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  1. Maybe BFE service is set as delayed start. My 0.02$. nitroshift
  2. I have edited the title of the topic and also moved it to the Hardware Hangout where it belongs. nitroshift
  3. While holding the Shift key, right click the shortcut and "Pin to taskbar" will appear in the drop-down menu. nitroshift
  4. @JorgeA I'm running Comodo Dragon without any add-ons. nitroshift
  5. What happens if you take out the faulty memory module? Any more errors in the event log? nitroshift
  6. I'm placing my bet on uninstalled drivers before changing hardware causing this. Now again... what is holding you back from a fresh install? nitroshift
  7. What EXACTLY do you mean by hardware change? nitroshift
  8. Since it happens every time you power on the PC, it means that something else is causing the corruption. In order to get to the bottom of this, first of all please make sure the HDD is in good condition. Run a health check on your HDD using the appropriate software from the manufacturer of the HDD. nitroshift
  9. How often does it happen? Is it a singular occurrence or does it happen every time the PC is powered on? Please provide more details. nitroshift
  10. Thank you!!! PS. God, do I feel older... Got married in February, expecting a son / daughter some time in August, looking for a new house... D4mn how time flies!
  11. WinSCP user here too. Neat little piece of software for remote work with Linux boxes too. nitroshift
  12. @JorgeA If you want to stay (almost) totally protected, you should be looking into transforming a PC into a proxy server. This is what I did at work to filter and monitor the VPN connection to the internet, using ClearOS as the operating system. nitroshift
  13. The procedure is the same as for a back-up on an internal, fixed drive, HOWEVER, every back-up will erase the previous one, leaving you with only one back-up at a time. You can script a job to copy the back-up once finished to a different location to prevent it being erased by the new back-up task. More reading for you here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee849849(v=ws.10).aspx nitroshift
  14. Have you tried to delete the file corresponding to that task from %windir%\Tasks? nitroshift
  15. @Tihiy Thanks for a great program. It IS the reason I'm staying with Windows 8.1. Keep up the good work! nitroshift
  16. What happens if you extract the files contained within the executable and install the driver manually through device manager? nitroshift
  17. ACK from Welcome! nitroshift
  18. Boot off the installer CD and at the first mention of "repair" press "R". You will be presented with a command prompt where you can use the "expand" command to inflate the two files from the i386 folder from the CD to C:\Windows\System32. Restart and let setup finish. Good luck! nitroshift PS. If that fails too, see jaclaz`s advice above
  19. Moved to the appropriate section. nitroshift
  20. There are no drivers for Win 7 x86 (32-bit). At least not on their support page. But you can try the 64-bit version of the drivers since most of them might contain the 32-bit version too. nitroshift
  21. I second tain's opinion. Either limit the downloading speed or get yourself a better router. nitroshift
  22. I'm using MyPhoneExplorer. Free and easy to use. nitroshift
  23. I have a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND running DD-WRT. Wireless secured with WPA2 Personal using TKIP+AES. No worries. nitroshift
  24. http://windows.micro...ireless-network As long as you set up your network with WPA2 encryption, you don't have to worry about someone else sniffing your key. Do NOT EVER set up the network with WEP encryption, it can be broken in a matter of seconds (done it myself as a test on my own network). nitroshift
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