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  1. Hi all Startallback is supposed to allow taskbar location moves ( top right left ) but I can't seem to find out how . I searched all around options and menus and didn't found anything about . Thanks for guiding me !
  2. yeah that's the native fluent design OS get at that location , same as notification center No need to have any third party tool to achieve that...
  3. Tyvm ! was a bit confused to find out
  4. Thanks Tihiy but how can Iset win10 menu as default without using gpedit to hide/disable that entry when right clic on executables ?
  5. Hi all Is there a way to disable/hide context menu entry on exe/drive which show pin / unpin to start menu in windows right context menus ? Thanks for tip !
  6. Sometimes I don't get how people get surprised when trying software without reading system requirements and compatibility or whatever related to the expected behaviour in forums .. I guess we are all different and there aren't so many topics about ..
  7. Hi I was using a desktop shortcut which allowed to access directly the settings page for virus & Threat protection but lost it . Can't remember nor find where I grab the info , not talking about security center itself as there's a lot of sites learning how to shortcut to it. Such pain to go there ( I could switch on/off this way faster real time protection of defender) and save me from a bunch of clicks. I can remember it didn't use powershell script at all . Thanks for help if anybody has the shortcut command !
  8. hmm this is so natural but most of human being don't want to figure that . Kind of topic which can help some people maybe to understand why talented dev don't take time to answer I will just say to second that , maybe because BigMuscle doesn't want to leave his baby open source for the moment . Time is an invaluable resource that nothing can replace.
  9. Yes , restore requires both , you need a boot device support to access your external backup if things go wrong. I'm not using easus but it's the same . If I were you, I make some try just to ensure you know how is the process if you need some day . And to check if after booting from your boot device support , you can access your backup.
  10. This update is hilarious . I never saw such crap and useless tags engine in my whole life. In the same time , what a drawback.
  11. In case you didn't found as you got no answer , the theme used on Syahradzi screen is Niivu's one : https://www.deviantart.com/niivu/art/Paranoid-Android-Windows-10-Themes-821696974 His " flat" themes are very recognizable though not my cup of tea ^^
  12. Considering Big Muscle as a an high end user for a long time and so many aeroglass requests when OS breaks , I 'm pretty sure he is aware of that for many years now That said, he also have his life and as he said few time ago in covid situation I guess, he has other priorities to care about and it's highly understandable IMO
  13. yes . What's funny is how MS decided to make search box in file explorer using modernsearchbox class and windows search and keep the same time legacy search box when using control panel . Another inconsistency though I really don't like the new search since windows 1909 feature.
  14. Hi dencorso I'm sorry if you get offended or else , let me explain clearer why I posted such topic: - I choose that "imminent" term because 2004 isos are already available for some via msdn and bet people will try this early as they can for many people I guess - if you take all of my posts here since I'm registered to the forum , you will then notice I rarely complain about aeroglass and I highly respect BM to make it still functionnal ( you even find a funny post where I say time ago I found him very patient too , if I were him lol , I would have gave up for years to update AG because as you pointed out , many users complain blabla after windows updates . - I'm a high end user who like to mess with my rig for years ( not too old but not young since 1997 I started computing interest ) and I know how to be cautious or restore my whole system , but tis post was intended for those who complain ( seems you got it as one of them :/ ) - to summarize, it's not a complain post mostly because my main rig is stucked with 18362.628 so I already know with AG 1.5.13 will work for years and I don't understand most of complaints here because it is ALWAYS a known thing updates break AG as usual but people keep posting for their own lol Be sure this post is certainly about windows update but not to complain, just to warn inexperienced people and related to recent topics where the dll replacement were told to make AG work these late months for late 1903 & 1909 builds who would think it is still a fix under 2004 and sorry if you took as it. Regards
  15. Seems the workaround with replacing dll system ( DWMcore ) from previous builds ( see topics about ) doesn't work under imminent W10 May update ( windows 19041 aka 20h1 / 2004 ) and can brick your system at boot doing that .
  16. Hi Is there anybody who knows ho to get rid of caption solid text background ? Had an issue when setting a specific color ( pink in screenshot ) I get all my caption text with such background color and unreadable then I know Aeroglass is messing that since when uninstalled all is fine with custom themes. IS there any registry key where to overide this ? Thanks for any help , get annoying :/ EDIT: found by myself as often lol SOLVED
  17. If I remember well aeroglass issues occurs since 18362.752 /18363.752 builds and obviously the upcoming 2004 May major update
  18. Yep mate , I didn't noticed it screwed system but I tried it on my second rig , professionaI one I allow to update . My main comp for gaming multimedia is blocked on 18362.628.
  19. hmm well I don't see why using windowblinds is needed to make aeroglass working on latest OS builds .. That said on this topic 2 things : - I don't think as said before that BM released any updated version for aeroglass to make it compatible yet . - aeroglass 1.5.13 is really working on 1903 and 1909 builds for .752 & 778 updates so this is not fake at all. BUT it involves a workaround that I think it won't fit to most of people because you have to hack with some system file to avoid AG to crash or not working at all . So it is possible to make AG working but it hasn't any official " state... and yes It is working flawlessly. That's all I can say and BM will release for sure an updated build. I personaly don't have to care about since I don't update windows 10 for a while so my AG is working fine lol
  20. I don't see what's wrong but my sight is weak but no pb on my current rigs 1903 & 1909 builds .. how did you center text on titlebar btw ?
  21. Running 18363.628 since few days I don't have any popup window like you. Aeroglass works flawlessly too on my other rig ( 18362.628 up to date ) so AG build 1.5.13 is perfectly working .
  22. Maybe you should give an eye in personalize taskbar in startisback settings here , seems you are using some custom style :
  23. Hi UCyborg yes , you can find a topic here and some ifix ( don'y know as I'm prefer stick with 1903 atm) https://virtualcustoms.net/showthread.php/84200-Width-of-address-bar-(1909) ps: I send when time some pm for a question you may have the skill to answer . Regards

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