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  1. I have an older laptop whose Ethernet seems broken. Wireless is very slow. So I am wondering if theres anything that allows me to transfer files between the 2 comps via say USB?
  2. @allen, but mobile CPU's have very low performance too? When u say industrial boards what do u mean? Server motherboards? Also I think support is not very important here as its a development server + my boss says its ok not to have warranty. Plus in my opinion, its more fun this way! 2 questions, hope you dont mind 1. is it true that writing to SSD often will lower the SSD lifespan (more than that of normal HDDs)? If so probably SSD will not be good for development? as I was save, test over & over again 2. Is motherboard RAID very lousy? Thanks in advanced
  3. I think the chipset series is supposed to indicate what its designed for? May I know how would you choose one series over another? Am I right to say - P: No Integrated Graphics, "Best Performance" - H: With Integrated Graphics, "Medium Performance" - Q: With Intel vPro, "What Performance?" I thought with Sandy Bridge Processors, Graphics is on CPU not chipset? Or does it mean I must get a Motherboard that supports the use of Integrated Graphics? Also with Intel vPro, I see that i5 2400 supports Virtualization Technology for Directed IO etc, so vPro I guess? But do I need to also get a Q Serie
  4. Use case: - As a Web Development Server - Run LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) - Others: FTP, Node.js (Server Side JS), Cloud9 IDE, Virtual PCs (Virtual Box) - In the future: Python, Ruby on Rails Considerations: - Heat: Air con on during office hours only - Power Efficiency: I like to be Environmentally Friendly & save on Electricty Bills at the same time - Performance: Of course! In this case, Virtual Box will be most resource intensive I suppose My Build: - Intel Core i5 2400 (Or perpaps a i3 2100 will be more value for money? No Virtualization Tech for Directed IO VT-d (Will Virtual Bo
  5. I have a Acer Aspire 5920G with a spoilt ethernet port. I find wireless too unstable ... so I want to use ethernet. I cant find a USB Ethernet Adapter in most hardware stores in my country but I found Apple USB Ethernet Adapter but will it work on a Non Mac?
  6. I have a Acer Aspire 5920G. - Intel C2D T9300 - 4 GB DDR2 - 320GB HDD Will it be a good idea to upgrade the HDD to a 7k+ RPM 1? I think that the HDD is the bottleneck alot of times
  7. I am testing my Windows 7 SP1 build on Virtual Box. Setup hangs at Windows is Starting Services. How can I fix it or debug 7 Lite INF
  8. I was formating a partition using diskpart diskpart > format I canceled using ctrl+c as I wanted to do use the quick switch instead diskpart > format fs=ntfs quick but was told of the error "a concurrent second call is made before the first is completed" how can I fix this?
  9. I saw a "Universal Laptop Adapter" sold in a computer shop b4. Am thinking of getting 1 for a laptop. Is it safe to use? What differences are there in typical laptop adapters?
  10. I sometimes find Windows Update annoying and bloating my HDD. Apparently, for no noticable difference. Is it a good idea not to update Windows. Currently, I use "Notify me of updates but don't install automatically" Is it enough to just update other stuff like anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls etc?
  11. My video card is GeForce 8600MGT, LCD ... its a Laptop, Aspire 5920G. I also tried updating drivers, I still get the same thing sometimes
  12. I find that sometimes, when I wake up from hibernate, I get something like I don't really know how to describe it but, notice that the rendering is not sharp with all the lines etc
  13. The chipset is Intel PM965. I am dl-ing the Intel INF now. I read tho that Intel INF is not required on Windows Vista and above I guess thats not true? Also, will disabling Page Files, forcing the use of RAM instead be a good idea? I read on Windows 7 Forums that its not a good idea?
  14. I find that I am experiencing lagginess on my laptop, relatively old: C2D T9300, 4GB DDR2, 1280MB GeForce 8600MGT Is high memory faults the cause? Sometimes, the faults are "maxed" out near 100/sec throughout that chart. What are memory faults?
  15. I am wondering if a HDD upgrade for my laptop be worth it? I currently have a Acer Aspire 5920G Core2Duo T9300 4GB DDR2 GeForce 8600M GT 320GB HDD (5400rpm) will a upgrade to 7200rpm HDD benefit/be worth it? I need more storage so i am considering a 500GB 7200rpm. Or will I be better off with a 5400rpm 1?
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