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  1. Same problem here. The tooltips for taskbar thumbnails are bugged as well when 'Use enhanced classic taskbar' is turned off.
  2. Is it possible to apply dark mode for the title bar and menu bar without using 3rd party apps like Micaforeveryone? I'm using Micaforeveryone to force dark mode on win32 apps but there's this weird issue where the text color on the menu bar is not updated unless you hover the mouse cursor over the text or change the app window state (unfocus, minimize, maximize etc). For now I only found Winrar to have this issue. Regedit, 7zip file manager and a couple more apps I tested seems to work just fine. https://streamable.com/7xnjwa
  3. The classic context menus used to have some transparency effect. Was this feature disabled by a SIB update or it simply doesn't work on Win11 22H2 Build 22624.1616?
  4. SAB 3.6.1 https://streamable.com/ar0gmj As you can see in the video, after closing the "Select User or Group" window, the "Advanced Security Settings" window restarts with white theme.
  5. Buggy taskbar thumbnail tooltip on Windows 11 build 22623.1028. Disabling StartAllBack fixes the issue.
  6. Wrong button description? --edit-- Nvm, all good now after opening a new instance of explorer :/
  7. Can you also 'fix' the breadcrumb dropdown menu for open/save file dialogs? Thanks.
  8. Idk if this is a known bug... Video
  9. Seems to work if you have the symbols. In my case, the app failed to download the symbols so I had to download them myself.
  10. Weird, the pdb is not even loaded here --edit-- Hmm, solved it by replacing dbghelp.dll and symsrv.dll with the ones posted by evgnb
  11. Tried it and it doesn't make any difference, I think the pdb is not even loaded... Also getting this in the log file [0x2EB0:0x634] ApplicationFrame.dll version 10.0.15063.0 [0x2EB0:0x634] ApplicationFrame incompatibility error 0x2 Can you check the version of your ApplicationFrame.dll ? Thank you. --edit-- Fixed it
  12. [2017-08-21 13:32:17][0x1F54:0x2E54] ApplicationFrame.dll version 10.0.15063.0 [2017-08-21 13:32:17][0x1F54:0x2E54] ApplicationFrame incompatibility error 0x2 Do you guys have a diff version of ApplicationFrame.dll ? I do have the symbol for it but it doesn't seem to be loaded?

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