 'atlas image' or 'atlas image and theme settings '
  12. why would I use the experimental version on win8.1?
  13. Strange, AccentColorInactive is completely ignored here. It works if I disable aero glass though... --edit-- Nah, it does work but it's not automatically updated, I have to play with the color intensity slider in color and appearance menu after modifying AccentColorInactive
  14. Can you share this theme? Thanks.
  15. Add at least two windows behind the menu, one on top of each other. Something like this? http://goo.gl/Bc8uf6
  16. @carlitosoo555 Thanks, that's all I wanted, someone to confirm this bug.
  17. Reposting, you guys are really helpful... It takes a few seconds of your precious time to try and replicate this bug. The stock start menu is glitched when aero glass blur is enabled. Make sure blur radius value is higher than 0 then just resize the start menu. Can someone replicate this bug? --Edit-- Place some windows behind the start menu before resizing it. http://i.imgur.com/lEEF7YB.png Sometimes, the windows are not visible behind the start menu, disabling aero glass blur solves this problem.

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