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  1. yeah that's the native fluent design OS get at that location , same as notification center No need to have any third party tool to achieve that...
  2. Tyvm ! was a bit confused to find out
  3. Thanks Tihiy but how can Iset win10 menu as default without using gpedit to hide/disable that entry when right clic on executables ?
  4. Hi all Is there a way to disable/hide context menu entry on exe/drive which show pin / unpin to start menu in windows right context menus ? Thanks for tip !
  5. Sometimes I don't get how people get surprised when trying software without reading system requirements and compatibility or whatever related to the expected behaviour in forums .. I guess we are all different and there aren't so many topics about ..
  6. Hi I was using a desktop shortcut which allowed to access directly the settings page for virus & Threat protection but lost it . Can't remember nor find where I grab the info , not talking about security center itself as there's a lot of sites learning how to shortcut to it. Such pain to go there ( I could switch on/off this way faster real time protection of defender) and save me from a bunch of clicks. I can remember it didn't use powershell script at all . Thanks for help if anybody has the shortcut command !
  7. hmm this is so natural but most of human being don't want to figure that . Kind of topic which can help some people maybe to understand why talented dev don't take time to answer I will just say to second that , maybe because BigMuscle doesn't want to leave his baby open source for the moment . Time is an invaluable resource that nothing can replace.
  8. Yes , restore requires both , you need a boot device support to access your external backup if things go wrong. I'm not using easus but it's the same . If I were you, I make some try just to ensure you know how is the process if you need some day . And to check if after booting from your boot device support , you can access your backup.
  9. This update is hilarious . I never saw such crap and useless tags engine in my whole life. In the same time , what a drawback.
  10. In case you didn't found as you got no answer , the theme used on Syahradzi screen is Niivu's one : https://www.deviantart.com/niivu/art/Paranoid-Android-Windows-10-Themes-821696974 His " flat" themes are very recognizable though not my cup of tea ^^
  11. Considering Big Muscle as a an high end user for a long time and so many aeroglass requests when OS breaks , I 'm pretty sure he is aware of that for many years now That said, he also have his life and as he said few time ago in covid situation I guess, he has other priorities to care about and it's highly understandable IMO
  12. yes . What's funny is how MS decided to make search box in file explorer using modernsearchbox class and windows search and keep the same time legacy search box when using control panel . Another inconsistency though I really don't like the new search since windows 1909 feature.
  13. Hi dencorso I'm sorry if you get offended or else , let me explain clearer why I posted such topic: - I choose that "imminent" term because 2004 isos are already available for some via msdn and bet people will try this early as they can for many people I guess - if you take all of my posts here since I'm registered to the forum , you will then notice I rarely complain about aeroglass and I highly respect BM to make it still functionnal ( you even find a funny post where I say time ago I found him very patient too , if I were him lol , I would have gave up for years to update
  14. Seems the workaround with replacing dll system ( DWMcore ) from previous builds ( see topics about ) doesn't work under imminent W10 May update ( windows 19041 aka 20h1 / 2004 ) and can brick your system at boot doing that .
  15. Hi Is there anybody who knows ho to get rid of caption solid text background ? Had an issue when setting a specific color ( pink in screenshot ) I get all my caption text with such background color and unreadable then I know Aeroglass is messing that since when uninstalled all is fine with custom themes. IS there any registry key where to overide this ? Thanks for any help , get annoying :/ EDIT: found by myself as often lol SOLVED
  16. If I remember well aeroglass issues occurs since 18362.752 /18363.752 builds and obviously the upcoming 2004 May major update
  17. Yep mate , I didn't noticed it screwed system but I tried it on my second rig , professionaI one I allow to update . My main comp for gaming multimedia is blocked on 18362.628.
  18. hmm well I don't see why using windowblinds is needed to make aeroglass working on latest OS builds .. That said on this topic 2 things : - I don't think as said before that BM released any updated version for aeroglass to make it compatible yet . - aeroglass 1.5.13 is really working on 1903 and 1909 builds for .752 & 778 updates so this is not fake at all. BUT it involves a workaround that I think it won't fit to most of people because you have to hack with some system file to avoid AG to crash or not working at all . So it is possible to make AG working but it hasn
  19. I don't see what's wrong but my sight is weak but no pb on my current rigs 1903 & 1909 builds .. how did you center text on titlebar btw ?
  20. Running 18363.628 since few days I don't have any popup window like you. Aeroglass works flawlessly too on my other rig ( 18362.628 up to date ) so AG build 1.5.13 is perfectly working .
  21. Maybe you should give an eye in personalize taskbar in startisback settings here , seems you are using some custom style :
  22. Hi UCyborg yes , you can find a topic here and some ifix ( don'y know as I'm prefer stick with 1903 atm) https://virtualcustoms.net/showthread.php/84200-Width-of-address-bar-(1909) ps: I send when time some pm for a question you may have the skill to answer . Regards
  23. Did you have a look in Chrome settings ? it should display you set a custom theme if so , then you can set it to default one. ( I can't screen it as I'm not using a custom theme to show you :/
  24. Have no issue under same build https://imgur.com/rrlrAQJ
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