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  1. Hey guys! Loooong time no speak but so happy to see y'all old friends still keeping up the good work! nitroshift
  2. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-IdeaPad-1xx-3xx-5xx-7xx/Ideapad-320-touchpad-not-working/td-p/3771756/page/4
  3. I agree with Trip and den: best protection sits between the keyboard and the chair. nitroshift
  4. It doesn't really matter. @Dibya You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Just having a consumer grade router between your PC and the internet doesn't mean you have a hardware firewall, because in these devices all network traffic goes down the kernel path which is purely software. Also, running the official firmware is even more of a privacy concern as it rarely gets updated, leaving vulnerabilities open. Please see various CVE's that surfaced after D-Link released the firmware for your devices: https://cve.mitre.org/data/downloads/allitems.html. A hardware firewall on the other hand is a separate device that you hook up between your PC and the router that connects you to the internet. Please do some reading before posting non-sense: http://bfy.tw/9NbI nitroshift
  5. May I ask what router is that and what firmware is it running (official or open source)? nitroshift
  6. It really depends what you are using it for. I gave up on Windows at the office some 2 years ago, using a Linux flavor specifically designed for network administrators (Kali Linux) and I must say I don't miss anything. It has all the tools and programs I need to get my job done. I'm only running Windows at home on one PC where I (sometimes) get the time to play. nitroshift
  7. I'm sure you actually meant "Osaka"... nitroshift
  8. I doubt any information is stored on disk drivers. I always thought data is stored on disk drives... nitroshift
  9. Welcome and enjoy your stay. nitroshift
  10. @Dibya Care to share your work so others can benefit too? nitroshift
  11. Start ---> Run, services.msc and check if any of the Remote Desktop services are set as disabled. If there's any, enable and start it. nitroshift
  12. This is really crossing the line, now businesses are subjected to this nonsense? I can only imagine how smoothly that will go. (at least WSUS is safe... for now) I foresee *massive* court actions. nitroshift
  13. Since we are talking about routers running third-party firmware, I would advise getting one that is supported by OpenWRT. OpenWRT is much more up-to-date when it comes to kernel and packages versions and offers great flexibility in terms of network configuration. I personally have 2 WRT1900AC's (running the latest 4.4 kernel) plus a few other development boards sitting behind an Ubiquity Edgerouter Lite that actually handles my PPPoE gigabit internet connection and they all work just fine. @NoelC Should you need more info, you can usually find me on freenode IRC server on channel #openwrt, same username as here. nitroshift
  14. I'd recommend you format the disk as ext4 and install samba on the nas. nitroshift
  15. Just chiming in... I wonder what happened with Copenhagen concept Cullen Dudas presented a few years ago. Microsoft, did you make him an offer to lead your UI designers team yet? nitroshift
  16. lpksetup.exe points to language pack setup. Did you try to install a different language and failed? Regarding the DNS issue, please download and run HiJackThis then post a copy of the log here.
  17. Start --> Run (As Administrator) --> gpedit.msc and Start --> Run (As Administrator) --> secpol.msc
  18. Let's slow down and take it step by step. Please run HiJackThis and post a copy of the log here. And a screenshot of the installed programs in Control Panel. Thank you. nitroshift
  19. What is the output of bcdedit? nitroshift
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