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  1. TBS.DLL

    I have read you could still install windows despite the TBS problem. However i ran into further problems and i could not do the install. Errors. C:\windows system32\oobe\winlgdep.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains error. c:\windows\system32\oobe\wdsutil.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains error Windows could not load required file winsetup.dll the file may be corrupt. Error code oxc1 Any help on this is much appreciated.
  2. TBS.DLL

    I created a disc using Vlite. When i installed the new modified windows 7 i get the error This application has failed to start because tbs.dll was not found. Re-Installing the application may fix this problem. Any ideas on a fix for this. I did do a search for this problem but i couldn't find a answer. By the way TBS.DLL is on my computer as i did a search for it but for some reason it wasnt included in Vlite
  3. No i always have it disabled on start up. So when i want to log on to the internet i will then enable it then. It isnt a virus because i have done a re install a few times. This only happens on start up. If i disable the local area connection after i have been on the net and if i dont close off windows and i then enable it again it will then enable itself with out bringing up the status.
  4. The problem is when when you start windows and go to enable the local area connection. It will bring up the local area connection status and it is disable. If i close it and start it again it wont bring up the local area connection status and it will be enabled. So why is it i cant enable this the first time i start windows instead i of getting the status every time.
  5. The problem is i dont know what i did.
  6. I have a new pc I7 930 I have a Falcon 2 which isnt showing up in explorer, my computer, and the disk manager. How ever it is in the device manager and also in the bios Thank you for your assistance.
  7. Logitech diNovo Mini

    Does anyone have this keyboard and if so can the click pad be configured for games.
  8. I can do the programming of the keyboard no problems. But the scripting i will have problems with.
  9. Is there a way to program my keyboard to log on to my local area connection and log off. Thank you for your help.
  10. No Audio after intergrating SP3

    So how do you intergrate this with Nlite.
  11. msconfig

    Which box do i need to tick in Nlite to keep MSconfig working. I have MS config but it dosent work. So there must be another application i need.
  12. Can not install XP using Nlite

    Err... by what you say, it seems you are trying to "use nLite" to make an install cd, not "install XP" yet. Are you pointing to a new directory you created on purpose and that contains the I386 folder ? No i made the install cd. I just get the problem when i try to install XP and it asks for the XP CD or copy the directory from the HD.
  13. Can not install XP using Nlite

    I already have those files so thats not the problem.
  14. Can not install XP using Nlite

    I have had this problem before but i cant remember how i fix it. When i try to install XP with Nlite it asks for XP installations files or the cd. I have copied the files on to the HD but nlite is not coping it.
  15. ISO not burning on to disc.

    Problem solved.