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  1. I second Wireshark, but as Coffee said, you MUST have some network-related knowledge.
  2. AFAIK, Toshiba also requires registration with themselves. Maybe they don't recognise the key you entered when installing Windows?
  3. Have you tried to open the sites through windows explorer, NOT an internet browser?
  4. While we appreciate the creativity of our users, we also require of them to read our rules. Please do so yourself too. Thank you.
  5. No problems here at all. Laptop specs: CPU Intel Core i3 @ 2.16GHz RAM 4GB DDR3 ATI Radeon HD5470 Windows 7 Enterprise x86 ffdshow matroska splitter bsplayer 2.10 PC is running it without a glitch either (specs in sig, running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, same combo of player / codecs).
  6. Moved to the appropriate section.
  7. Hi Brex! As dencorso said, you came to the right place. As for your problem, did you install any graphics drivers? Are they for the exact model of your eeepc?
  8. Moved to the Software section.
  9. nitroshift


    Hello and welcome to THE forums! Enjoy your stay and please make sure you read our rules
  10. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm playing CounterStrike on Steam. Even built a server, published on steam...
  11. I have cleaned the thread of all rubbish posts and pinned it. Good work, keep it up! nitropuppy
  12. After some digging I managed to find these kb's: 1, 2, 3 for you to read. Apparently, my memory got a bit rusty, you are allowed up to 3 connections on a 200 pro machine...
  13. Network connections should start with windows, no user intervention required. Maybe you got yourself infected, which is why I recommennd you run a full security scan on that machine. What antivirus do you use?
  14. As described in this kb, the adminpack only installs the administration tools, NOT the services! I still stand by my previous post. The administration tools will only allow you to remotely control the respective services on a DEDICATED server OS, not on the local machine running a workstation OS
  15. Windows 2000 Professional does not include RRAS, a component mandatory for VPN connections, only the server OS's do.
  16. When you insert the disk, a pop-up shows with 2 options. Make sure you are choosing "Burn data disk".
  17. Topics merged and renamed to Desktops 2010. Please post here your screenshots. Also pinned and replaced the 2009 thread.
  18. USB, PCI, PCI Express? I'm sure you can find them in UK too, and you were right about the location of this post ---> moved to hardware section.
  19. There's your answer... That file corresponds to the nvidia driver. Not sure why it crashes without the dump though.
  20. Did you search the forums?
  21. I'm not very sure what you are asking for. A command-line only? The classic interface? Please be more specific.
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