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  1. Thanks for the reply 5eraph. My username on RyanVM is Nick2009. Thanks again
  2. Hi.. I've recently updated my email address in my RyanVM forum account but I haven't received an activation email to the new email address so as a result, my account is currently inactive. I can't find any link to contact Ryan or a moderator so it has left my account in limbo. It's a long shot, but does anyone know how to contact Ryan or someone else on the forums who may be able to help please? Thanks for any help
  3. May have to give that a go. Do you know if there is an xbootmgr switch that will delay the first shutdown by enough time to take the snapshot? Whilst it's counting down, I'll take the snapshop and when it's completed, I'll run the command to cancel the trace then take another snapshot.
  4. Thanks, but do you know exactly what changes in the registry the command makes. Not being able to boot into Windows makes it impossible to run the command so my only hope besides last known good configuration or system restore is to edit the registry hive from another OS in order to remove the entries manually.
  5. Hi... I have been investigating why Windows Sidebar seems to take so long to load after booting and I decided to run xbootmgr to trace the booting process. I ran the following command: xbootmgr –Trace Boot –TraceFlags DIAG+DRIVERS+POWER+REGISTRY The system rebooted but it then went on a boot loop where it would reset before the login screen. I run a dual boot OS so I decided to boot into XP and then edit the Windows 7 registry in order to remove the startup run command for xbootmgr. Still no joy, it just kept on rebooting before loading Windows successfully. I booted into XP again and removed some other xbootmgr entries from the Windows 7 software hive (backing up everything first), but still no joy. Safe Mode wouldn't boot either. Startup repair diagnosed autofailover but was unable to repair the issue. In the end I decided to load last known good configuration which worked but I had forgotten that I disabled the feature many months ago so the last known good configuration included driver entries from programs that had long since been updated or removed. I then went about reinstalling some programs and manually repairing some registry entries which still referenced old drivers. It took me a number of hours but I eventually got things back to how they were before running xbootmgr. I have since re-enabled last known good configuration backup just in case I need to use it again but I was wondering how else I could rectify this issue if it happens again. Surely, there are some registry keys which when removed would stop the trace from running so that the machine can boot as normal? When I was editing the registry via XP, I removed the following: \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run: xbootmgr command \System\ControlSet001\Control\WMI\GlobalLogger - Removed key \System\ControlSet001\Control\WMI\Autologger\XBootMgrSession - Removed key and subkeys \System\ControlSet001\Control\WMI\XPerfBootmgr - Removed key Is there anything else that could be removed in order to cancel the trace and boot Windows normally? Thanks for any help. Nick
  6. It turned out to be the burning speed of the CD which was causing the problem. As I mentioned above, I added the controller drivers to the CD for use in textmode and when setup was loading the files, I could clearly see the correct drivers being loaded before the bsod. I was using decent Verbatim media but just as a test, I thought I would try a crappy Tesco CD which could only cope with x10 speeds. The first disc I burned on the Tesco disc worked like a charm (this was using an iso image which resulted in a bsod on the Verbatims). I then burned the image to a Verbatim at x10 speed and it worked. Anyway, defcon has been lowered to 1 for the time being Thanks for the help Tripredacus
  7. I'm booting from a SATA optical drive. The BSOD occurs just after setup has finished loading files....at the bottom of the screen it says 'Setup is starting Windows' then slight pause and BSOD. So on an unmodified disc, it would be just before the press F8 to accept the agreement and if it's an unattended install, before you select the drive to install Windows to. I've made some progress though....am doing things a little differently now but it seems to be working so far. I've decided to ditch nLite for driver integration as it is somehow screwing things up. I'm now using RVMi to add OnePiece's update pack and some AddOns, then nLite for setting up unattended, tweaks as well as removing components etc. Then I use DriverPacks to slip the drivers in. The first disc I made worked like a charm, but it was nearly 800mbs so had to be burnt to DVD. I've just made another with my own third party driver pack so it all fits on a CD. Just about to test it
  8. Have also tried loading BIOS defaults...
  9. It didn't work but thanks anyway. I'm truly stumped for answers now. When XP starts to load the setup files, I can clearly see the ICH9R controller being loaded but the BSOD still occurs: 0X0000007B (0XF7C7A524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000) I did however find an old XP SP3 disc which I had integrated AHCI drivers on but no other changes. That disc worked fine so I had the bright idea of copying the files to a hard disk then adding update pack, drivers and tweaks with nlite. BSOD again! Yet again, I can see the ICH9R controller being loaded before the stop error. It seems something is screwing up the nLite process. I've even tried adding the updates and addons with RVM's Intergrater then modding with nLite but BSOD again. Think i'll just try taking nLite out of the equation and just add the update pack and addons with RVMi, create the iso and burn. There's no point me testing on a VM as every single previous image has installed fine on a VM but then proceeded to give me a BSOD when installing via cd.
  10. I'm pretty sure i've tried the ones from the Asus site...but i'll give it another go. I'll try them on a clean copy of XP with no other mods in nLite. Thanks
  11. Thank you for the reply. Yes....along with the following files: iaahci.cat iaAHCI.inf iastor.cat iaStor.inf IaStor.sys Txtsetup.oem I've tried multiple versions of Intel's Matrix Storage Manager and Rapid Storage Technology...although only one per image I have made. I'm definitely selecting the right textmode version (ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller) as per my mobo. I've even selected all the items on the list on one attempt but no joy.
  12. Thanks for the reply but i've already integrated the required F6 drivers with nLite?

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